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Mylf Labs - Andi Avalon


UPDATED Andi Avalon - Concept: Edging
Released: April 18, 2024

What’s up, Mylf lovers? We’ve got an exciting experiment, so let’s get scientific and jump right into the fun. We all know how edging works - building up to the moment right before climax but holding in the orgasm for a more intense payoff later. Edging is something that you don’t see a ton of in porn, and we thought it was time to change that. In this Labs update, Andi is a sexy milf nurse looking to help Nick shoot his load. But she doesn’t want him to bust right away - she’s going to edge him so he can give her a massive creamy load after building him up. Andi strokes Nick’s dick, slowly jerking him off and playing with his tip. He can’t have her pussy unless he promises not to cum right away. Nick fucks Andi hard and has to do everything in his power not to bust. When Andi knows Nick has held it in for as long as possible, she jerks him off again, letting Nick cum. His load rolls down the head of his cock, and Andi continues to stroke him and play with his now sensitive tip.

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MILF Overload - Casanova Overload


Alexis Malone, Brittany Andrews, Mellanie Monroe, Danielle Renae & Andi Avalon - Casanova Overload
Released: March 28, 2024

A teen casanova, Nade Nasty, has been breaking the hearts of numerous girls in the neighborhood. One day, however, he is confronted by all of those girls' angry guardians (Danielle Renae, Andi Avalon, Alexis Malone, Mellanie Monroe, Brittany Andrews). The protective women want to give him a taste of his OWN medicine, and the overwhelmed yet aroused Nade decides to take his rightful punishment. The women reverse gangbang Nade, reminding him to LEAVE their girls ALONE. But will this cocky teen learn his lesson??

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Milf Body - Andi Avalon


Andi Avalon - Checkin’ Andi Out
Released: March 22, 2024

Andi loves staying in shape, but she notices Donnie checking her out from the sidelines of the gym. She knows Donnie is a trainer and is always looking for new milf clients, but she’s never worked with him or talked to him before. Donnie makes the first move and introduces himself. Things seem innocent enough until Donnie starts groping Andi’s tits. He’s as hard as a rock underneath his shorts - all andi can see is Donnie’s cock dangling over her face.

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Neighbor Affair - Andi Avalon


Andi Avalon - Cheating wife Andi Avalon gets railed by her neighbor as she talks to her husband on the phone
Released: January 11, 2024

Andi Avalon is new in the neighborhood and she already has a new cock to fuck. While her neighbor's wife is out, Andi stops by his house in sexy lingerie to get her pussy stuffed. But her neighbor has a naughty game he likes to play. He has her call her husband and carry on a conversation while she's getting dicked down. Her neighbor does the same and rings up his wife as Andi sucks and fucks his cock. Her neighbor loses the game though as he moans with pleasure while busting a nut in Andi's mouth. Good Game.

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Brazzers Exxtra - Blake Blossom & Andi Avalon


Blake Blossom & Andi Avalon - Nuru For Two
Released: January 9, 2024

Kieran Lee is about to have the best spa experience ever! Andi Avalon is a massage therapist who likes to push the limits of her clients. Her newest clients Lee and Blake Blossom are expecting a traditional, relaxing massage but instead, they are in for a surprise when she uses untraditional body parts to massage the couple.

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Yes Girlz - Andi Avalon


Andi Avalon - Andi Avalon Likes to Squirt
Released: December 13, 2023

It doesn’t take much to get sexy Andi Avalon to squirt. She likes to start by leaning back on the couch and rubbing her shaved pussy to get her clit nice and hard. Sucking on a cock is a great way to really get her snatch horny and eager to get filled. She savors it licking and sucking with anticipation. After it finally gets inside her, she lays back and takes the rhythmic pounding before the guy decides to stick his fingers in her and make her squirt. It’s back to the pounding which gets her squirting again, after which she takes a break to lick off her juices from his pole and then gets fucked and fingered again which makes her squirt several times more.

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Use POV - Andi Avalon


Andi Avalon - Reunited, and it Feels So Good
Released: November 13, 2023

Tommy and Andi aren’t together anymore, but Andi visits him anyway to do laundry and catch up. It’s like Andi never left, and she and Tommy are right back to fucking whenever, wherever. Andi missed Tommy’s cock filling her up, so she lets him use her as much as he wants.

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