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Browse through this category if you have ever wondered what happens on a backroom casting couch then you are about to find out how hot it really gets and how lucky these talent scouts are when it comes to find hot amateur babes to feature in sex scenes. Watch these sexy babes sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking a cock in the ass for prospective jobs. You will find Fake Agents and Czech Agents hiring women for hot and hardcore Sex scenes and taking advantage of these enthusiastic first timers looking to please and be pleased. NaughtyBlog provides the best free casting couch porn videos online for you to enjoy and get off to, click on the scene and fap!

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Net Video Girls - Malissa


Malissa - Malissa's Audition
Released: September 20, 2023

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Czech Sex Casting - Camila Palmer


Camila Palmer - Hot latin babe wants to try a naughty photo shooting - E323
Released: September 20, 2023

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Hot Milfs Fuck - Natalee


Natalee - Duck Hunt & Pet Rocks
Released: May 28, 2023

Today we have 40-year-old Natalee who’s super hot and gorgeous, super nervous, and super ready to take her clothes off and fuck our young hot stud Tyler Nixon. You see Natalee typically dates younger guys because she needs someone that can keep up with all facets’ of her life. I’ll leave that to you and your imagination to answer that because this Milf’s a Rubik’s cube of equations. It’s complicated I’ll admit and if you want to hear how she lost her virginity at 20, or what toys she began to masturbate with and inserted up her pussy, then you want to listen to the interview. It’s interesting and worth your time for sure if you like back-stories...

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Backroom Casting Couch - Maria


Maria - Twinning
Released: August 28, 2023

We’ve got a fun surprise this week. Meet Maria! Maria might look familiar, and if so it’s because her twin Camila convinced her to come by. Talk about word of mouth.. AmIright??? So Camila was here a while back (Camilla's Casting) and I guess she had such a good time, that she decided to talk her sister into coming in for an interview herself. I feel like you couldn’t write a story as great as this, but I guess we’ll try lol.

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Jade


Jade - Brewing In Cum - Delightfully Satisfied
Released: April 23, 2023

Today we have a very beautiful and ethnically mixed MILF from the East Coast named Jade who took a whole year off from sex for some reason, but jumped back into the dating pool a few months back to let her big fun bags loose and satisfy those primal urges we all have she explained with one very lucky guy she knows. Not sure if I could have abstained from physical pleasure with a partner for a whole year but Jade did and made it through this self induced dry patch with a woman’s best friend, and it wasn’t diamonds.

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Jena LaRose


Jena LaRose - I Love Being A Whore. It’s A Game
Released: April 16, 2023

Give me a D. . . D!!!!!! Give me a P. . . P!!!!!! What’s that spell!? DP!! What? DP!! One more time!! DP!! And for you Neanderthals, that’s short for Double Penetration which returning 27 year-old Air Force veteran and Milf by definition with 2 little kiddies at home hottie Jena LaRose has never done before. And let me also get this out of the way because it’s probably the most important. Thank you for your service and we salute you.

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Sasha


Sasha - Pearl Of The Middle East
Released: April 9, 2023

Have you ever flown Business or First Class out of a wealthy Arabic / Middle Eastern country such as Doha (Qatar), Abu Dhabi (UAE) or Kuwait City (Kuwait), were a vast majority of the inhabitants practice traditional Muslim believes and require their women to wear Burqas? Well if you have then you’ve experienced the wonderful sights as I have that populate the aircraft seating as soon as the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign goes off.

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Naughty Midwest Girls - Sarah Blackwell


Sarah Blackwell - 18 Yo Pawg First Porn Creampie - E240
Released: September 10, 2023

Sarah Blackwell is a fun loving college freshman with a cute smile and a nice thick full butt from the southern midwest. Although she had never been with an older man before she basically told me she just loves to fuck and doesn't care how old the guy is. After a fun interview, we get a nice view of her cute tits and full butt. She sucks old Matt's cock without hesitation before she climbs on and rides it. After lots of fucking, he pounds her doggystyle and deposits his old man sperm deep in her teen pussy in a nice oozing creampie. You gotta love a chubby teen who loves old cock! (running time 36:34)

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Club Castings - Luisa Star


Luisa Star - From Pornstar To Club Girl
Released: September 16, 2023

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Brand New Amateurs - Veves


Veves - MILFY Redhead Gives Up Ass for the Job!
Released: September 10, 2023

This sexy gal is just starting to climb the hill but she is a long way from being Over it still. I found her quite pleasing to put through the paces and you guys should know by now I LOVE me some redheads in glasses! Gonna have to bring her back in here soon I think. What do you guys think about Veve?

