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If a random dude came up to you and asked, “Hey, can I touch your wife?” Youd probably be inclined to punch him in the face. But if you were a guy on Touch My Wife, you may not get a choice in the matter. Some enjoy it, others hate it, but one thing is for sure, these mega MILFs are going to get what they want.

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Touch My Wife - Gigi Dior


Gigi Dior - Wifey Gives Our Real Estate Agent a Bonus
Released: December 8, 2023

Selling your home is an ordeal. When Gigi Dior and her husband finally sell their place, it's cause to celebrate! Her husband has a surprise in store for her. Their real estate agent Sheem The Dream did an excellent job finding buyers and Gigi couldn't keep her eyes off of him. So her husband recruited him to fuck his horny hotwife. Kosher? Probably not, that won't stop this wild couple! Gigi is very nervous and asks her husband for his permission repeatedly while their real estate agent feels her up.

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Touch My Wife - Sydney Paige


Sydney Paige - Cucking My Hubby With The Younger Noisy Nextdoor Neighbor
Released: December 1, 2023

Swingers are freaky by nature. But Sydney and her husband are at a whole other level. They fantasized about her husband's Neighbor Johnny fucking Sydney. Weird, right!?!? I know, but it's kinda hot, let me tell you... Johnny can't keep his eyes off this uber MILF anyway! He spies on her sunbathing topless. The time arrives and Johnny is eager but nervous, after all her husband is watching him fuck his wife! Sydney blows Johnny's big hard cock before he slides it in her eager pussy. Johnny gets bold and even chokes Sydney, just a little, while the husband watches his wife get railed. Johnny brings Sydney to multiple orgasms in various positions before she begs him to cum deep inside her. Johnny creampies Sydney right in front of her husband. Another one for the books boys, enjoy!

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Touch My Wife - Lilly Hall


Lilly Hall - Wife's BBC Thanksgiving Surprise Stuffin'
Released: November 24, 2023

Lilly Hall is a good wife. A hotwife and a good wife. After the amazing spread she prepared for dinner, she hits her husband with a surprise she's had in store. She's purchased a nice big black dildo to use on herself while her husband watches. Lilly is decked out in some sexy lingerie as she stretches her tight hole with her new big toy. But Lilly has one more surprise up her sleeve for hubby - she calls out Sly Diggler, a big black guy with a huge cock.

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Touch My Wife - Sasha Royce


Sasha Royce - Don't Be Nervous...
Released: November 17, 2023

The first time is always exciting & Sasha Royce is nervous to fuck another man in front of her loving husband. But Jovan Jordan is a stud and knows how to make her feel at ease as she shows off her amazing body in some sexy lingerie to him. Sasha is taken aback by Jovan's giant cock but is determined as she strokes it nervously. She takes her big beautiful tits out and begins to suck on Jovan's giant member while her husband watches and coaches her. Her tight pussy immediately starts creaming up when Jovan enters her. He fucks her hard from behind, nearly splitting her small pussy apart! Jovan pounds this hotwife to multiple orgasms before pulling out and covering her face in a thick load of his cum!

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Touch My Wife - Athena Anderson


Athena Anderson - Wifey Always Turns Into Horny Slut in Hotels!
Released: November 10, 2023

Tony Rubiniand his hotwife Athena Anderson are vacationing together and she has a cutest new bikini to show off at the hotel pool. She's also got an eye for other men and her husband is just fine with that. When she discovers they only brought one towel - she has the perfect solution - call the front desk and ask for the hot baggage guy to deliver them another one. When Jay Bangher arrives with another towel, he doesn't realize what he's in for!

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Touch My Wife - Clara Trinity


Clara Trinity - Horny Wife Brings BBC Home From The Beach
Released: November 3, 2023

A petite Asian hotwife like Clara Trinity leaves you guessing at every turn. You never know what trouble she'll get herself into. When her husband receives a video she sent, he is nervous and excited. He plays the video and sees his beautiful wife in the arms of a large, muscular black man. Trinity tells her husband she found Sheem The Dream at the beach and brought him home. Sheem kisses Trinity's neck as he squeezes her perky tits.

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Touch My Wife - Sisi Rose


Sisi Rose - The Night
Released: October 27, 2023

It's Halloween and Sisi Rose is hot & horny. She is hosting a party at her place with her husband. They run into Filthy Rich, a friend of theirs dressed like Hugh Hefner. Sisi tells her husband she wants to fuck him and he promises her he'll talk to Rich. It doesn't take much to convince Rich and they move to a more private bedroom. Sisi looks incredible in red latex as Rich squeezes and eats her ass while her husband watches them.

