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ExCoGi Girls - Melanie & Stella


Melanie & Stella - Teach Me New Things
Released: April 3, 2024

It's Melanie Marie & Stella Luxx returning for some naughty fun. We've always loved having these two, not only are they beautiful from head to toe but Melanie's an adrenaline junkie who loves getting off with whoever happens to be on the bed with her. And then there's Stella who's just a bundle of energy who loves to experiment and try new things any chance she gets. After seeing the two of them separately, we knew we had to get them together and boy were we right. These two kittens had amazing chemistry right from the start and with Stella looking for a partner with more experience, Melanie was a perfect fit, in more ways than one! Once Melanie got a look at Stella's epic tan lines, it was all over, you could tell she could hardly wait to get between her legs and dive into that tight little pussy. It is after all her favorite thing to do! After some world class oral escapades, the girls raided the toy drawer which got pretty creamy pretty fast. There's even a little anal action for Stella, making this one you won't want to miss, so grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

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ExCoGi Girls - Megan & Nikki


Megan & Nikki - Delightfully Over The Top
Released: March 27, 2024

Today we introduce firecracker teen Nikki who by her own admission quoted “Today I felt Like A BEEP,” after the festivities concluded on the bed with sexy Megan Marx. Nikki, who was a cheer squad gal for most of her teen years is an extremely fun and very over the top fantastic girl. Definition of a spinner, literally, and you could power a few small neighborhood homes with this girl’s energy and I don’t like to use the Beep word that often but Nikki brought it out today, and towards the end of today’s shenanigans used a dildo to throat fuck her self and gagged that newbie’ness right out of her...

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ExCoGi Girls - Catalina & Megan Marx


Catalina & Megan Marx - Rare & Made In Heaven
Released: March 20, 2024

Get ready everyone for one of the sweetest, most petite, and absolutely adorable tatted up newbies to slit licking we have ever had here on the excogigirls bed. Meet Catalina, it’s her first sex on camera and it’s her first time lesbian also so it’s a double treat, and don’t let all of her body art spoil or taint your judgment of this super sweet and sexually inexperienced first time flower because all of her body art mean’s something special and is very important to her.

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ExCoGi Girls - Britney & Kelsey


Britney & Kelsey - Let's All Cum Together
Released: March 13, 2024

I’ve been trying to get these two together for a while now and today’s the day. Britney and Kelsey, two hot as fuck blondes munching muff and enjoying their bodies like young nympho’s should. Pussy licking? Check. Multiple orgasms? Double check and Britney is the first to have one as the Magic Wand dances over her love hole and clit while her tongue licks and probes Kelsey’s vagina. Poetry and more than half the O’s came in the shower after while these two used the wand’s on themselves and ended the festivities orgasming together Wonderful, enjoy it and until next weeks update, cheers, Steve

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ExCoGi Girls - Selina & Stella


Selina & Stella - Giggly Meets Shy & Reserved
Released: January 31, 2024

Ummmmm, don’t judge a book or slit licking smut video by its cover they say. Words of wisdom were never truer because today we are taking a bit of a departure from the normal intense pussy munching smuttiness that’s been served here lately and we have an extremely nervous and new model to Girl/Girl love making named Selina. It’s kind of how a First Lesbian Blind Date might start out and at first glance one might draw the assumption or conclusion about this video that it might appear to stall out of first gear before it even leaves the starting line. I mean the look on Selina’s face at (1:18) when Rocky asked if the girls were ready to start is priceless, followed by a headshake left and right indicating no. Confidence on the starting line exudes chemistry and thank God for Stella’s energy and enthusiasm and lets all hope the laws of physics applies here today and opposites do attract...

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ExCoGi Girls - Hannah & Shrooms Q


Hannah & Shrooms Q - Drooling All Over These Girls
Released: January 24, 2024

“I’ve been drooling so much. I drooled like right next to your head. I was drooling in the shower, and I was drooling watching your pussy get played with. I’m like why am I drooling so much? ” Good question Shrooms and the answer is Hannah’s vagina and body. Period, and please read the quotes below to understand why Hannah had 5 orgasms today and little Ms. Fungi had 9. Hannah actually confessed on the bed afterwards that she had 7 or 8 but I only counted 5. Help me out everyone to find the elusive O’s because today was an “Out Of Body Orgasm” experience. Almost made that the title of today’s video it was so fitting. Another close runner up for today’s title was “I Hope You Have Fun Jerking Off To Us” because this was thee exact quote from our little Magic Mushroom friend as these two walked out. They had fun all right and todays shenanigan's are what wet dreams are made of and something every young newbie to slit licking wished she'd experience...

