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BBC Surprise - Britney


Britney - It’s Britney BITCHES! I’m Back!
Released: August 19, 2023

It’s Britney Bitches!!! Oops!... She did It Again, and the same way Britney Spears strutted down the hallway in her Catholic school uniform looking so fine as all the boys and girls heads turned, I can just image this hot 21 year old doing the same and she’s BACK for more! Back for what she thinks is another ExCoGi Scene wink, wink. But really she’s here to take her First Black Cock Ever and every girl loves BIG, THICK, LONG and HARD surprises.

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BBC Surprise - Rissa May


UPDATED Rissa May - Rissa - My Asshole. It Just Looks Abused
Released: August 5, 2023

Why Hello! We have a fun one today and like Jaws circling his prey, Isiah Maxwell’s feeling horny and he’s going to viciously attack this newbie’s asshole and devour her alive. And I quote, “Isiah abused my Asshole today and I loved it,” is what she said during her post shoot confessional and this little 18 year old has an Ass made for pounding. How do we know this? Well Rick did her casting debut over on his infamous Black Couch and she was apprehensive about taking it up her dinner dumper the first time she visited, but Rick convinced her that she had to take it up her back door in order for producers to consider her.

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BBC Surprise - Shantelley


Shantelley - My Dick Loves This Pussy
Released: July 22, 2023

Today is Shantelley’s return for her first ever Black Cock / BBC and man oh man was Isiah drowning in his drool today because the title of today’s video, “My Dick Loves This Pussy” is a strait up quote from him as he’s pounding this Hot Milf. Now if you haven’t seen her first scene over at, then you need to. Shantelley is gorgeous and destined for stardom I tell you and today is a continuation of this woman’s sexual journey because she thinks she’s back for another HMF dicking with White Cock Director Rocky and I’m not sure who’s more excited to get fucked, because Rocky loved this woman and couldn’t wait to get his hands all over those perfectly inflated chest melons.

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BBC Surprise - Melanie Marie


Melanie Marie - My Pussy Hurts. My Asshole Hurts
Released: June 24, 2023

So returning hottie Melanie Marie is back everyone after losing her pornginity with Tyler Nixon over at our flagship site ExploitedCollegeGirls entitled: “What A Hot 18 Year Old. 19,” and Wow!!! Go check it out if you haven’t already because it’s very highly rated and the rest of this little cutiepies scenes are listed below and trust me. All of them are very spank worthy because Melanie’s special, and after all the slit licking, pussy pounding, and septic system unclogging she endured at our other sites decided to head on back to the ExCoGi liar for what she thought was another scene with White Cock Director Rocky and the surprise is set. So as Rocky cops more than just a few feels from our little 19 year old newbie, we find out she’s into Rough Sex and prefers her sex to include Hair Pulling, Slapping and Kissing she states with a smile that says I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose and I bet she can because I’ve seen how well she Sucks Dick in her other scenes...

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BBC Surprise - Kelsey Kane


Kelsey Kane - Perfectly Asstastic Phat Ass
Released: July 8, 2023

Phat asses for the win baby is right because today’s unsuspecting newbie’s got one of the best and most spectacularly round, twerkable and jiggly asses we’ve ever had on our network of sites. Her debut was over at our new Girl/Girl site excogigirls and this scene along with all of smut movies she’s made with us are listed at the bottom. So go check them out because all of her sexual firsts are all very spank worthy and right off the bat White Cock Director Rocky is beside himself with just how fantastic it is and has to admire and feel it as she introduces herself...

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BBC Surprise - Stormy


Stormy - Like A Moth To a Flame
Released: May 27, 2023

Meet Stormy everyone, and right off the bat she tells White Cock Director Rocky that her favorite thing to do sexually is Suck Dick. Love it, and she also admitted that it was her favorite part of her Anal debut over at and her follow up Anal pounding by Tyler Nixon at Well you came back to the right place because Rocky couldn’t wait to have you suck his dick before he pounds your asshole . . . So she thinks LOL. Anyways, as this web of deception is spun and our ruse gets underway Stormy tells us that she enjoys Rough Sex, and what is rough to Stormy? You know the usual girly stuff that turns a young girl on like Hair Pulling, Spanking and Choking for sure she tells us. You know, just treat me like a whore and just “use me” she described. Just do what you want. My dicks getting harder by the minute just thinking about how our Black BBC Flame Isiah Maxwell is going to utterly destroy this innocent girl’s Anal Cavity after Rocky lure’s our unsuspecting Moth to the Flame...

