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These hot Spanish babes may not speak much English, but they suck cock and get fucked hard, so who cares what language they speak? In high-def footage, they show off their sexy bodies and have hardcore sex ending in facials.

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Puta Locura - Mells Blanco & Michy Perez


Mells Blanco & Michy Perez - Mells Blanco's First Bukkake
Released: December 8, 2023

We love it and it fills us with pride that new girls who are arriving in Putalocura want to join the group of brave people who decide to try their luck with our legendary BUKKAKES! And we say brave because you have to have a pair of ovaries well positioned to face the cast of volunteers who crowd our doors from early in the morning waiting for their long-awaited moments of live sex! The beautiful Mells Blanco is going to feel for the first time in her life, how dozens of Iberian males unload centiliters of hot semen on her, but she will not do it alone, to make her feel more comfortable and calm, we have decided that another first-timer will accompany her in this modality, Michy Perez, although the latter a few days ago tried his luck with a wonderful Spanish Glory Hole that left us all amazed!

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Puta Locura - Thayanna


Thayanna - Busty Colombian caught
Released: December 7, 2023

I find this beautiful Colombian named Thayanna alone, sitting on a park bench, the first thing that catches my attention about her are those huge natural tits that stick out of her dress... buffff what a female! I approach her and suggest playing a game in exchange for a succulent prize. There are 4 tests, the first is obvious, you must show the camera that pair of breasts that you have attached to your chest! The second is to kiss me, and she does it with great passion. The third test is already starting to raise the bar, it involves sucking my cock right there, trying to avoid anyone seeing us... but she accepts, because she thinks the prize could be a new mobile phone! At this point there is only one test, but in order to carry it out, we must move to a quieter place, my studio for example. So here we go, along the way Thayanna asked me for clues about what could be the last challenge she had to face in order to get her long-awaited reward! Once in the studio, there was the final culmination of this wonderful chapter of my series PILLADAS that none of you should miss, a tremendous MORBANCY with this busty young woman that I am going to burst with cock!

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Puta Locura - Jazmine & Melisa Tetona


Jazmine & Melisa Tetona - Morbid Threesome With Jazmine and Melisa
Released: December 6, 2023

Very few are lucky enough to fuck two chicks at the same time, especially if they are two beautiful women like Jazmin and Melisa Tetona, watch out for this piece of trio that is going to make you all crazy! Jazmin is a chick with a killer ass, she moves in fear and has a devilish little mouth, Melisa for her part is the owner of a pair of huge natural tits, both complement each other perfectly, what one doesn't have, she has the other, the turkey who is lucky enough to follow them in this scene can now die in peace, because he has seen the fantasy of millions of people fulfilled with two very top babes! It's really cool when the video starts and the girls get horny with each other, they kiss, they touch each other, they get wet until they need a good cock to please them, look how they share a cock, now you suck it, now I suck it, with total generosity! But the best of all is when they start fucking, very naughty! Don't miss it, you're going to really enjoy this three-way sex where there are no limits and everything is allowed!

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Puta Locura - Paola Hard


Paola Hard - Police In Action
Released: December 5, 2023

Agent Magic has received a code 69 via the radio station and is fully prepared to intervene. We are going to accompany him in this dangerous operation whose objective is: Find a very sexy teenager who wanders freely through the mountains without any type of documentation! The one mentioned in question is Paola Hard, until now we had almost always seen her with blonde hair, and it is difficult to recognize her with that black hair... but she is still as good as ever! Paola does not carry her ID on her and she knows that if they catch her undocumented they can fine her, but she, the slut, will try to bribe the police as she knows best... spreading the word. legs! The Magic Agent can do nothing but be adamant about giving the young woman a good dose of "truncheon syrup." Spectacular outdoor sex, where Paola's great body is going to capture all eyes... and no wonder... she is tremendous!!!

