Katja Kassin - Pornstar Collection

Katja Kassin - Pornstar Collection

Katja Kassin Mega Collection
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Katja Kassin (born September 24, 1979 in Leipzig, then East Germany) is a German porn star and adult model known for her anal and gangbang performances. On June 1, 2007 she got breast augmentation surgery from Dr. Jacobs in New York City. The 350cc silicone implants were inserted through the nipple and under the muscle. Her first shoot after recovery was on June 26, 2007. She is aka Katya, Katja Kassen, Katja, Katja Kassan, Ursula.

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  • bramboww on February 19, 2021 - 12:36 Reply

    My favorite pornstar all time. And Mika Tan.
    Too bad most of her scenes are in small resolutions :(

  • Dan on January 13, 2021 - 01:17 Reply

    Katja Kassin was a right woman who came at the right time for the porn industry.

    Not only did she have a nice, big, sexy ass. But she started her porn career in 2003. Which was the Golden Age of Anal Porn. Everyone wanted to see a good anal and DP for a hot-ass lady such as she.

    Katja Kassin spread her nice ass for the anal guys alright. And they gave her quite a ride. Not just once, and not just twice, but many, many times.

    Katja's anal, DP, and DAP is something to see. This lady has a hot ass. And her anal guys are pretty good with their big dicks between her sexy ass-cheeks.

    Katja Kassin has participated in a porn forum at the adultdvdtalk website some years ago. This was after she got her breast augmentation surgery. I've read what she said. And she sounded a little a little bitter about being typecast as an anal porn-star. All the porn-directors wanted her for anal roles at the start of her porn career. She couldn't get a role in a pussy-only film. She had no choice, but to take on the anal boys. Or else, she wasn't going to have any work.

    Katja Kassin said that she never was injured during her anal sex. So, it was okay this way. But she felt exploited and disrespected.

    Perhaps this is one reason why Katja Kassin did her breast augmentation surgery. Having bigger tits was going to be her way of getting into pussy-only films.

    I was a little surprised that Katja Kassin had so little insight into why virtually every guy wanted to see her in a good anal ride. It's her nice ass that converts all the guys into anal assmen with her. If she had a different body type, then perhaps a lot of guys might want to see her in a good pussy-ride. But adding big artificial tits doesn't do it for her. Because her ass is still nice, which attracts all the anal guys.

  • Rex on October 24, 2020 - 19:38 Reply

    Ha. The revolting surgical procedure is part of her bio. The biggest part in fact. Okeeee