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A stalwart of the amateur porn scene and creator of some of the finest facial cumshot clips ever seen by human eyes, Exploited College Girls has been, well, exploiting college girls sexually since the early 2000s. Now with a bevy of future pornstars among the cast, some seriously steamy hotel sex adventures, and enough threesomes, anal, and DP delights to keep you coming back in awe for more, ExCoGi is an even bigger drawer than ever before. Still, with room for improvement in a few key areas, ExCoGi isn’t totally flawless. Will the girls be enough to convince you to join or do you require a deeper dive into ExCoGi’s inner workings?

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UPDATED ExploitedCollegeGirls Full Siterip as of July 2023
1057 Videos | 2422.26 GB

Hot amateur college girls are ready to do anything for money and attention. These hardcore scenes are filmed POV using multiple cameras from three angles, so you'll never miss a single moment of the action.

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Exploited College Girls - Venus


UPDATED Venus - I Was In Painal A Lot-A-Bit
Released: June 29, 2023

Welcome everyone and today we have Venus who back in April lost her pornginity for a second time over on Rick’s Black Casting Couch in that Anal classic entitled: “Blue Eyed Venus.” She’s blue eyed all right, but took it in her brown eye from Cam and this girl likes Anal a lot. How much you ask? Well enough to come on over to the ExCoGi liar and take it up her Ass once more and she took it. This was actually her first scene and now I’m saying déjà vu for a third time today because Venus looks an awful lot like Sissy Spacek when she was younger and starred in the 1980’s movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” In fact we just had another girl named Dakota Moon over at HotMilfFuck.com who is the spiting image of Alicia Silverstone when she starred in the movie “Clueless.”

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Exploited College Girls - Sophia Sterling


Sophia Sterling - Sophia - Will Your Boyfriend Be Jealous?
Released: August 17, 2023

Sophia’s her name, and her First Sex on Camera is today’s game for this fresh as fuck 19 year old who claims to be in an open relationship. Well open on her side she stated during her interview and we didn’t probe any further whether he’d be jealous or not because who frankly cares right? Sophia certainly doesn’t or she wouldn’t shrug her shoulders so nonchalantly and let our main man Tyler Nixon cum all over that pretty face of hers if she did.

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Exploited College Girls - Madison Wilde


Madison Wilde - That Pussy Is Kryptonite Girl
Released: August 24, 2023

Happy Thursday everyone and today it’s Madison Wilde’s turn on the ExCoGi bed. This scene was shot back on November 9, 2022 and I’ve been holding onto it as a backup because this 22- year-old Latina hottie confessed after the shoot that this wasn’t her first time on camera. We appreciate the honesty girl and no wonder everyone said after the scene finished that it was the easiest day they had ever had. She was easy to work with, knew how to open up to the cameras and felt super comfortable taking her clothes off and having sex in front of strangers.

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Exploited College Girls - Ruby Moon


Ruby Moon - Double Dick Certified
Released: October 19, 2023

Today is special everyone because why? Well Ruby Moon is back is why and she’s here to fulfill something every young girl envisions and romanticizes about when coming of age and hopes will happen to her and her orifices. Double Penetration baby, that’s fucking right everyone and this girl wants ALL HER HOLES FILLED and has quite the appetite for trying new things in the bedroom we found out. And who knew that this was the key to unlocking those true feelings and desires of multiple cocks and toys filling every hole that have been suppressed and hidden.

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Exploited College Girls - Britney


UPDATED Britney - I Thought I Knew What Orgasms Were
Released: August 10, 2023

Hello loyal fans and welcome to the sexual awakening of today’s bona fide genuine college coed Britney who just licked her First Slit Ever over at our Girl/Girl Site excogigirls.com with Amber Moore. It’s been climbing up the popular list fast and I can see why. Those two girls sure know how to have a good time and what a slit to lick first with so go check it out because it’s full of Pussy Licking good times. Loved it, but today’s the other special day in little Miss Britney’s life were she takes her first cock on camera from a new stand in stiff cock to ExCoGi by the name of Jay.

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Exploited College Girls - Trinity


Trinity - The Red Pill. Loved All Of It
Released: September 7, 2023

Question Trinity. Do you want to know what ”IT” is? IT, is what has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. To imprison you and your mind, and Tyler Nixon is here to offer you Sexual Freedom. You have the option of taking a Red Pill, which would enable you to understand what is actually occurring outside the illusion created by the ExCoGi Porn Matrix.

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Exploited College Girls - CC


CC - Lay Back & Enjoy The Show
Released: August 31, 2023

So lets CC what’s going to happen today because this young and inexperienced 22 year old is just ripe for picking and she’s ready to pop her pornginity and get her naughty on with Tyler Nixon for her First Sex on Camera. Love her braces also and they just add to her naïve demeanor because CC stated in her submission video that she’s very limited in her sexual experiences. We can help change that girl and CC admitted to being somewhat of a little pillow princess because the guys usually only last for 10 to 15 minutes at Sex. Well, you’ve been fucking the wrong guys honey and welcome to the Minor Leagues.

