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Lexi Lore is pornstar from United States born in 1998. She is 5ft 4in (163cm) tall, weighs aproximately 99lbs (45kg), has natural boobs, blonde hair and tatoos.

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Lexi Lore - Pornstar Collection

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Lexi Lore (or Lexy Lore) was born on October 30, 1998, in Richmond, Virginia. Based on the look of this young blonde girl with brown eyes and her innocent face you might conclude she is shy, but she is not. This true nympho has a slim body, beautiful natural 34C tits and almost a perfect ass. She has tattooed globe on her left bicep and a sunflower on her shoulder blade on the same side. Lexi also has pierced right nostril, both nipples and her belly button. All these piercings and tattoos are hinting her naughty nature. After she finished the high school, she worked in a restaurant. She was satisfied with earnings, but that job was too boring for her. To her restless temperament, action was needed. And there starts her porn career.Lexi entered the adult world in the middle of 2017, as a webcam model. After couple of months she figured she can do much more for herself and her fans. The reason for that were bigger earnings and her lust for all kinds of sex.

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Parasited - New October & November 2023 Updates


Lexi Lore & Melody Marks - Kiss Of The Parasite
Kelly Collins, Nata Gold & Rikako Katayama - The Game’s Ball
Avery Black, Nicole Doshi & Scarlett Alexis - Ms. Huang

Lexi Lore is a famous scientist who specialises in biology. One day, she receives a mysterious box with a dead alien parasite with a letter. The letter is from Melody Marks who asks Lexi to bring this little creature back to life – for which she will be rewarded generously in a few days. Lexi gets to work right away. After carefully studying the specimen she goes to sleep. She didn’t know that she was going to have the wildest night of her life! The parasite’s cells got into Lexi’s body and they took over her mind and body. By the time Melo gets home, she can’t control herself and jumps on her right away. Melody is more than welcoming for her parasited friend. She eats Lexi’s pussy with so much passion that her loud moaning fills the room. And Lexi doesn’t hesitate either! Their parasited orgy leaves both of them panting and covered in alien slime after both of them cum!

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Pure Taboo - Lexi Lore & Katrina Colt


Lexi Lore & Katrina Colt - Earning Her Badges
Released: December 5, 2023

Lauren (Lexi Lore) is one of the most promising Preparedness Scouts in her unit, so imagine her delight when her scout leader, Claudia (Katrina Colt) takes her to meet their district commissioner Mr. Melville (Nathan Bronson) for a private meeting. Lauren can't believe how fortunate she is for this opportunity, and once Claudia leaves her alone with Mr. Melville, she's more than ready to see what he has in store for her. That is... until Mr. Melville does the unthinkable and makes a move on her...

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Deeper - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Pussyfooting
Released: July 27, 2023

A furtive waiting room flirtation brings out a business woman's commodity fetishism to the surface.

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The Ass Factory - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Air Tight DP
Released: November 7, 2023

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Her Limit - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Anal Obsessed
Released: November 20, 2023

Lexi Lore is in the mood for love. In fact, she wants every hole in her body fucked by the biggest cocks they can take all at the same time. She dresses up in her sexiest lingerie and sets to teasing her pussy and ass with a thick dildo. Vince drills her for information about her maximum number of guys and weird sexual fantasies before he gets busy, testing her wet pussy, her tight ass, and her pretty mouth with his big, fat relentless cock.

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Freeuse Fantasy - Lexi Lore & Dani Blu


Lexi Lore & Dani Blu - Weekend Sleepover
Released: November 18, 2023

Dani asks her stepdad Jack if her best friend Lexi can sleep over for the weekend. Jack is adamant at first but ends up accepting, hoping her little girl can make the best out of her time with her BFF. Later that night, the girls are watching a movie, so Jack joins them. Lexi quickly catches up with the freeusing ways of the house, so the besties’ weekend together turns out to be amazing with Jack’s help.

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Penthouse Gold - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Naughty Babysitter Lexi Lore Does Dad
Released: November 4, 2023

Lexi Lore is the kind of naughty babysitter that every man wants to hire, one that is so horny that she even brings a glass dildo to masturbate with in his home. That's precisely what this salacious blonde does on www.penthousegold.com when the father of the house, Vince Karter, goes to take a bath. The brazen cutie gets caught spying on the mature stud and soon she's on her knees giving him a gagging blowjob, riding his girthy rod, and getting her shaved pussy fucked until a mouthful of cum.