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BBC Surprise - Layla Jenner


Layla Jenner - Pain + Vaginal Sex = Paginal
Released: June 10, 2023

So returning hottie Layla Jenner is back everyone after losing her pornginities over at our new Girl/Girl site in an earth melting debut entitled: “Scorcher V – Global Meltdown,” with Melanie Marie and Megan Marx. So while the earth was melting she then skipped on over to for her first cock on camera with Tyler Nixon entitled: “The Twilight Zone,” (do da do do do da do do do da do do) and you’ll just have to read that writeup to understand that title.

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BBC Surprise - Isabel


Isabel - Spring Fresh Big Dick Princess
Released: April 29, 2023

Isabel is back after she popped her pornginity and Anal cherries over at and she thinks she’s back for another analing from white cock director Rocky. Now Isabel’s hot and if you love mixed Asian women who will “love you long time,” look no further because Isabel’s a freak in bed and swallowed Isiah’s man cleaver deep down her throat like a magician throating a sword. This girl can suck a cock and before you know it Isiah’s taking a few liberties from our Far East lovely as he hides his BBC up her snatch on the bathroom vanity. Love it, and this was also about the time the first Orgasm of the day creamed all over Isiah cock at (16:14) followed shortly thereafter by O #2 at (21:05) as Isiah bent her over and pounded her from behind...

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BBC Surprise - Raina


Raina - Big Dicks Only From Now On
Released: May 13, 2023

Meet Raina everyone! A hottie who’s popped all her cherries over at and now this site. Her Pornginity & First Sex on camera? Check. Her first ever Lesbian experience over at our new site Check. Her first Threesome with Cam and her first Anal ever with Tyler Nixon over at Check and double check, and now she thinks she’s back to have a fun time with Rocky, “The Director.” Well it sure as fuck starts out fun with these two as Rocky feels her up and makes her bend over to spread that fine ass of hers and reveals that tight pink baby making factory, and if you’re a red blooded male you’ll want to stick your special purpose in it because it looks sooooooooo damn inviting. Well, Rocky being the gentleman and all saved Raina’s slit for our main man Isiah and decided to start this show off by finger fucking our lovely while she masturbates with the Magic Wand to her fist Orgasm of the day at (7:53)...

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BBC Surprise - Zoe


Zoe - Yes Daddy, Fucking Slap Me!!!
Released: April 15, 2023

She’s back and if you haven’t seen Zoe’s Anal debut over at our sister site entitled: “Weird Science: Anal Origin Story” or her other Anal scene over at entitled: “What Hole? Daddy’s Choice,” then you need to. This girl is fun and the Daddy Issues that include cleaning her tail pipe continued today as she thought she was back for another scene with Rocky, “The Director.” But as with all out first timers we have something much bigger planned for Zoe and it’s Isiah Maxwell sporting his massive BBC hammer waiting for her in the shower. So after Rocky plays with her holes out on the couch and shoves Butt Plugs up her ass she’s lead to the bedroom for her first ever Squirting Orgasm at (9:58) and she surprisingly giggles how her squirt tastes like vitamins. Yummy, and then she’s instructed to get a towel from the bathroom were Isiah introduces her throat to “His Little Friend,” for some very intense Face Fucking that begins at (12:55). Now to say Zoe likes to be man handled is an understatement because Isiah throat punches her with his “Little Friend” until her arms flail about as eyes bloodshot with tears and bulging out of her head, gives her the ‘used’ look at (15:35) and from this point forward is the face plastered on her while in the bathroom...

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BBC Surprise - Violet Viper


Violet Viper - It’s Not Even Hard & It’s the Biggest Dick I’ve Ever Seen
Released: May 14, 2022

Violet is back, fresh from her debut on Rick's, and you’ve seen her getting it on over at ExCoGi. She thinks she’s here today to shoot another nice boy/girl scene with me. She’s a tall, but fit and petite chick. Super down to Earth, really chill. She’s also a submissive super slut. I didn’t think we’d have a ton of trouble when she found out she’s actually going to take on Jovan’s big black anaconda, and boy I was right. Things started off pretty normally, she’s been doing well if you were wondering.