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Puta Locura - Marta Villalobos


Marta Villalobos - Marta Villalobos In Its Purest Form
Released: December 4, 2023

I love fucking and recording scenes with Marta Villalobos! For some time now, every time I have to record with her it is an explosion of pleasure. Furthermore, we have reached a point of complicity that I have rarely been able to feel with any other girl. Notice how from the first second of the video the looks, the caresses, the kisses and everything that surrounds the sex we have is completely special! Marta is one of the girls who has surprised me the most in recent months, since she arrived at PUTALOCURA she has not stopped growing, taking giant steps in her career and becoming one of the most sought after and desired actresses by all. you.

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Puta Locura - Marina Gold


Marina Gold - To The Street With A Dirty Face
Released: December 3, 2023

Let me explain to you what this CUMWALK thing is about because you're going to freak out! As you well know, Marina Gold is one of the most followed and desired girls on our entire website. For some time now, the young Peruvian has had an OnlyFans page where she has contacts with some of her most morbid and horny followers, well Well, one of the latest requests she has received is to go out for a walk right after they cum on her pretty face hahaha.

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Puta Locura - Michy Perez


Michy Perez - His First Glory Hole
Released: December 1, 2023

Here you have it! Another of the girls who, after her first scene in the wonderful "CATCHED" begged me to get her a new experience in this world of porn! But this time she has to be much wilder and weirder! So I got to work and prepared the mysterious closet of black holes, placing the cameras strategically prepared so that you wouldn't miss even the slightest detail. So get ready to enjoy a fabulous Glory Hole with one of the girls who had aroused the most interest among all of you.

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Puta Locura - Karol Ferraz


Karol Ferraz - Brazilian Brunette Caught
Released: November 30, 2023

One more week, I go out to the streets of Madrid again in search of a girl who wants to "try her luck" in the mysterious world of fashion, you already know that girls go completely crazy when you bring up the subject of photos, clothes, and everything he has with the possibility of making a living teaching palmetto. Today I met a tremendous brunette named Karol Ferraz. At first, I thought that this girl could be a Spanish compatriot, but I was pleasantly surprised when the girl confessed to me that she is Brazilian!! ! Apparently, he has been walking around Madrid for a few days, getting to know the city and absorbing all the magic that the capital of Spain has. After a brief negotiation, I end up convincing her to accompany me to my studio, in principle I am going to do a supposed "photo session", but I can tell you that everything is going to end like the Rosario de la Aurora. We arrive and she sits at the foot of my bed, I ask her to please take off her clothes... and damn what a great body! This promises great things, I have triumphed again... and with nothing less than a canarinha! You have to see the rest of this CATCH with your own eyes... because it's awesome! I love Brazilian girls!

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Puta Locura - Natalie


Natalie - Tremendous Colombian body
Released: November 29, 2023

I am going to try to explain in words everything that you are going to be able to enjoy in this new video from my famous series "In bed with Torbe". And I say try because the protagonist of it is a goddess Natalie, born in Colombia and owner of a body completely out of the ordinary! The curves that this girl has are a fucking scandal, from the last hair on her head to her toenail, all of her is carnal sin! Look what a great ass, it's one of the best I've ever had in my hands, not to mention her tits, her impressive pussy, her velvety skin... how good she smells... damn! I just like everything about her! In bed we have a lot of complicity, and that is noticeable from minute 1. I caress her, I touch her, I try to enjoy her, stopping at every centimeter of her body. When I put my cock in her mouth, madness breaks out, one thing leads to another and we end up having a great fuck that I will never forget. Blessed Natalie!!!

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Puta Locura - Daniela


Daniela - She Has Boyfriend and She Swallows My Cum
Released: November 28, 2023

Pay attention to this story that has its crumb! A few days ago, I received a WhatsApp from an unknown number that said something like this: "Hello Torbe, I'm Daniela and I would like to talk to you." I tend to distrust almost anyone who writes to me privately, you can imagine, after so many years surrounded by haters you will understand that I distrust anyone who tries to contact me, but I answered, and the young woman explained her situation to me. Apparently the girl has a boyfriend, a years-long relationship that is at a standstill, apparently the guy is quite boring, he completely ignores her, he barely pays attention to her and the only thing he cares about is going out partying with his friends, leaving her lying at home like it was shit...

