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Cory Chase is pornstar from United States born in 1981. She is 5ft 4in (163cm) tall, weighs aproximately 108lbs (49kg), has enhanced boobs, blonde hair and tatoos.

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Cory Chase - Pornstar Collection

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Cory Chase (born February 25, 1981) is an American porn star, adult model and webcam model. Her measurements are 34D-26-35. She is also known as Cory, Corey Chase, Cory Chade.

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Freeuse MILF - Lexi Lore & Cory Chase


Lexi Lore & Cory Chase - The Kinkiest Cowgirl of the West
Released: September 15, 2023

Cory used to be known as “Reckless Cory”, the greatest rodeo cowgirl in town. Yet, she left those behind, trading the lasso and horse for a quiet tavern that she runs with her horny and useless stepson, Nick. When a hopeful young cowgirl named Lexi comes around looking for the rodeo legend, Cory’s memories come right back to her, and she’ll get to relive her glory days through a freeuse training session. Will this teen cowgirl make Cory proud?

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A Girl Knows - Cory Chase & Leda Lotharia & Shay Sights


Cory Chase & Leda Lotharia & Shay Sights - Horny Stepdaughter Steals Milfs New Wife
Released: September 7, 2023

Average newly-wed, tall, slender, leggy lesbian MILF couple are enjoying playing with a massive dildo at home when their unsuspecting curvy daughter bounces into the room and catches them in the act. Far from being shocked the horny hottie looks for an invitation to her new blonde mommy and jumps into her lap, dressed only in tiny stretched jean shorts to welcome her to the family. Her natural mom looks on, shocked at their mutual groping but soon gets in on the steamy action.

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Stepdaddy Dalmer # 2 - Stuck


Cast: Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper

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NF Busty - Cory Chase & Ella Reese


Cory Chase & Ella Reese - Fans Become Lovers - S45:E8
Released: September 4, 2023

Cam girl Cory Chase is a sensual inspiration for Ella Reese and Codey Steele. In fact, it's even hotter for Ella because her mom is friends with Cory. The couple loves watching Cory's videos as they spoon together in bed and caress each other. They love to fuck while Ella watches Cory.

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Moms Bang Teens - Cory Chase & Coco Lovelock


Cory Chase & Coco Lovelock - The MILF Brand Ambassador
Released: August 31, 2023

Bespectacled babe Cory Chase is selling cosmetics door-to-door when she’s invited into Coco Lovelock’s home. While Cory is giving her sales pitch, Coco’s boyfriend Johnny Love walks in with a huge morning erection! Coco immediately sends him away, but blonde nymph Cory eagerly follows the well-hung stud into the kitchen and introduces herself. It isn’t long before the pair are having some sneaky sex behind Coco’s back - that is, until Coco walks in on her boyfriend cheating! Horny MILF Cory appeases Coco by eating out the pretty brunette’s tight pussy, and then they take turns getting fucked by Johnny. The raunchy threesome ends with Johnny treating both Cory and Coco to a hot facial, and they make sure to clean up every last drop before sharing a kiss.

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Taboo Heat - New July & August 2023 Updates


Cory Chase & Sasha Pearl - Episode 9 - Final Construction Tour and House Break In with Sasha Pearl
Cory Chase & Amiee Cambridge - Step Family Stuck New Formula (Parts 1-3)
Cory Chase, Kira Fox & Sasha Pearl - Three Girl Shower and Hair Wash
Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge & Melanie Hicks - Step Family Stuck New Formula (Parts 4)
Cory Chase & Amiee Cambridge - Step Sister Cam Show JOI
Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge & Melanie Hicks - Step Family Stuck New Formula (Parts 5)
Cory Chase & Lory Lace - BBC Bully (Parts 3-4)

New Formula-

Johnny Love is sitting down at the table, ready to sign his signature on his Step Grand-father's inheritance papers. 'What is MILF Glue?' Johnny asks, as he reads some of the papers in front of him. 'How do you think your father made all his money? MILF Glue...' The step-sisters exclaim. Johnny is intrigued by this MILF Glue but he doesn't fully understand what it is. Luke Longly calls Cory Chase over to demonstrate the MILF Glue. Luke pours some MILF Glue on Cory's hands first, followed by Amiee Cambridge's hands and Melanie Hicks's hands. All 3 of the MILF's stick their hands down on the table, and they stick to it! Cory is wearing a black lingerie set while Melanie is wearing red lingerie and Amiee is wearing beige.

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Taboo Heat - New August 2023 Updates # 2


Cory Chase & Amiee Cambridge - Stuck Step Family
Cory Chase & Lory Lace - Blended Step Family - Wife Swap (Part 1)
Cory Chase - Blended Step Family - Wife Swap (Parts 2-4)
Cory Chase & Lory Lace - Step Family Wife Swap - Step Sister Reunion
Cory Chase & Lory Lace - Step Family Wife Swap
Cory Chase & Vanessa Cage - Step Family Summer Vol 2 BTS

Step Sister Kiss-

Amiee Cambridge is wondering where the MILF Glue Formula could possibly be hidden in this house! She glances down, where Cory Chase is sitting in between Amiee's legs. Cory is licking and sucking on Amiee's clit, but she can't find the formula up there! Cory continues to eat her step-sister's pussy out until she cums in her mouth. Then, the step-sisters kiss each other on the lips before Cory and Amiee switch places. Amiee eat's Cory's pussy out while using her fingers simultaneously, until Cory cums hard for her!