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BBC Surprise - Onyx Lilith


Onyx Lilith - And That Was My First Black Dick
Released: September 3, 2022

The Title of the video says it all and even though today’s ambushee and recipient of our BBC Surprise loves sex and claims to have lots of it, she’s never had a cock the size of what Isiah Maxwell’s sporting. This girl claims to love sex, and it shows as she has the first of many orgasms out on the couch with “Director” Rocky as he sets the mood for what she thinks is another fucking by some white dick and damn this girl's got a smoking body.

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BBC Surprise - Mira Monroe


Mira Monroe - Bury It Deep And Fill Me Up
Released: August 20, 2022

When Mira first came to us over at ExCoGi, we learned that this sweet young thing had a terrible sex life and needed a good fucking to make things right. Well she got her fuck and now she wants more, lots more! You can imagine her disappointment when she arrives here and finds out she’s going solo this time “wink wink”. What she didn’t know was that Isiah’s massive member was about to rock her world. This is Mira’s first BBC and when she gets the big surprise, you can tell she’s ready to get all over that, and she does. She loves sucking cock and you can just tell that she’s getting spoiled by this one, a size queen in the making! After Isiah drives it deep into her, it’s hard to imagine how such a small body can take so much big dick. But she does and loves every minute of it, all the the way to begging for his cum and a huge creampie, which is delivered with a smile! It’s another case of once you’ve gone black, well you know the rest, and Mira definitely does. Enjoy!

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BBC Surprise - Lila Love


Lila Love - Who's That Knocking On The Door
Released: August 6, 2022

After a stunning debut over at, lovely little Lila is back for more cock after getting a taste of Tyler’s manhood. She likes big dicks and doesn’t get enough of them, she has no idea of the one she’s about to get. She looked a little confused when we told her the male talent couldn’t make it and she’d have to do a solo scene. But Lila is a pleaser and was happy to get naked and play with the smallest and tightest pussy you’ve ever seen. And right on cue, Isiah comes a-knock’n and Lila’s face tells you all you need to know about the surprise part! So much for your solo honey, you’re about to enter huge cock heaven. Isiah isn’t her first black cock, but it is by far the biggest one she’s ever had.

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BBC Surprise - Whitney That


Whitney That - That Dick’s Healing My Pussy
Released: March 4, 2023

It’s returning MILF Whitney fresh off her debut entitled: “One Afternoon In Whitney” and today she thinks she’s back for another HMF shoot with white cock director Rocky but it’s going to be her first Black Cock ever and I’m quoting her right now. “This girl's never going back.” Stated like any good little submissive slut at (1:00:04) and what took you so long to try the dark meat Whitney? It’s true and just like a succulent Thanksgiving Turkey dinner, the dark meat is always more juicy and flavorful and today was, and I’m quoting her again, “way beyond my wildest expectations,” stated at (1:05:52). I also think Isiah could say the same thing because after he got done giving this sexy kitten 6 orgasms and a very tasty facial, he followed her into the shower and proceeded to fuck her hotness once more and cum again in her mouth which she gladly swallowed. “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it,” was another classic quote uttered from the beautiful DSL’s of Whitney at (37:54) and you’re welcome our black stallion whom laid it to her real fine today and I do believe happy endings were had by all. So sit back and enjoy Whitney everyone.

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BBC Surprise - Venice Rose


Venice Rose - Look At That Smile On Your Face
Released: February 18, 2023

It’s Venice returning after her casting debut over at and of course she took it up the ass like all good submissive sluts do. It’s titled: “How We Fucked The Pizza Deliver Girl,” and yes, Cam delivered this pizza delivery girl some Painal for a creampie pussy filled good time and then she’s took it on the ExCoGi bed with Tyler Nixon and that little interaction was way more intense than her anal debut. Well don’t fret because today she thinks she’s back for another ExCoGi shoot with white cock director Rocky but it’s going to be her first Black Cock ever, her new true BBC love and this girl couldn’t be happier with the surprise we gave her in the bathroom and this girl’s special...

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