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Jessica Kay is pornstar from United States born in 1996. She has natural boobs and tatoos.

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Assylum - Jessica Kay

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Jessica Kay - Thanksgiving Painal
Released: December 21, 2018

What better way to give thanks than with a painful anal fucking and a long, hard ass beating? So, for Thanksgiving dinner, Dr. Mercies bent Jessica over the table and turned on his brutal, new spanking machine from Germany. Then he calmly enjoyed his meal and ignored her while she suffered. Once her butt was all marked up, he gave it a good ass-to-mouth fucking. Her poor hole was already sore inside from her previous session, so she cried quite a bit when it got fucked again. But Jessica is an anal masochist who's always down for a challenge under the right circumstances, and she submitted beautifully. Dr. Mercies fed her his cum, and she swallowed it all down like a good girl. It was a lovely evening.

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Slave Mouth - Jessica Kay

Slave Mouth - Jessica Kay

Jessica Kay - Facefuck Dominoes
Released: April 6, 2018

The beautiful Jessica Kay is back to entertain Dr. Mercies with her mouth. This involves roughly slapping and fucking her face while playing a twisted game of dominoes. There's also some ass licking dominoes and toe licking dominoes. It all culminates in... you guessed it: cumshot dominoes. Have fun with this one, folks. We sure did.

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Real Time Bondage - Jessica Kay

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Jessica Kay - Ho, Ho, Whore Part 2
Released: January 2, 2016

A girl with her head sticking out of a barrel probably thinks that she knows what kind of punishments and humiliations she is about to be subjected to. Jessica Kay only has her face available, after all, so she has to assume that there is only so much pain and degradation that we can inflict on her. It's amazing how naive some people can be. Between the hooks, the mouse traps, and a bit more of Rain DeGrey's special sauce, Jessica has to be grateful that the only part of her we've given ourselves access to is her head. Who knows what we would get up to if we had the chance to work her entire body over? Whatever it is, we'll find out later, but for now we've got so many ideas for how to paint a look of suffering over this pretty, little canvas. We even play the electricity game with her. Normally we run our wires to a girl's nipples or clit, but for Jessica we've decided the electrodes look just as good running to the metal braces in her mouth. She's struggling to answer our questions around a large, steel impediment, and every time we aren't satisfied the jolt goes right through her teeth, a place no person is used to feeling a sting. It's definitely a new and unique way to fuck with a slut's head, and one we're pretty proud of.

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