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Penthouse Gold - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Newcomer Kama Oxi Makes a Splash
Released: September 21, 2023

Kama Oxi makes quite a splash when she moves in upstairs from Josh and causes a water leak while masturbating frantically in the shower. The stud asks her back to his place to check out the damages, but it's her soaking wet pussy that gets destroyed instead. Watch this steamy premium Penthouse porn video as the new neighbors get to know each other in the most intimate of ways, the black-haired beauty giving him a blowjob, then getting her pussy licked and fucked until he shoots and spurts cum.

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Hunt 4K - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Let's Pretend We're Casting
Released: August 30, 2023

My friends often tell me that I always use sucker punches and lies to add to my collection of fuckable couples. Well, I recommend taking a closer look at my video archive. I never deceive my girls and always explain to their boyfriends as honestly as possible what is exactly in store for them. What's more, I often literally offer the girls to fuck. There's even morer than that! Sometimes I do nothing at all to make the boyfriends embarrass themselves in front of my camera...

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Sex Art - Stacy Cruz & Kama Oxi


Stacy Cruz & Kama Oxi - I Feel It
Released: September 8, 2023

Stunning girlfriends Kama Oxi and Stacy Cruz are engrossed in a lively chat on the sofa, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie "I Feel It" begins. Their body language grows increasingly flirtatious as they inch closer together, until Stacy takes the initiative and kisses Kama tenderly. She sucks Kama’s nipples, then peels off her shorts and strokes her shaved pussy. Kama gasps with arousal as Stacy strums her clit and eases two fingers into her juicy slot, frigging her to a breathless orgasm.

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Blacked Raw - Kama Oxi & Ada Lapiedra


Kama Oxi & Ada Lapiedra - Besties Kama and Ada tag team two thick BBCs
Released: September 4, 2023

Kama and Ada are the hottest, horniest ladies making the scene tonight. When these two besties are in the mood, neither will settle for just one guy.

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Only Tarts - Ara Mix & Kama Oxi


Ara Mix & Kama Oxi - Teach Us Something Bad
Released: September 1, 2023

Kama Oxi and Ara Mix are in big trouble. They have let their grades slide all semester and now face a nearly impossible task. They have to score perfectly on the final exam to even pass this important class. Unsure of what to do and terrified of being kicked out of school, they go to see the professor together, hoping he will show them some mercy. They march into his office wearing matching school uniforms and demand to be given a chance to get their grades up. He is shocked but loves the way they look and is happy to listen to their plan. They are willing to do anything for him and do it together. He has never had two girls at once and can’t say no when the two cuties spread their legs and show off their tiny panties. As much as he likes how they look, he has other things in mind. The girls are given matching pink outfits. From their heels to their fishnets, the girls look like horny sluts waiting to fuck his older cock. Good girls study, but sluts like these know how to earn their grades in a different way. They take turns sucking his cock and licking his balls. This is better than anything he ever imagined and they are just getting started. They take turns fucking him and sucking the juices from his dick right out of each other’s freshly fucked holes. This kind of fantasy threesome is just what the professor needed and he is ready to make sure they become his favorite students. He is having fun but knows that cumming inside of them would be a very bad idea. Instead, he has them put their pretty faces together and suck until he sprays them with hot cream. This is going to be a perfect semester.

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Only Tarts - New 2023 Updates


Aria Valencia - Not Your Little Girl
Blake Blossom - The Unpacking
Candee Licious - Good Girl Turns Bad Girl
Claudia Garcia - Busted!
Jasmine Wilde - Home Discipline
Kama Oxi - Welcome To The Candy Shop
Kate Quinn - The Private Lesson
Khloe Kapri - Sweet Taste Of Revenge
Leana Lovings - The Dress Code
Liz Ocean - The Shameless
Lola Heart - Better Than Your Wife
Mazy Myers - Like, Share, Subscribe
Penelope Kay - Home Seduction
Rika Fane - The Real Me
Sandralyd - Bad Bad Girl
Simon Kitty - Don't Wake My Hubby

Aria Valencia has a huge crush on her stepfather. He is a very reserved man, but she feels like he is neglected by her mother and does her best to seduce him. She puts on a short skirt and finds him alone in his study. Aria does her best to get his attention, but he sends her way, scolding her to not act like a whore. She is crushed but decides to show him. He still sees her as his sweet stepdaughter and not as a grown woman with needs. Maybe if she dressed like a whore, he can see that her lust is not just an act, but a real expression of her desires. She sets up her phone and records a short video of her dressed in her revealing outfit and touching herself...

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Porn World - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Horny Girl Next Door Kama Oxi Seduces Shy Neighbour Into Fuck Frenzy GP2754
Released: August 23, 2023

Slutty brunette Kama Oxi steps into the shower and lathers herself up as she starts feeling horny. This gorgeous girl sits on the edge of the bathtub and rubs her pussy, moaning with pleasure as she slips a finger into her dripping wet hole! Her shy neighbour, Josh is downstairs when he notices dripping water from the apartment above and knocks on Kama's door. She quickly gets dressed to answer and joins Josh in his apartment to assess the damage. While Josh tries to sort out the issue, Kama comes onto him and sucks his cock right there in his kitchen! This filthy babe is gagging for dick and gets fucked on his desk, moving between her pussy and mouth and finally gets slammed in doggystyle before she takes his spunk which drips off her tongue.

