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Mommy's Boy - Dana Vespoli


Dana Vespoli - Pussy For Dinner
Released: September 20, 2023

A single parent, Dana Vespoli, comes home from a stressful day at work and is furious to learn that her layabout stepson Austin Pierce didn't make dinner like he promised he would - and judging from the mess, it looks like he didn't help with cleaning the house either.

When Austin asks Dana to make dinner herself now that she's home, she chews him out for being inconsiderate and selfish, then tells him that he won't get any dinner tonight until he does SOMETHING nice for her to make up for the terrible day she had...

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Mommy's Boy - Reagan Foxx & Charlotte Chanel


Reagan Foxx & Charlotte Chanel - Work Him To The Bone
Released: September 6, 2023

Charlotte Chanel is very busy getting the house ready for her stepsister Reagan Foxx's impending arrival. It's been two whole years since they've seen each other, not to mention that Reagan's still not met Charlotte's stepson Oliver Davis. Reagan arrives soon after, and she's thrilled to see Charlotte again and finally make Oliver's acquaintance. Charlotte and Oliver lead Reagan into the living room, insisting that she sit and make herself at home...

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Mommy's Boy - Dee Williams


Dee Williams - Gape Minds Think Alike
Released: August 23, 2023

Dee Williams is having a busier day than usual. Not only does she have to clean up all of her stepson Jayden Marcos' clothes off his bedroom floor, but he's also asked to borrow her laptop since his is out of battery. But Dee will do anything for her pride and joy, so she hands Jayden her computer and starts tidying up his room while Jayden pops open her laptop from the comfort of his nearby bed.

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Mommy's Boy - Natasha Nice


Natasha Nice - Stepson's Endurance Training
Released: August 2, 2023

Nick Strokes has just started dating a girl, but is having trouble with cumming way too early since he's still a virgin. He shares this issue with his stepmom Natasha Nice, whom he trusts. Natasha suggests that Nick's premature ejaculation can be solved with 'endurance training', where he would stop himself before climaxing to practice self-control...

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Mommy's Boy - Sophia West


Sophia West - Milking Every Second
Released: July 19, 2023

Sophia West and her stepson, Oliver Davis, are waving goodbye to Sophia's husband, who's off to a sports game. The minute he's out of sight, however, Sophia and Oliver exchange a wicked grin. It's soon revealed that Sophia and Oliver have been waiting desperately for some alone time so that they can finally have sex with each other again. Ever since Sophia's husband started working from home, they've had to keep their desires at bay. But now that he's finally gone, they're going to milk every second of this moment!

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Mommy's Boy - Penny Barber & Chloe Surreal


Penny Barber & Chloe Surreal - Visiting Family
Released: July 5, 2023

Penny Barber has taken her stepson Ricky Spanish to visit family for the weekend. When they arrive, they are greeted by Penny's stepniece Chloe Surreal, and they all exchange pleasantries. They haven't had a chance to spend much quality time together, so Chloe is super excited to get to know her stepaunt and stepcousin better over this exciting weekend!

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Mommy's Boy - Rachael Cavalli


Rachael Cavalli - Panefully Shameless
Released: June 21, 2023

Ricky Spanish is busy taking care of cleaning out the pond in the front yard while his stepmom, Rachael Cavalli, takes care of cleaning the windows from the inside. But to his shock, he soon realizes that Rachael is accidentally flaunting her bombastic boobs as she merrily cleans away!

Ricky briefly stares but then tries to get her to stop flaunting the girls, though she doesn't get the hint. He becomes even more mortified as Rachael opens her shirt... and eventually becomes completely topless! That's the last straw as Ricky hurries inside...

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Mommy's Boy - Pristine Edge


Pristine Edge - Dude, I Can See Up Your Stepmom's Skirt!
Released: June 7, 2023

Max Fills arrives at his friend Apollo Banks's house and runs into Pristine Edge, who is Apollo's stepmom. Pristine is on a stepladder, setting up the living room for an upcoming party as she warmly greets Max. As Max sits down nearby and makes smalltalk with Pristine, he notices that she isn't wearing any underwear, which shocks but entices him...