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Puta Locura - Nicky


Nicky - A Black Woman With Big Udders
Released: November 27, 2023

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but looking at Nicky makes my cock rock hard and ready to explode. And it's no wonder, because I've rarely met a black woman as nice and hot as her, with that great body, that piece of ass, those huge natural udders... and a little mouth, a tremendously superlative little mouth! The scene begins with Nicky at the foot of the bed, little by little she begins to take off her clothes, I get very sick while looking at her, the black woman is a scandal!

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Puta Locura - Lia Ponce & Abby Montano


Lia Ponce & Abby Montano - Spanish Dairy Plant
Released: November 24, 2023

Welcome to the largest semen factory in all of Spanish porn! Spanish dairy center opens its doors to give way to a lot of volunteers who once again gather at the doors of our studios from early in the morning with their eggs loaded with cum, impatiently waiting for the right moment to unleash all their love on our girls. accumulated in the last few days! Lia Ponce and Abby Montano will be in charge of milking those present until they extract all the milk you can imagine!

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Puta Locura - Patricia Acevedo


Patricia Acevedo - Colombian Hairdresser Caught
Released: November 23, 2023

The cold is coming to Madrid, and with this unpleasant weather it is a little more difficult than normal to go out in search of new girls, but you know, everything I do is for and for you. So this morning I grabbed my video camera and once again I went out on an adventure, I thought that maybe I won't have to go around too many times to find the girl I need for a new chapter of my series Caught! Just around the corner from my community garage I noticed a girl who was alone, distracted by her cell phone, I approached her and entered her with the excuse of the supposed modeling agency. Her name is Patricia Acevedo, a young Colombian hairdresser who has been living in Madrid for several months and I didn't have to push too hard to convince her, she quickly agreed to accompany me to a quieter place where I could do a small photo session. When we got to the studio, Patricia started to take off her clothes and made me look really stupid! She has fake tits, lots of tattoos and a prodigious mouth... She freaks out as she sucks! You have to see everything that comes next with your own eyes, and turn up the volume on your speakers, because the screams of pleasure are deafening!

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Puta Locura - Natalie


Natalie - Deep Throat Massage
Released: November 22, 2023

It's the perfect recipe for all ills! Welcome to the office of masseuse Natalie, a young Latina with a crazy body and one of the most powerful asses you can imagine! Today we are going to enjoy one of her massages, where the hands have a secondary role, because Natalie is a specialist especially with her mouth! It is a delight to see how her deep throat undoes all the contractures of the patient who is lucky enough to lie on her stretcher! It's so cool how she grabs his cock with both hands and swallows it down to the balls, makes it magically disappear, and is followed by a spectacular fuck with some breathtaking close-ups, where Natalie's big ass is the focus of all eyes , and no wonder, because what a butt! Relax and let yourself be carried away by a wonderful massage that will make you horny as pigs!

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Puta Locura - Linda Hot


Linda Hot - Hot And Fiery Venezuelan
Released: November 21, 2023

There's a knock on the door, I have a visitor and I wasn't expecting them at all, I open the door and find the beautiful Linda Hot saying good morning to me, she says she was walking around the area and has decided to stop by to see me. I invite her to make herself comfortable, she is gorgeous, an impressive 26-year-old Venezuelan who is super nice, I grab the camera, turn on the REC and start recording by asking her about her life, How many boyfriends have you had? When was the first time?

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Puta Locura - Emejota


Emejota - Huge Cock For The Gafapasta
Released: November 20, 2023

Emejota needs a photographer urgently, she has gotten a job as a model but she needs a professional to take a snapshot session quickly so she can send them to the agency that wants to hire her! As he remembers, he remembers that a friend of his brother is coincidentally studying photography, the woman from Complutense gives a lot of herself and Emejota does not hesitate to take his brother's cell phone, copy the number and call his friend immediately!

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