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ExploitedCollegeGirls.com - SITERIP


UPDATED ExploitedCollegeGirls Full Siterip as of July 2023
1057 Videos | 2422.26 GB

Hot amateur college girls are ready to do anything for money and attention. These hardcore scenes are filmed POV using multiple cameras from three angles, so you'll never miss a single moment of the action.

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ExCoGiGirls.com - SITERIP


ExCoGiGirls Full Siterip as of June 2023
10 Videos | 43.8 GB

Introducing ExCoGi Girls, a new website featuring lesbian adult content! Experience Girl-Girl videos the EXCOGI way, showcasing genuine amateur performers engaging in their first same-sex encounters. These videos capture intense and authentic sexual experiences with stunning girls.

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Exploited College Girls - Charlotte


Charlotte - Legs From The Floor To Her Ass
Released: August 3, 2023

Don’t judge this scene by the intro everybody because I think Tyler was a little intimidated by today’s model looking, absolutely gorgeous, tall with curves in all the right places girl because this interview couldn’t seem to get out of first gear. She was a bit nervous I’ll admit and truth be told was expecting just a GWC (Guy With Camera) in a Four Seasons Hotel Room Suite for a more intimate setting she explained. Sounds an awful lot like my early stuff.

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Exploited College Girls - Raven Lane


Raven Lane - Suck Dick & Get Fucked
Released: July 27, 2023

Everyone the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Raven Lane’s back for her record sixth scene here and stated at (27:59) “I want it from both ends”. We’re here to fulfill fantasies girl and not many get invited back six times but Raven’s special and said during her interview, “I’ll do what I’m told.” Damn right you will, as every good little girl should and in the short four months of Sucking and Fucking her way through the creamy and sticky Jizz Bizz she’s become one of the top performers. There’s a reason for this and they are listed below as all five of her other scenes here are packed full of FIRSTS and considered top shelf smut! It’s what we are all about here and this fit babe who’s down for practically everything we wanted to do with her holes has energy and sexual moxie in spades. She’s fulfilling a long time fantasy by the way of her first threesome EVER. Yes, that’s the first time with two girls or two guys everyone...

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Exploited College Girls - Violet


Violet - Exactly Were I thought I’d Be
Released: July 20, 2023

“So what kind of Sex do you like?” Asked Tyler Nixon of our 20-year-old exploitee named Violet at (6:22), and I loved this girl’s answer. “Like Slut me out, but don’t actually look at me as a Slut. I like Rough Sex with Passion behind it, Yea. I like Kissing, but also Choke me out, Pull my hair, but also care about me.” Wow! We have a live one on our bed and it appears to be a little complicated but I love it. How do we clone you is the question and if you like your girls or women a little on the trashy side?

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Exploited College Girls - Raina


Raina - Now I’m A-Dick-Tid
Released: May 25, 2023

You’ve been screaming for more of her so here she is. Raina’s back and after her smashing debut with super cute and already fan favorite Melanie Marie in Raina’s First Threesome ever entitled: “The, I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina Gaze,” well that’s exactly what these two did. How sweet is that? Wow, and just a reminder to those that didn’t read the write up for that video, Melanie was only the second pussy she’s ever licked, for REAL.

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Exploited College Girls - Camilla


Camilla - The Squirting Anal Queen
Released: July 6, 2023

So Camilla, who’s got an identical twin, just how wet and creamy do you get during sex? Very is the answer to that question, and weather it’s her creamy filled pussy that makes your wood hard or the fact that she can squirt from just having her Ass fucked? What makes this cutie special is her outright love of Anal Sex, and for only being 20 your Asshole looks like it’s been annihilated everyday since you discovered that things can be inserted up it.

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Exploited College Girls - Chelsea


Chelsea - First Orgasm From Penetration
Released: July 13, 2023

Sorry for the delay this morning everyone, technical difficulties. But we have a doozie for you all so meet Chelsea. She's a fun loving dog walker / full time trainer who hasn’t had sex in 3 months! Well it’s not by choice everyone because you’re a hottie girl and you’ve also got a smile that lights up the room. You know you’re hot, and what else? Your lips look like they were made for sucking honey and thankfully it’s one of Chelsea’s favorite things to do she admitted.

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Exploited College Girls - Raina Rae


Raina Rae - I Just Lost My Anal Virginity
Released: June 22, 2023

So returning hottie Raina Rae is back everyone after losing her pornginities over at our new Girl/Girl site excogigirls.com in a fantasy CUM true debut entitled: “She’s A Natural at This.” It was with Lena Anderson and WOW! She took to licking slit everyone like a duck takes to water. Well the water’s just fine and after she swam around in the kiddie Lez pool a bit she paddled on over to the deep end and the Adult side of the smut pool for her First Cock on Camera with Tyler Nixon entitled: “Now I’m A-Dick-Tid.”

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