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Mom Wants To Breed - Brooke Barclays


Brooke Barclays - Whatever Stepmom Wants - S4:E4
Released: January 26, 2024

Brooke Barclays has some serious boobage going on, and her stepson Ricky Spanish and his friend Joshua Lewis can't stop admiring her. She overhears them talking about whether she'd go for younger men like them. Knowing that she can turn this situation to her advantage, Brooke comes around the couch to confront them about being such crepeers.

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Family Strokes - Lulu Chu & Brooke Barclays


Lulu Chu & Brooke Barclays - New House New Rules
Released: January 18, 2024

Lulu is tired of her parents treating her like a child, so she runs away to live with Brooke, her step-auntie. Brooke is happy to receive her at her place, but she explains to her that she and her husband Pierce have some special rules around the house. For starters, they don’t usually wear clothes, leading a much freer life at home. Secondly, sexuality is not a taboo at Brooke’s, as Pierce likes to freeuse her all the time. Finally, every guest is invited to participate and enjoy the house’s freedom. Lulu is accustomed to her step-auntie’s way of life, but her doubts soon vanish when she gets to go parade naked around the house and savor her step-uncle’s cock.

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Mylf Selects - New Year, New Mylfs


Lucy Doll, Sophia West, Suttin, CJ Hot Wife, Barbie Feels, Angelina Moon & Brooke Barclays - New Year, New Mylfs
Released: January 5, 2024

What is up, Mylf lovers? 2023 was a fantastic year for porn, and we saw some of our favorite stars do what they do best in countless amazing scenes. But we also saw many new faces at Mylf, with plenty of beautiful mature babes making an appearance here for the first time. We knew we had to celebrate some of these debuts, so for this Selects update, we are showcasing some babes who fucked around on Mylf for the first time. See performances by stars such as Barbie Feels, CJ Hot Wife, Lucy Doll, Sophia West, and more!

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Freeuse MILF - Brooke Barclays & Vanessa Cage


Brooke Barclays & Vanessa Cage - The Perks of Graduation
Released: January 5, 2024

Elias has finally reached graduation day, and although it took extreme effort and focus, he was able to cross the finish line. His stepmom, Brooke, and his step-aunt, Vanessa, couldn’t be more proud of the young stud, and as a graduation present, they throw all rules out the window for the week. Now, while Elias enjoys his freedom from school, he can also fuck around with Brooke and Vanessa to his heart’s content. This means if he feels like feeling up their massive tits, he can, no questions asked. Brooke and Vanessa are happy to give up their bodies for a while if it means keeping Elias motivated, and hey, he deserves a reward for his hard work, right?

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Use POV - Brooke Barclays


Brooke Barclays - A Freeuse Visitor
Released: November 27, 2023

Brooke visits Austin for the holidays. Austin’s stepmom has always been a total milf, and they have a close relationship. To get in the holiday spirit of sharing and showing gratitude, Brooke lets her hunky stepson use her rockin’ body to his heart’s content. They catch up on each other’s lives and fuck the whole holiday break - now that’s something to be thankful for!

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Hot MILFs Fuck - Brooke Barclays & Jena LaRose


Brooke Barclays & Jena LaRose - My Very First Pussy, & Not My Last
Released: February 26, 2023

“So how are you feeling Jena?” asked Rocky of our nervous big tittied MILF who’s never licked a pussy before. “I don’t know how I feel about vagina,” she explained and you could cut the nervousness with a knife it was so thick in the room before the interview started. I’ll admit, that answer kinda made me nervous whether or not this was going to be a good shoot or not. Thankfully it wasn’t the latter, and if you had to judge this scene strictly by Jena’s body language and answers at the beginning interview? Well, than you might say pass to this one if you require girls to fake it up and act like they love pussy even if they don’t.

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Gloryhole Swallow - Brooke Barclays


Brooke Barclays - 1st visit
Released: February 2, 2023

We almost lost this one guys! She was so nervous on the drive to the Gloryhole that her hubby asked her if she wanted him to turn around and take her home. You can tell she's tough so despite her fear she showed up and she's glad she did! Actually, we're all glad she did! She was too nervous to fuck during her first visit but she got railed good during her second one a month later!

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Hot Milfs Fuck - Brooke Barclays


Brooke Barclays - Kwality + Pussie + Phine = Brooke
Released: July 10, 2022

Brooke here is the quintessential incognito MILF, like the kind of girl wheeling around a couple kiddos at the park, maybe some light make up, trying her best to put those slutty college days behind her and blend in with the Jones’s. Yeah OK, there's no fooling us here, and those enormous tits and Pilates sculpted ass and legs would be our first clue that this woman knows how to turn SHIT UP in the bedroom, and this former sorority girl has some stories to tell. We ask if she's ever done anything like this before? Well no, but the closest she got was being one of those OG Girls Gone Wild college girls down in Mexico that flashed her little ta-tas for some beads or at least a lousy T Shirt...

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