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ExCoGi Girls - Melanie & Shrooms Q


Melanie & Shrooms Q - Making My Kitty Purrrrrr
Released: January 10, 2024

They’re teens, they’re hot as fuck, and they’re willing to lick each others pussies with that sort of enthusiasm that silently screams, “We love girls and WE LOVE PUSSY!!!” Go girl power and today sounds like a great time to me. Today is also the debut of the N-Joy solid and heavy as fuck platinum vagina and butt probing toy from outer-space that subscriber @Lezzyist has been requesting the girls use on themselves. This thing is heavy and it’s exactly what Melanie said she loves. Heavy sex toys up her vagina and butt and with every scene you’re in I’m loving you more and more. Because who wouldn’t just love to shove a heavy as fuck paperweight sized object up a young and hot 19 year old’s pussy and asshole. I mean this toy is serious business that if swung at someone’s head would cause serious damage. Reminds me of the game Clue and I want to solve the crime please. Was it Mrs. Peacock, in the bedroom, using the N-Joy sex toy? Nope, it was ShroomsQ in the bedroom with the N-Joy sex toy shoving it up Melanie’s pristine vagina at (40:24) then making her cum at (44:47)...

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ExCoGi Girls - Bonnie & Trinity


Bonnie & Trinity - Can I Taste You?
Released: November 1, 2023

And the holiday festivities just keep rolling into November don’t they? They sure do as Trinity continues to take the red pill and leads our sexy as fuck Milf Bonnie further down into the slit-licking matrix. Hot I know, and if you want to see something else that’s hot outside the slit-licking matrix that includes these girls, multiple orgasms and some twig and berries then go check out Bonnie and Trinity’s other scenes listed below. I mean you can’t only be interested in slit on slit smut right because variety is the spice of life I hear, but that’s just me. Anyways, we find out that Bonnie’s not completely new to the pleasures of the female anatomy and as we get to know the girls on the bed we find out the older / younger dynamic is something that’s new to Bonnie. Bonnie also hasn’t been with a girl that’s this into other girls as Trinity is and confessed she’s most excited to be licked by a girl so into slit licking...

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ExCoGi Girls - Melanie & Sophia


Melanie & Sophia - I Hope I Lick It Right
Released: August 16, 2023

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s episode of a fresh as fuck 19 year old newbie named Sophia who’s here to Lick Slit for the very first time. It’s a special time alright in every young girls life so lets welcome her to the ExCoGi family shall we and introducing her is returning fan favorite Melanie Marie who’s turned into quite the superstar here at our network and the porn universe. Her BBCSurprise.com scene entitled: “My Pussy Hurts. My Asshole Hurts” is the top rated video on that site for a reason. Her other scenes are all top rated as well so go check them out and now she’s a new main stay girl in the excogigirls.com rotation and she’s here to help introduce young newbie’s to First Time Lesbian Love. Yummy, and these two look so damn adorable on the bed together and what their about to do should be illegal. Thank God it’s not and it’s obvious Sophia’s a bit nervous to lick her first pussy, but Melanie in her sweet and soft voice reassures her that she’ll do just fine as she tickles Sophia’s Nipples through her almost see-through dress...

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ExCoGi Girls - Megan & Sunni


Megan & Sunni - Butt Plugs. To The Freezer & Beyond
Released: February 21, 2024

Welcome back sexy Sunni who did her first sex on camera over at exploitedcollegegirls with stud Tyler Nixon, and today’s she here to show us that all girls are gay. They just don’t know it yet she giggles and we love your energy and attitude. You’re the perfect compliment to returning sex kitten Megan Marx and these two had chemistry up the ying yang. Do you know what else went up Sunni’s ying yang? A frozen Butt Plug and she admitted it’s her favorite thing. Kinky, and that’s just a taste of the adventurous spirit of this scene. So I hope you enjoy Sunni and Megan.

