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Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks # 3

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Cast: Elaina Raye, Tinslee Reagan, Rissa Maxxx, Lacie Channing, Coco Valentina

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Sweet, little Coco Valentina... well, you know what they say about small packages.

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Exxxtra Small - Lacie Channing


Lacie Channing - Almost Doesn’t Count
Released: February 4, 2013

Sometimes when you’ve been dating a chick for a while, you have to come up with clever ploys to get the pussy. I told my girl Lacie Channing she could get a foot massage and dinner if she could put up a couple of frames on the wall without needing my help but if she lost, she had to do anything I wanted. Genius idea since she’s 4’11 and bound to fuck up at some point! The house always wins. It had been a long time since I tore up that pussy so I took full advantage of this one! Lacie really knew how to handle my cock and deepthroat it well. Since it had been a while, I forgot just how hot this tiny little babe looked getting pounded by my huge cock. Oh and that foot massage? Since I’m a man of my word, I gave her a warm jizz treat on her foot. Hoes before bros!

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