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Love Her Boobs - Avalon Mira


Avalon Mira - Avalon's Got Talent
Released: April 9, 2024

A unique talent deserves recognition and awards. Avalon Mira's intention in going to Isiah Maxwell's property is to ask a little favor for the upcoming show that she's going to be in. The big-titted wonder wears a lime-colored tube top paired with a white skimpy skirt that fits her thicc and curvy figure. Avalon walks towards the door of the property, knocking and waiting for the man to come and let her inside. After having a lovely greeting, the two continue to talk about the show. The brunette babe asks the man if he can show her talent and see if he will be impressed with her unusual skill. With much confidence, Avalon stands up and begins to move her big tits without the help of her hands. Isiah can't keep his eyes off the jiggling melons, as he's aroused by the action that the curvy diva is doing...

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Love Her Boobs - Shalina Devine


Shalina Devine - An Effective Method
Released: April 2, 2024

There are many ways to convince a man to do a favor. Shalina Devine's ways just happen to involve using her physical assets. The blonde MILF calls Raul Costa to her office for something important. Despite it being the weekend, the man has no choice but to go. His eyes immediately wander to the hottie's big tits that are so obvious in her black see-through shirt. The busty woman talks the man into attending a meeting, but he refuses. Shalina has no choice but to flash her huge melons to persuade the lucky guy, a method that is effective against her naughty employee. Raul is unable to resist Shalina's charm. He starts kissing, sucking, and licking her perky nipples. The man's hands keep exploring the beauty's body, kneading her tits and rubbing her clit...

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Love Her Feet - Cecelia Taylor & Lacey London


Cecelia Taylor & Lacey London - FeetFix Collab
Released: April 6, 2024

Spending time together, such as browsing a new feet content website, taking foot pics, and creating foot fetish videos. With Lacey London’s glittery ballroom heels that hug her freshly-pedicured toes and Milan’s massive cock, it would create a titillating video their viewers would love. The lovers put on a show, indulging in a sensual footjob before moving their activity to their bed. Lacey, in her lovely pink lingerie, watches her beau give her reddish sole shrimping. After their quick recording session, the duo goes into searching for an addition to their little duo, and they have been eyeing one candidate who they decided to invite. With that, Lacey and Milan await the arrival of the new lady and make out in the meantime...

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She Loves Black - Nina Heels


Nina Heels - Cum-forting Best Friend
Released: March 28, 2024

Sexual gratification is an important factor when it comes to relationships, no matter how perfect they might be in other areas. Nina Heels has been having trouble in the bedroom, but she is more than willing to put in the effort to spice things up. After putting on the lingerie her boyfriend picked out, the busty blonde gets a call from him that eventually ruins her night. Frustrated, she walks into the master bedroom and does not notice that you're there, reading a magazine while lying down on the bed. The two of you chat as you shower Nina with compliments to brighten up her mood, but eventually, one thing leads to another, and somehow, the sexual tension finally reaches its peak...

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Love Her Feet - Jesse Pony


Jesse Pony - Bound by the Law of Feet
Released: March 30, 2024

Doing one's job without letting emotions take the reins can be a difficult thing to do. As much as immigration officer Jesse Pony wants to help her client, Vince Karter, out, there are little to no other options left for them to explore. The sophisticated brunette breaks the news and opens up the complicated avenues they could take on but notices that his attention is on her pedicured feet. Brushing this off, Jesse continues to be professional, but lust slowly takes over her body, and comes up with another plan that would benefit them both. Vince does not take long to convince and gets right into fulfilling his need to worship the gorgeous officer's feet...

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Love Her Boobs - Alexis Kay


Alexis Kay - Spice Things Up
Released: March 27, 2024

Having a perfect body has a lot of advantages. Alexis Kay enters the room carrying a sultry look in her emerald-colored lingerie that accentuates her alluring curves and massive tits. Despite having a magnetizing, soft, and angelic voice, Brad Newman's eyes can't resist having a glance at the busty babe's marshmallow-like breasts as she talks about planning to have a plus-one to spice up their sex life. The blonde bombshell continues to talk her way into his mind, but not until she strips down her bra and lets her lover latch his mouth on one of her bare and suckable nipples.

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Love Her Feet - Talia Mint


Talia Mint - He’s Into Her
Released: March 27, 2024

Neighbors usually help each other out. But when Thalia Mint notices that her neighbor, Renato, is into her, she can't help but take advantage of it. The brunette babe in a light beige snug dress and sandals calls the man and lies about someone breaking into her apartment. The unsuspecting guy agrees to the beauty's request to stay over. After setting the trap, Thalia goes to the living room and starts pleasing herself while waiting for Renato to arrive.