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Taboo Heat - New August 2023 Updates


Lory Lace - Lory Lace in BBC Bully Vol 1 (Parts 1-2)
Cory Chase & Lory Lace - Nude Workout with Lory Lace
Melanie Hicks - Melanie Hicks in Step Sons Bully Season Two New Bully

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Mom Swap - Sophia Blocke & Cory Chase


Sophia Blocke & Cory Chase - HomeSchool Sex Ed
Released: August 28, 2023

Sophia notices her stepson Nade has been having serious issues at public school. When talking with her friend Cory, she tells her she home-schools her stepson Nick for the same reason and offers to help Sophia out by letting Nade take a couple of fundamental courses with her. A few months later, Nade seems to be doing better and showing significant growth in all his core subjects. One day, Sophia decides to drop in unannounced and is shocked to find both Nade and Nick taking turns to eat Cory’s pussy. The teacher explains to her that this is a sex education course, another key subject the boys need to learn about. After the initial shock, Sophia accepts that Cory’s teaching methods do give results, so she decides to volunteer herself to help Nick and Nade learn more about sex ed.

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Step Family Summer


Cast: Cory Chase, Vanessa Cage

Vanessa is so excited to visit her step-sister, Cory, this summer. Vanessa arrives at Corys house wearing a red dress, but it is so hot that she instantly strips out of clothing. Cory is wearing a brown dress, but it doesnt take long before Vanessa helps Cory pull her dress off, over her head. Vanessa sits down on the kitchen chair and Cory starts to eat her step-sisters pussy out. After Vanessa cums in her step-sisters mouth, the two MILFs switch places and Vanessa eats Corys pussy until she cums.

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Step Mom's Friend - Truth or Dare


Cast: Cory Chase, Cassidy Luxe

Cory is excited that her friend, Cassidy, is coming to spend the weekend at her mansion! Cassidy arrives wearing hot pink shorts with a matching tank top. Cory walks Cassidy down the hallway to the guest room. Cory leaves the room and Cassidy decides that she's going to lie down and rest. Cassidy strips out of her clothing and lies down on the bed completely naked. A few moments later, Cory's step-son, Luke, walks into the guest room. He didn't know that his step-mom would be having any friends over this weekend, so he was surprised to find Cassidy in the bedroom that he normally stays in! Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play a game with her, and they decide to play Truth or Dare. Cassidy dares Luke to have sex with her and to not tell his step-mom. Cassidy lies down on the bed and Luke starts to rub her clit. He is inexperienced so he asks her if he's doing it correctly, and she says yes! She wants to suck his cock, so she starts to give him a blowjob. She hops on top of his cock next, and she rides him in the cowgirl position. She lies down in the missionary position and he continues to fuck her pussy. They're both trying so hard to be quiet so that Cory won't hear them! She flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke keeps fucking her pussy from behind. They hear a noise outside of the bedroom door and they get nervous that Cory is going to come in, so they stop what they're doing in Cassidy Lux in Step Mom's Friend - Truth or Dare.

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Free Use MultiMilf # 7 - The New Nikki


Cast: Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Kenzie Love

Kenzie and Cory have just finished eating each other out, as I walk into the bedroom. Cory puts her ass up in the doggy style position and I shove my cock deep inside of her from behind! While I am fucking Cory from behind, Cory is eating Kenzie's pussy out again! Cory hops on top of me next and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position followed by reverse cowgirl! Afterwards, Cory and Kenzie give me a double blowjob to clean my cock off. Kenzie gets into the doggystyle position next and my cock thrusts in and out of her pussy from behind. Kenzie lies down on her back next and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position some more. I want to fuck Cory's pussy before I cum, so that's exactly what I do next! When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off all over Kenzie's face and then she spits my cum into Cory's mouth! The two MILF's kiss each other and have fun swapping my cum back and forth.

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Moms Lick Teens - Cory Chase & Demi Hawks


Cory Chase & Demi Hawks - Wet Pussy Exam
Released: July 31, 2023

Blonde teen Demi Hawks is so horny before her appointment with Dr. Chase, she fingers herself in the waiting room! She wants the hot MILF to give her a very thorough exam, and Cory makes sure to check every part of Demi's pussy before sliding her fingers inside. That twat is in perfect condition, but just to make sure, Cory licks it, then pulls out a vibrator to give her patient some extra special treatment. But the doctor needs some attention too, and the babes 69 on the table!

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Taboo Heat - Vanessa Cage & Cory Chase


Vanessa Cage & Cory Chase - Step Family Summer - Vol 2 (Parts 2-4)
Released: July 24, 2023

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Taboo Heat - MILF Mansion # 3


Cast: Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase

Amiee 1st-

Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks and Cory Chase are gathered at the table with Luke Longly and his step-son Johnny Love. Johnny is nervous that he's in trouble, but Luke tells him that this is just about his inheritance! Luke tells his step-son that there are some things that he needs to do in order to get his inheritance. He tells Johnny that he is going to have 15 minutes with each of the 3 step-moms, and then he's going to have to choose the one he wants to be his step-mom. Amiee is up first, and she starts to strip in front of Johnny...

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Porn World - Cory Chase


UPDATED Cory Chase - Provocative MILF Cory Chase Seduces Married Neighbour Into Stuffing Her Ass + BTS
Released: July 23, 2023

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