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Sarina


Sarina - What A Day, So Much Cum
Released: July 30, 2023

Meet Sarina everyone and this 30-year-old Hot Milf by definition’s ready to get her freak on because she doesn’t get enough Sex in her personal life. So what’s enough Sex for this sizzling hot redhead you ask? Try three to five times a day and that answer took everyone including our stiff cock Tyler Nixon by surprise. We have a walking hormone and down right self-proclaimed nymphomaniac on our hands everyone and you’ve come to the right place to fulfill that itch that just can’t quite get scratched at home with a vibrator or her pink colored Fuck Machine.

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Porn Dude Casting - Briana Banderas


Briana Banderas - Porn Dude Casting
Released: September 15, 2023

Briana Banderas fucked her way around the world and ended up on the PornDudeCasting couch. Watch what she did when she got there!

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Kandii Kitten


Kandii Kitten - Cross Eyed With Pleasure
Released: May 7, 2023

Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Want some Kandi? And if you like women with tits so big and floppy they’ll smack you in the face when she’s riding you cowgirl then look no further than Ms. Kandi. Tyler Nixon sure as fuck liked her because she’s super sexual, loves to be penetrated, and can cum just from getting fucked. Lucky woman, and this hottie’s freaky side makes her presence know at (9:43) as she fucks herself with the Double Headed Pink Dildo before Tyler Throat Fucks her with it and then finger fucks our nymphomaniac to a Squirting Orgasm at (12:51). Orgasms.

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Backroom Casting Couch - Camila & Maria


Camila & Maria - The Ultimate Threesome Twins
Released: September 14, 2023

Sit back and get ready for one of the hottest castings you’re ever gonna see. A few months ago we met Camila. Last week we met Maira. This week we get them BOTH! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got real TWINS, and they’re here to do very dirty things, and make no mistake, they KNOW what they’re here to do. This is another day where I’m not going on and on, you just have to watch it. I will however mention a few highlights. We’ve got the double blowjob, we’ve got twins watching each other get fucked. We’ve got a nice reverse Eiffel Tower thing going on. Squirting… which kinda almost blinded me hahah. We got the reaaaal good stuff too, ATOGM - Ass To OTHER Girl's Mouth...

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Ashley


Ashley - I Want To Be A Milf Pornstar
Released: March 19, 2023

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass today,” said Tyler Nixon of today’s hot Milf Ashley. “Perfect, I want you to,” was this hot Milf by definitions response and all I can say is just WOW! Just fucking WOW! and today’s special treat started off with the prepping of this hottie’s fine assed butt hole at (16:33) and this girl loves anal. Ok it’s obvious this women’s special and Tyler gave her her first orgasm of the day at (14:54) with the help of the Magic Wand and things were off like a prom dress. It’s hard to make me cum she claimed and it’s usually her husband that has the magic cock and fingers that makes this girl’s pussy purr and makes her scream like a little girl when she squirts...

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Nikki


Nikki - Dick Drunk and Speechless
Released: March 12, 2023

Nikki’s 48 and guess what her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do is besides suck cock, or get fucked, or tease guys . . . and ok so it’s not her favorite thing sexually to do but it is her preferred way of masturbating and this is a new one for a MILf pushing 50 to prefer this late in the season. It’s humping pillows to make her cum, and I’ve heard countless teens and 20 some-things say they started out that way but believe it or not Nikki still loves it and God bless you girl. You go get yours and that’s exactly what she did to start things off and even had the quietist orgasm we’ve ever not heard at (7:21)...

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