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Love Her Feet - Angelica Heart & Candee Licious


Angelica Heart & Candee Licious - Longing For Attention
Released: March 20, 2024

With nothing much to do while alone at home, Candee Licious admires her freshly pedicured feet while longing for the attention of her lover, whom she ends up calling. When a knock on the door grabs her attention, the blonde babe is utterly delighted to find her girlfriend, Angelika Heart, and gives her a quick kiss. The sound of their heels is quick and excited as they go inside and don't beat around the bush, dropping kisses on each other's lips before settling down on the couch.

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Love Her Feet - Anna Chambers


Anna Chambers - Birthday Sex
Released: March 16, 2024

Arguing with a lover is not easy, and the only solution to release the tension is to have someone to talk to. Anna Chambers walks swiftly on her black high heels, causing them to click while she struts towards Victor Ray. She asks him about her partner with a slight scowl on her face, indicating the effects of the argument about her clothing. On the other hand, Victor admires Anna's clothing since it accentuates her irresistible and sensual beauty.

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Love Her Feet - Leanne Lace


Leanne Lace - One Call Away
Released: March 13, 2024

It's good to have someone who's one call away when you need them. Leanne Lace goes home feeling a bit thirsty. The blonde babe is wearing a black top, a long skirt, a denim jacket, and open-toe high heels– her small tits and firm ass are quite obvious in her snug outfit. The naughty hottie opens her computer and starts watching foot porn, and feeling quite horny, she proceeds to masturbate. However, she can't seem to reach orgasm, and she feels like something is missing.

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She Loves Black - Angel Gostosa


Angel Gostosa - Puppy Love
Released: April 4, 2024

Having a secret crush is completely normal, especially for young people. Angel Gostosa enters your walk-in closet and starts scanning around. The young Latina carefully touches and smells your clothes, not knowing you're watching her. The beauty in a white cropped cardigan, a light pink top, and denim shorts seems happy with her secret venture. She gets startled when you walk in and ask what she's doing. Since you already caught her, the beauty starts confessing her feelings for you.

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She Loves Black - Romi Rain


Romi Rain - Out Of Your System
Released: March 21, 2024

When it comes to beautiful women, the eye does not betray one's interest and admiration. You spend time scrolling through your phone while waiting for your girlfriend to arrive when the door to the house opens, and Romi Rain, your girlfriend's mother, walks in. The busty MILF chats you up, making small talk before bringing up a sensitive topic. Romi notices how your attention seems to wander whenever she's in the room and wants to clear the air between the two of you.

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She Loves Black - Sophia Leone


Sophia Leone - A Friendly Visit
Released: March 14, 2024

Sophia Leone pulls up in her car and struts inside the large home where her friend lives. Seemingly looking for someone, the busty cutie walks upstairs, hoping to find her friend, but only finds you. She presents her sweet and innocent smile, greeting you warmly as you welcome her. As the conversation continues, Sophia sits near you. The stunning diva talks flirtatiously, batting her eyelashes, moving her eyes slowly from side to side, and twirling her long black hair.

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Love Her Feet - Karina King


Karina King - Smelly Foot Massage
Released: January 31, 2024

Nothing relieves sore feet more than a foot massage. But the naughty blonde, Karina King, wants something more than that. The beauty, with big tits and a round ass, takes off her white high heels and lounges on the couch after a long and tiring day. As she reads her book, Karina’s hand is busy caressing her sexy feet, yet doing so does not relax her at all. If anything, it just makes her horny. The hottie then calls Dean Van Damme, telling him how she wants a massage.

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Love Her Feet - Rissa May


Rissa May - Put Yourself In My Shoes
Released: March 23, 2024

The best person to ask for opinions is from someone knowledgeable. Rissa May is walking around the house when she spots her sister's boyfriend, Milan, drinking coffee in the kitchen. The gorgeous brunette in a skimpy dress asks the man to help her choose what shoes to wear. She lets him look at her black stilettos and light purple high heels. Milan can't hide how much he loves the situation, and Rissa teases him for it. The naughty guy compliments the beauty's feet and keeps staring at them.

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Love Her Feet - Kayley Gunner


Kayley Gunner - The Best Christmas Morning
Released: December 9, 2023

Christmas morning is always something that everyone looks forward to, but the naughty Kayley Gunner wants to make it extra special for her lover. Clad in a sexy Santa Claus costume, the blonde with big tits and a round ass waits for Donte Inferno to wake up and find her. It was easy for Kayley's husband to spot her in the middle of the living room on the ottoman, which is placed by the Christmas tree and fireplace.

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