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ExCoGi Girls - Jill & Megan


Jill & Megan - You Look So Pretty Doing That
Released: October 4, 2024

Happy October everyone and 18-year-old high school sweetness is today’s exploit and her name is Jill. This scene was produced back in February 2023 and was only this girl’s fourth time taking her clothes off for the cameras. You want to see her other times? They’re listed below and now she’s on our bed ready to lick slit with ExCoGi’s sweetheart Megan Marx. Now if you missed her first time on camera over at exploitedcollegegirls then you missed Jill’s interview and the way our sweetie described messing around with her girlfriends and how she and her friends just kissing and stuff / licking each others pussy during sleepovers is what wet dreams are inspired by...

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ExCoGi Girls - Britney & Megan


Britney & Megan - Turning Britney Into a Lesbian
Released: February 28, 2024

What can I say everyone it’s super sexy Megan and Britney. These girls look smokingly hot and when Megan stuck her finger up Britney’s pussy for the first time and declared, “You feel like a virgin” and I never wanted to be Megan’s index finger more than right then. Let’s see, I think my favorite position and moment of this work of art is at (24:23) in the split screen of Britney munching on Megan’s muff as we see the magic wand dance over Britney’s clit from behind and her butt hole begins to pulse and pucker as she licks and devours only the fifth vagina in her life...

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ExCoGi Girls - Beverly & Britney


Beverly & Britney - How Bi Are You Girls?
Released: February 14, 2024

Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies out there and now that the Super Bowl parties and the shenanigans on the 16th tee of the Phoenix Open have concluded it’s time to witness the awesomeness that’s about to take place on the excogigirls bed. It’s no other than returning blonde coed bombshell Britney who everyone has been requesting with a thirtyish new to the bed hottie named Beverly. You two girls look amazing as Rocky pointed out and if you want to see Britney’s triumphant return to the jizz scene go check out her first ever Double Penetration over at exploitedcollegegirls, the site that inspired the lesbian action of newbies here...

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ExCoGi Girls - Aubry Babcock & Megan Marx


Aubry Babcock & Megan Marx - Daddy’s Girl Gets Her First Taste
Released: July 4, 2023

Well hello there beautiful and Happy Fourth of July everyone because it's returning fan favorite Aubry Babcock back to lick some slit for the second time ever. Love it, and as we get to know Aubry on the bed she tells us her first ever Girl/Girl experience was just last year with a best friend during a sleepover. Sounds hot I know, but unfortunately Aubry was the only one tasting pussy that night and licked her hot friends pussy but sadly her BFF wasn’t much of a giver and didn’t reciprocate. Well today’s your lucky day because you’re going to get to experience the soft and tender touch of a female’s tongue flicker over your clit for the first time, confirming today that girls lick pussy better than boys...

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ExCoGi Girls - Kelsey & Roxanne


Kelsey & Roxanne - Best Sexual Experience of My Life
Released: January 17, 2024

Hello everyone and I think today’s title sums it up quite well. Best sexual experience of both these girls’ lives they confessed afterwards as they embraced each other before heading to the shower. Just read the quotes below to understand the hotness that is Roxanne and Kelsey and at (1:33:19) Roxanne spits into Kelsey’s mouth. It’s one of those days and experiences that you wished would never end. So enjoy and until next weeks update, cheers, Steve

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ExCoGi Girls - Amber Moore & Alice


Amber Moore & Alice - Pussy Licking Lezzzyfest 2023
Released: December 13, 2023

If there was ever a yearly festival dedicated to pussy licking than today’s little get together between superstar Amber Moore and 24-year-old newbie Alice would be the inaugural event. Fuck Burning Man, fuck Coachella, fuck Bonnaroo because today these girls went at it like a three day long Pussy Lick-A-Thon, petal to the metal, full throttle, thermonuclear weekend of muff munching event because these two licked each other’s pussies for almost the entire 2:41:57 of this video. I bet you girl’s tongues are tired and even what’s supposed to be the cool down period in the shower was a pussy-licking marathon from the start and lasted the entire 57:28 minutes of the steamy and hot shower. Now I’ll admit Alice is a bit shy and reserved in the beginning and what newbie wouldn’t be because Amber’s gorgeous, and to be honest Alice I think was just intimidated in the beginning...

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