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Mommy's Boy - Rachael Cavalli


Rachael Cavalli - A Gooner Like His Stepmom
Released: May 24, 2023

Rachael Cavalli is doing chores when she catches sight of her stepson, Josh Rivers, jerking off while watching porn on a laptop. Josh is embarrassed that Rachael saw what he was doing, but Rachael tries to assure him it's okay. Josh admits that he's a 'gooner' - someone who is obsessed with porn. Wanting to truly assure Josh that everything is fine, Rachael confesses that she used to be REALLY into watching porn as well.

As they continue talking, Rachael's porn obsession resurfaces. She says that maybe the two of them can watch porn together, claiming that it might help them to bond. Josh is surprised, but he goes along with the suggestion...

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Mommy's Boy - Spencer Scott


Spencer Scott - Still Not Weaned At Eighteen!
Released: May 10, 2023

Spikey Dee's almost 21, but he STILL lives at home with his stepmom Spencer Scott. The truth is, he just loves to cuddle with her... there's really nothing else like it! He doesn't care if boys his age don't do stuff like that with their stepmoms- he loves Spencer and doesn't want their relationship to change.

But Spencer, on the other hand, is growing worried that her darling stepson isn't developing into the man he should. Part of the blame is on her, of course- she's spoiled him rotten over the years. But what can she say? She loves Spikey and would do anything for the lad...

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Mommy's Boy - Siri Dahl


Siri Dahl - Cooking Up An Anal Surprise
Released: April 19, 2023

Siri Dahl prepares to make dinner while wearing nothing but an apron. As she finishes up a phone call with a friend, it's revealed that this is a sexy surprise for her husband, because she believes her husband will be home early while her stepson, Ricky Spanish, is out of the house for music practice. Once Siri hangs up, she turns on her favorite radio station and starts prepping dinner.

A short while later, Siri hears someone coming in through the front door. Thinking it's her husband, she calls out to him to come into the kitchen after he's done changing, because she has a surprise for him. Unbeknownst to Siri, the person who actually came home is Ricky! He's stunned at the sight of Siri's exposed butt and silently admires her. But eventually, Siri catches onto him ogling...

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Mommy's Boy - Reagan Foxx


Reagan Foxx - Best Behavior
Released: April 5, 2023

Reagan Foxx has just moved in with her new husband and her stepson, Alex Mack. She desperately wants to get to know Alex, but to her dismay, whenever she approaches him he just runs away! Could she be doing something wrong? Why doesn't he want to spend time with her?

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Mommy's Boy - Lauren Phillips


Lauren Phillips - No Pants, No Problem
Released: March 8, 2023

It is a beautiful morning. Lauren Phillips gets out of bed and walks down the hall, not realizing that she is totally naked from the waist down. She enters the bathroom and greets her stepson, Dan Damage, who is shocked when he sees that Lauren isn't wearing any pants.

Lauren giggles when she realizes her mistake, and apologizes for forgetting to wear bottoms. She promises Dan that she'll be better about that in the future. While Dan finishes his morning routine, Lauren waits in the bathroom to take a shower once he's done. As she waits, Lauren accidentally puts herself in a revealing position, which frustrates Dan.

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Mommy's Boy - Jessica Ryan


Jessica Ryan - Yogasm
Released: February 8, 2023

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Mommy's Boy - Lauren Phillips


Lauren Phillips - Step By Step
Released: January 25, 2023

Lauren Phillips is about to go on a hot date when she notices that her stepson, Rico Hernandez, seems down in the dumps. Oh dear... what's happened?

Rico shyly reveals that he's been trying to get intimate with this new girl he's seeing, but no matter what he tries, things always end up getting awkward between them. He doesn't know what to touch, or what to say... it's unbearable!

Well, the LAST thing Lauren wants is for her stepson to feel so dejected and useless, ESPECIALLY when it comes to one of nature's GREATEST pleasures. Like the loving stepmom that she is, she decides to cancel her date so that she can give Rico a boost in confidence... and some hands-on training in lovemaking!

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