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Sex Art - Kama Oxi & Sky Pierce


Kama Oxi & Sky Pierce - Perfect Ending
Released: August 18, 2023

Cute blonde Sky Pierce comes home to her villa in the hills after a long day at work and kicks off her high heels, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie "Perfect Ending" begins. She’s just stepped out of the shower when her gorgeous girlfriend Kama Oxi arrives home and sprawls on the sofa. The lovers greet each other with a tender embrace and sweet kisses that soon grow passionate. Kama takes charge, sucking Sky’s nipples and kissing a trail down to her shaved pussy, teasing her before licking her clit skilfully. Sky reciprocates eagerly, getting Kama naked and eating her pussy voraciously, lying on her back so the raven-haired beauty can grind on her face. After an intense orgasm, Kama resumes licking Sky, giving her a mind-blowing climax. It’s the "Perfect Ending" to their day.

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5K Teens - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Braided Beauty
Released: July 26, 2023

Czech babe Kama has an incredible body and strikingly long hair. She keeps it braided out of the way so it's easier for her to deepthroat a big dick! Her perky young tits and smooth pussy make her the perfect package.

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Viv Thomas - Kama Oxi & Sky Pierce


Kama Oxi & Sky Pierce - Quick Kiss
Released: July 13, 2023

Cute blonde Sky Pierce pushes gorgeous Kama Oxi up against the woodpile in a torrid embrace, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Quick Kiss" begins. The vivacious sweetie glances around to ensure they haven’t been seen, then takes Kama’s hand and leads her indoors. In the kitchen, their caresses grow even more passionate, as Sky undresses her girlfriend and sits between her parted thighs to lick her shaved pussy, spreading the juicy pink folds open with her tongue. She thrusts a couple of fingers inside to drive Kama wild as she sucks and slurps on her clit. Kama reciprocates eagerly, sucking Sky’s stiff nipples and fingering her pussy, then kneeling to lick her smooth slit to a mind-blowing orgasm. Now Sky bends Kama over the table and eats her pussy from behind, tonguing her tight asshole to give her an intense climax.

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Sex Art - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Date Night
Released: July 5, 2023

Gorgeous Kama Oxi is preparing for a romantic rendezvous, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Date Night" begins. The raven-haired beauty puts on sexy lingerie and a cute outfit for her tryst; meanwhile, Lorenzo Viota is busy in the kitchen, but rushes to meet his sweetheart with an umbrella when he notices the rain. The lovers flirt and kiss, Lorenzo’s hands drawn to Kama’s curvy ass and perfect breasts as she grinds against him. She strips down to her panties and high heels and he sucks her nipples eagerly, then peels off the flimsy fabric and licks her shaved pussy until she’s dripping wet and so ready for more...

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18 Eighteen - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Oops, she did it again! Bad girl Kama fucks her mom's boyfriend
Released: June 24, 2023

You guys recently saw schoolgirl Kama get in trouble for being a bad girl. She got detention! But being the bad girl that she is, she used the opportunity to strip naked and masturbate while thinking about her hot teacher. This time the precocious teen is in over her head. She's home alone (or so she thought) when she remembers that her mom has a big dildo, and Kama wants to take it for a spin. Once she's in mom's bed, she grabs ahold of that big toy and admires it. It's huge! She wonders how something that big can fit in a tight pussy. The idea intrigues her, but before she can drop her panties, her mom's boyfriend walks in! "That's not yours," he says admonishingly. Luckily, the much-older guy has something else Kama can play with. She grabs at his crotch nervously, but her resolve steels when she unleashes his big cock. She needs that inside her tight, teenage holes ASAP.

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Cum Swapping Sis - Isabella De Laa & Kama Oxi


Isabella De Laa & Kama Oxi - My Stepsis And Her Friend Get All Of My Cum - S4:E5
Released: June 21, 2023

Isabella De Laa and Kama Oxi are hanging out together, looking at dirty content on their phone. When Isabella's stepbrother, Charlie Dean, joins them, Kama refuses to speak directly to Charlie, instead whispering into Kama's ear so she can talk for her. She asks through Kama if Charlie is single. He is!

Charlie joins the girls on the couch to keep on chatting. When Isabella asks through Kama if she can see Charlie's dick, he's cool to whip it out. Both girls are properly impressed. In fact, Isabella just reaches a hand out to begin stroking that nice hardon right away. Kama watches as Isabella and Charlie get increasingly intimate, masturbating at the hot sight. When Isabella begins blowing Charlie, Kama allows him to finger fuck her tight twat before joining in on the oral fun for double the fun...

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Daddy 4K - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Wrong Potion, But Exact Right Result!
Released: June 12, 2023

She is a simple girl who is no stranger to simple worldly pleasures. Her partner earns good money, which is a plus. But the disadvantage is that because he is so busy all the time, they don't have time for two minutes of trivial sex at all! Well, the simple girl knows how to use simple and time-tested remedies. She slips a special aphrodisiac into his tea, but she can't imagine that someone else will imbibe from the mug...

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Sex Art - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Sunshine
Released: May 31, 2023

Cute brunette Kama Oxi is bathed in "Sunshine," chatting flirtatiously with Ricky, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins. He joins her on the bed, kissing her tenderly and caressing her through her sexy lingerie, before getting her naked and lavishing attention on her stiff nipples and shaved pussy. He licks her clit until she’s squirming with arousal, then adds a finger in her slick slot to drive her wild. Thrusting his rigid cock into her in missionary, Ricky fucks Kama with passion, holding her legs high and wide so he can push deeper. They switch to a seated cowgirl, Kama’s long hair brushing her peachy ass cheeks as she bounces up and down. The petite beauty rides energetically, their bodies slamming together until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm, just as Ricky fills her with hot cum.

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Teen Fidelity - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - A Perfect 10
Released: April 18, 2023

Czechia produces some of the hottest women in the world and we salute them. Kama is no exception, with her perky natural tits and perfect body seems like they were designed to be loved. Her pussy grips Charlie's cock like a vise, massaging that dick from the tip to the balls, teasing a hot load all over her face.

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