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Tushy - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Anal Obsessed Lexi Demands The Full Service Treatment
Released: October 28, 2023

Lexi's single again and vacationing solo. When a resort employee catches her eye, Lexi decides to treat him to an all-inclusive package.

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Brazzers Exxtra - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Delivery Driver Dicked Down
Released: October 26, 2023

When Manuel Ferrara can't get his wife to fuck him, he switches his focus to sexy delivery girl Lexi Lore. Lexi is more than down for Manuel's big dick, first sucking his cock right in the doorway, then sneaking into the house to get her pussy properly pounded. Once caught by Manuel's wife, Manuel and Lexi drive off together!

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Kinky Spa - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Lexi Lore is treated to a day at the Spa
Released: October 20, 2023

Lexi is feeling down after breaking up with her boyfriend then losing her job, but that’s why we have friends in life. Lexi bestie calls her up and lets her know she got Lexi a day at the Kinky Spa to put her mind in a better place. When Lexi shows up, she finds out her friend booked her the full package which includes the masseur's sensual tongue and rock-hard cock, the best way to forget about an old cock is with a new one.

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Cuckold Sessions - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Lexi Lore Gets Gangbanged Infront of Boyfriend
Released: October 14, 2023

Lexi has finally opened up to her BF Derek about her needs and that she needs more than what his little dick can provide. But she found out just how understanding he is and they ordered a chastity cage for him and invited over some of her old hook ups who know how to fill her holes. Looking Derek in the eye she tells him as she turns the lock on his cage that he will not be getting this back for a long time, at least long enough for her to get a 100 or more cocks inside her.

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A Girl Knows - Jenna Foxx, Lexi Lore & Summer Vixen


Jenna Foxx, Lexi Lore & Summer Vixen - My Life As A Blowup Doll
Released: September 21, 2023

On the eve of marriage, a couple of friends have one last get-together before the big day. Outrageously hot MILF Summer Vixen has a surprise in store for ex-flame and ebony hottie Jenna Fox. What looks like a simple blow-up sex doll transforms into an ultra-realistic sex bot in the form of slender blonde Lexi Lore. Jenna is so turned on by her gift that she soon forgets she's getting married in the morning and when Summer returns the fun really begins.

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Glory Hole - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Lexi Teaches Boyfriend A Lesson
Released: October 8, 2023

Lexi is tired of her back and forth relationship and needs to finally do something to end it all, something he can never forgive. She has decided to go to the Glory Hole and fuck the first cock that offers itself and take photos to prove it so she can permanently get rid of her jealous BF. What she did not plan for was how hot she thought this would be too. Just how many times she was going to cum on this amazing cock she found.

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Freeuse MILF - Lexi Lore & Cory Chase


Lexi Lore & Cory Chase - The Kinkiest Cowgirl of the West
Released: September 15, 2023

Cory used to be known as “Reckless Cory”, the greatest rodeo cowgirl in town. Yet, she left those behind, trading the lasso and horse for a quiet tavern that she runs with her horny and useless stepson, Nick. When a hopeful young cowgirl named Lexi comes around looking for the rodeo legend, Cory’s memories come right back to her, and she’ll get to relive her glory days through a freeuse training session. Will this teen cowgirl make Cory proud?

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Got Filled - Lexi Lore


Lexi Lore - Lexi Loves Creampies
Released: September 14, 2023

Lexi Lore was very excited and couldn't help but tease me by sucking my aroused cock before seductively lying on the bed. She then took me inside her tight and wet pussy, riding me and enjoying the sensation of my imminent orgasm. However, she used her sexy feet to stroke my cock and prolong the pleasure. Ultimately, she changed positions to doggy style and brought me to an intense climax inside her.

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Porn World - Lexi Lore


UPDATED Lexi Lore - Slutty Babysitter Lexi Lore Tempts Hung Boss Into Fucking Her Ass
Released: September 10, 2023

Cute blonde babysitter Lexi Lore has had the hots for her boss, Vince, since she started working for him. When he returns home early and takes a shower, luscious Lexi pulls her panties to one side and fucks herself with a glass dildo. She slips it into her ass too and then decides to sneak up on Vince to tempt him into some fun. Her phone rings and Vince catches her when Lexi admits that she really wants to fuck him. It doesn't take much before Lexi is stroking his cock and gagging on him as he face fucks her! This slutty blonde gets pounded from behind and even rims her boss as things get rough! Lexi gets both her pussy and ass drilled deep with dick and takes his spunk all over her tongue to finish, sucking every last drop!

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