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Swallowed - Addison Vodka & Frecklemonade


Addison Vodka & Frecklemonade - Addison and Frecklemonade Are Cumswapping Cuties
Released: May 20, 2024

Addison and Frecklemonade are two long legged sluts that cannot contain their lust for sucking hard cock! We’ve paired them together to see them go head to head on a hardon for some nonstop cocksucking fun! Shaft and balls get sucked by both sluts as they ruin their makeup drooling all over that cock to get it to pop! Suck-sess cums in the form of a hot load to swap, so watch as they reach their cum-filled goal!

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Touch My Wife - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Wife Wants the Younger Version
Released: May 17, 2024

When your wife wants to have a talk, it's rarely a good thing. Addison Vodka's husband finds himself in this situation and it gets even worse. Her husband is getting older and Addison is just not satisfied with the quality of sex he provides - 5 minutes isn't long enough! That's when Zane Walker walks into the picture. Addison confesses that she has been fucking Zane and she wants her husband to watch them. Her husband is reluctant but wants to stay married to Addison, so he agrees.

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Team Skeet Selects - Hottest Creampies


Kylie Rocket, Angelika Grays, Leana Lovings, Chanel Camryn, Kallie Taylor, Addis Fouche, Lola Rose, Luxe La Fox & Addison Vodka - Hottest Creampies Compilation
Released: May 8, 2024

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You know that the only thing hotter than a wet pussy is a cum-dripping cunt, so we have prepared for you this nasty compilation featuring the most delicious creampies from our repertoire. Get a good view of Addis Fouche, Kylie Rocket, Leana Lovings, Stella Luxx, and other gorgeous babes’ luscious pussies as they get stuffed with meat before getting creamed. Enjoy the view of their powerful snatches leaking hot semen in this jaw-dropping collection! Curious to see the complete scenes? Here’s the list for ya: - Kylie’s Lusty Lessons - If It Makes You Stay - Creamy Egg Filling - Our Dirty Little Secret - I Just Want Your Attention - Leave The Shyness Behind - Long-Time Crush - Stuck Ass - Leap Year Birthday Fuck - Do You Want To Come Over?

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Cum 4K - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Poolside Creampies
Released: April 23, 2024

Addison enjoys a nice day by getting repeatedly creampied by the pool.

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Girl Cum - Addison Vodka


UPDATED Addison Vodka - Cumming Bound
Released: April 20, 2024

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Freeuse Fantasy - Venus Vixen & Addison Vodka


Venus Vixen & Addison Vodka - Mocktails & Fucktails
Released: April 20, 2024

Best friends Addison and Venus got hired as bartenders at a local restaurant, but they quickly realize they know nothing about making mocktails. Luckily, Venus’ stepbrother Nicky comes to the rescue. The guy is a pro, offering advice while feeling the girls’ bootylicious bodies. He knows that it is all about tips, so he practices some roleplay with Addison and Venus to ensure they are ready for the job. The girls prove to be an expert in customer service, sucking Nicky’s cock while catering to his needs. Finally, Nicky puts the soon-to-barwomen to a last test while fucking their pussies, and the girls really nail it, making Nicky feel proud.

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Blacked Raw - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Hotwife Addison Takes BBC Like A Pro
Released: April 15, 2024

Blonde babe Addison couldn't be more horny - all she wants to do is make a movie. Good thing she looks stunning by the light of her phone.

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Hussie Pass - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Vodka For Easter
Released: March 29, 2024

Skinny blonde babe Addison Vodka makes her HussiePass debut today, and seeing as their outfits matched, we paired her up with young & hung stud Damion Dayski for this week's very pink and amazingly intense interracial update! Beloved director Johnny Robins gets things going by interviewing the tall drink of water, followed by Addison removing her skimpy bra & panties and masturbating, first with her fingers and then by using a rather large translucent rubber DONG! Mr. Pink, I mean Damion, makes his way into the scene with some lube for Addison's itty-bitty titties and for her tight little dumper, which she then twerks for us...

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Fit 18 - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Initial Casting - American Beauty
Released: March 15, 2024

Addison enjoys hiking and going out for runs in her spare time to stay in shape. Those must be runs on the beach...nude....because her sun-kissed skin barely shows any tan lines when she stripped naked and she looks amazing. Her long blonde hair felt great in my hands when I grabbed a bunch to pull her head back as I fucked her from behind on the floor. Once in a while she would look back and give me a naughty smile. I loved the way she could pull her legs above her head while she laid on the floor so I could get my big cock in real deep. I felt her tight pussy squeeze me hard as I came inside her.

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Perfect Girlfriend - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Tomboy Best Friend
Released: March 15, 2024

Your tomboy best friend comes over and wants to go on a hike… You tell her you just broke up with your girlfriend and want to stay in.. You tell her wouldn’t it be nice if you could just date her, if she wasn’t a lesbian…

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Wild On Cam - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Addison Vodka Shows You Her Blow Job Skills On A Dildo LIVE
Released: February 26, 2024

Tall sweetheart Addison Vodka loves to cam and she has one thing that she really loves! She lets her slut out and shows you how much she loves to suck cock taking all of her large dildo deep down her throat. Those eyes begin to water and she licks all up that toy with a smile. If only this was your cock she was so wildly sucking and making an absolute mess with all her spit! Who needs lube when you have an infinite flow of saliva once that cock opens up her throat. Addison's pussy needs that cock though so Addison rides it hard in any position you ask for the most! Archive from 2-12-2024 5pm LIVE show!

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Spank Monster - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - Super Horny Tan And Toned Hot Blonde Newbie Addison
Released: March 6, 2024

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Family Strokes - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka & Amy Gun - Leap Year Birthday Fuck
Released: February 29, 2024

Born on the 29th of February, Addison doesn’t get to throw a birthday party very often. Lucky for her, her stepdad Gi Joey is eager to give her an unforgettable celebration this year. The problem is that Amy, Joey’s wife, is absolutely jealous of her and constantly tries to sabotage the whole party. Aware that her stepmom isn’t fond of her, Addison plots an extra sweet revenge. She has always had a crush on Joey, and now it’s the time to show him her true feelings in the hottest way possible. The mischievous girl rubs her stepdad’s crotch under the table with her foot while blowing the candles, insinuating what she really wants for her birthday. Amy soon storms off, giving Addison the chance to tell her stepdaddy how much she yearns for his luscious cock and how she’d love to get stuffed with it for her birthday. Joey isn’t sure about taking this step with Addison, yet he has also felt something naughty for her since he adopted her. Determined to give his girl everything she wants, Joey pulls down his pants and fills Addison’s mouth with his delectable cock...

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See Him Fuck - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - BTS from The Perverted Persian Performer
Released: February 27, 2024

Behind The Scenes of The Perverted Persian Performer featuring Zane Walker with Addison Vodka from 2024-02-23 ~ Enjoy!

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See Him Fuck - Addison Vodka


Addison Vodka - The Perverted Persian Performer
Released: February 24, 2024

It's another “double debut” this week, as Farsi-speaking stud Zane Walker and tall drink of water Addison Vodka each make their See HIM Fuck debuts today in this super-terrific update! Director Johnny Robins gets things going by interviewing HIM, followed by the 26-year-old Chitown native getting naked with some assistance from Addison, who just had to plop that big gift into her mouth for a bit. Addison then lubes HIM up, gives HIM a slick reach-around, and does the old “sniff n lick” on each of his hairy armpits.

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Passion HD - Addison Vodka


UPDATED Addison Vodka - Handy Man
Released: February 21, 2024

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