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Touch My Wife - Kat Marie


Kat Marie - Our First Time
Released: October 20, 2023

Kat Marie looks incredible in her sexy new dress as her husband eyefucks her massive tits and hairy pussy. They are getting warmed up for later, when Kat will fuck a stranger for the first time in front of her perverted husband. When the stud Filthy Rich comes over - they tell him it's their first time, but Rich is just too focused on Kat's gargantuan boobs. After he enjoys her funbags, Rich starts eating Kat's already wet pussy.

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Touch My Wife - Nia Bleu


Nia Bleu - Okay... I Confess, We Swing & My Wife Wants to Fuck You
Released: September 1, 2023

Sometimes you just gotta feel out the situation. Your girl wants to fuck your bro and you just don't know how to pop the question to him - so you invite him over for a pool party. Nia Bleu was obviously excited & anxious to know if her husband Tony Rubino invited over his boy, GI Joey. See - Nia wants to fuck Joey and Tony is down to let his luscious wife get pounded by his stud bro. So Joey shows up for the festivities... but nobody else does, catch my drift?

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Touch My Wife - Sasha Pearl


Sasha Pearl - Wife Services The Pool Guy & Me!
Released: October 13, 2023

Tony Rubino's wife Sasha Pearl is hot & horny. She's all gussied up because their pool guy GI Joey is over doing some work. Tony encourages his wife to make a move, he wants to watch his beloved get fucked hard! But the cutie is just too shy to pull the trigger, so her husband has to step in. Tony approaches Joey - and tells him his wife wants to get fucked by both of them, if Joey would be interested.

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Touch My Wife - Bianca Burke


Bianca Burke - Come Out If You're Comfortable
Released: October 6, 2023

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Touch My Wife - Nicole Aria


Nicole Aria - Private Party Deal
Released: September 29, 2023

Have you ever been to a swinger's party? You're about to find out what happens in the planning stages. Tony Rubino & his wife Nicole Aria are looking for the perfect spot to host a private party, but Tony is savvy and he isn't about to get swindled either. Jovan Jordan has an amazing property but his asking price is a little steep. Tony tries to haggle with him for a bit but is getting nowhere til he mentions that it's a swinger's party. Jovan is intrigued especially when Nicole expresses some interest in him joining. Jovan is open to making a deal and that's when Nicole's lucious tits come out. He's a little nervous, especially in front of her husband - but Tony assures him it's fine and so Jovan dives into Tony's wife's tits. Nicole gets on her knees and pulls out Jovan's cock - she is stunned by his massive BBC! She tries to throat him but she can barely wrap her lips around his fat meat. Once the deal is locked in, they move inside and Tony joins the pre-party, fucking his wife's mouth as she gets split open by Jovan's giant dick. Tony watches his wife get pounded to an eye-rolling orgasm and then decides to give her one himself with his impressive member. Once Nicole has been thoroughly fucked from both ends, the boys drop their loads right on Nicole's face as she tries to slurp up anything she can!

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Touch My Wife - Chloe Amour


Chloe Amour - Wife Introduces Me to Her New 'Friend'
Released: September 22, 2023

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Touch My Wife - Jennifer White


Jennifer White - Wife Slips Our Hotel Room Key to Random BBC
Released: September 15, 2023

Jennifer White is the ideal hotwife. Fat tits, dark hair & an infectious smile. Her husband works hard to sate her appetite for strange cock and he may have spotted a new, young contender for her while they're out together. Jennifer approaches the guy and slips him their hotel key - he says he'll join her in a couple hours. They waited anxiously but eventually he showed up. Damion Dayski was hesitant around her husband, but he assured Damion that he could fuck his wife's horny pussy all he wanted.

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Touch My Wife - Summer Vixen


Summer Vixen - Honey, Hide In The Bathroom & Watch
Released: September 8, 2023

When you have a hotwife like Summer Vixen, you can end up in awkward situations. Her husband arrives home to find her decked out in some sexy lingerie. He thinks he is getting lucky until his wife tells him someone she met on her girls' night is coming over to fuck her brains out. Summer wants her husband to hide in the bathroom and watch her get banged - it turns her on more, the pervert! Her husband agrees of course and waits patiently until her stud arrives.

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Touch My Wife - Violet Starr


Violet Starr - You Can Fuck My Wife, Just One Rule... I Have to Watch.
Released: August 25, 2023

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