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Jazmin Luv is pornstar from United States born in 1999. She is 5ft 4in (163cm) tall, weighs aproximately 125lbs (57kg), has natural boobs, brown hair and tatoos.

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POV Life - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - We Both Just Wanna Fuck
Released: November 28, 2023

Meeting up with strangers can be sketchy, especially in a random abandoned spot. But the truth is that Jazmin just wants to get some dick, and Ike has a girlfriend but needs a new pussy from time to time, so they both have something the other one wants. It’s only natural for him to take her to his place, then, so Jazmin can show Ike how freaky she really is and how that fine body of hers can put much more than a show.

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Bang! Surprise - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - Jazmin Luv Gets Oiled Up And Gets Her Shaved Pussy Pounded
Released: November 24, 2023

Jazmin Luv was an absolute animal in this one. She got all oiled up in her sexy yellow lingerie and then went to town on a huge cock. She poured oil into her mouth before deepthroating, then got her shaved pussy pounded before eating up all the cum she worked so hard for.

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Jazmin Luv - Pornstar Collection

Jazmin Luv - Pornstar Collection

Jazmin Luv Mega Collection
19 Videos | 37.66 GB

Jazmin Luv is one of the prettiest new porn stars in the porn industry. She was born in Houston, Texas, in 1999. All over, she is stunningly gorgeous. This dark-haired beauty has long hair, brown eyes and a lovely smile. Her petite body takes your breath away even when she is dressed. She has small perky tits that have a size of 34B. Her little ass deserves all compliments and words of praise. She has numbers 1999 separately tattooed on four fingers of the left hand and a small tattoo on the top of the middle finger. Jazmin lived an ordinary life before porn. She did various jobs: in retail, she was an assistant in a beauty salon and a nanny. She also worked as a stripper for a couple of months. That job helped her to strengthen her self-confidence. Jazmin always was curious about the adult industry. She watched a lot of documentaries about it and porn stars. Thinking about entering the industry didn’t last too long. She is also known as Jasmin Luv or Jasmin. Her measurements are 34B-24-34.

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Mind Under Master - Haley Spades, Hime Marie & Jazmin Luv


Haley Spades, Hime Marie & Jazmin Luv - ASMR SPA
Released: February 7, 2023

When simply listening to ASMR isn’t enough, you go to the spa where specialists will give you the close personal attention you deserve. Let these girls curl right up next to you and whisper directly into your ear, pampering you with affection and love you deserve while finding ALL of your triggers.

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Cherry Pimps - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - A Doctor’s Healing Touch
Released: September 19, 2023

Jazmin Luv is experiencing some issues with her budding sexuality, and her father has been coming down on her for it. She cannot even leave her house without supervision! Dr. Will Tile does his job and tries to get her to reveal what’s going on when she reveals she’s only ever allowed to see her therapist and nothing else. This hot little nympho has needs, and she will get them fulfilled one way or another. Will tile finds that sometimes listening to the patient is what's best!

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Brazzers Exxtra - Jazmin Luv & Skyler Storm


Jazmin Luv & Skyler Storm - Stepdaddyed
Released: September 11, 2023

Skyler has invited her college bestie Jazmin over for some gaming while her mother is away. Both girls have a crush on Skyler’s new stepdad, Scott. While he tries to clean-up after the bratty duo, they make his life a little piece of hell with their new-fangled lingo and inappropriate pranks. This escalates to some hot sneaky sex between Scott and his new stepdaughter’s friend Jazmin – needless to say, Skyler is less than pleased when she finds out. Maybe even a tad jealous!

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Dad Crush - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - I Can't Just Help You
Released: September 11, 2023

Jazmins life is a mess right now. She doesnt have any money, her car has been towed, and she doesnt really care, so her mom sends Ike, Jazmins stepdad to help her out. However, Ike will not just lend her the money. He wants something in exchange for his help. What starts with an innocent blowjob ends up with Jazmin having nasty sex with her stepdad for her to get what she wants.

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Team Skeet Selects - Hottest Cum Swaps


Violet Gems, Harper Red, Willow Ryder, Chanel Camryn, Mazy Myers, Callie Black, Brooke Johnson, Lily Thot, Aubry Babcock, Nikki Mars, Freya von Doom, Chloe Temple, Jazmin Luv, Dakota Burns, Leana Lovings & Aubree Valentine - Hottest Cum Swaps Compilation
Released: August 16, 2023

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You know we are always trying to scratch every itch there is, right? Well, here’s a jaw-dropping cum swaps compilation that will surely turn you on in unexpected ways! Watch this hot cum swaps collection featuring this set of all-stunners: Aubry, Dakota, Violet, and Leanna.

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Nubiles Porn - Split Compilation


Nubiles Porn - Split Compilation - S13:E7
Released: August 10, 2023

It's time for some split screen fun as we put together some of the hottest moments from our Nubiles Porn collection. Whether you want to see cum shots, girl orgasms, facials, or swallowing, we've got your back. There's a bit of everything and with a three-way split you get three times the passion all at once!

Be sure to tell us in the comments who you think gave the hottest performance and who you'd like to see come back for more certified Nubiles fun!

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In The Room: With My Hotwife


Cast: Kylie Rocket, Jazmin Luv, Alexis Tae, Gizelle Blanco

Imagine yourself in the room with Giselle Blanco, Alexis Tae, Jazmine Luv, and Kylie Rocket. Picture each as your wife as she's about to take another man's cock in her mouth and holes. It's a hotwifing encounter from your point-of-view. Enjoy the fantasy.

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Brazzers Exxtra - Jazmin Luv & CJ Miles


Jazmin Luv & CJ Miles - Spit On My Dick
Released: August 1, 2023

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Exploited Teens - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - Exploited Teens
Released: July 29, 2023

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Brazzers Exxtra - Jazmin Luv & Bella Luna


Jazmin Luv & Bella Luna - Sneaky Lookalike Camgirls Get Cocked
Released: June 23, 2023

Bella Luna and Jazmin Luv are up to no good making twin e-girl content in Bella’s bedroom when her boyfriend, Bruce Venture, arrives home. Bella hides Jazmin quick and Bruce thinks the show is all for him and his dick. When Jazmin gets jealous, she sneaks out of the closet and grab’s Bruce’s cash behind his back, rubbing it in Bella’s face. Bella runs off without explanation, leaving Bruce with his dick in his hands… and that’s when the lookalike switcheroo madness begins. Can you blame him? They look identical.

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Raw Attack - New January & February 2023 Updates


Nicole Doshi - Nicole Doshi Needs To Fuck To Calm Her Nerves
Sarah Taylor - Sarah Taylor Excited To Fuck
Vanessa Moon - Vanessa Moon Teases A Lucky Stud
Lumi Ray - Lumi Ray Proves She's Made For Porn
Jazmin Luv - Getting To Know Jazmin Luv

Nicole Doshi has an important interview, and her nerves are starting to get to her. She asks her neighbor to help her calm down. There is only one way to take away all the excess energy Nicole has in her body. Nicole doesn't hesitate to show the man what she wants. Seeing that the guy is still hesitant, Nicole drops to her knees to give his hard cock a blowjob. After making sure that the dick is hard and wet with her spit, Nicole lets the man fuck her bald pussy in missionary and doggystyle. Nicole gives the lad another blowjob before riding his cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The horny lad keeps fucking Nicole until he cums in her mouth.

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Pure Taboo - Spencer Scott & Jazmin Luv


Spencer Scott & Jazmin Luv - Take Care of Yourself
Released: June 6, 2023

Amy (Jazmin Luv) pulls up to an upscale estate. She's a bit stressed out since she's late for an orientation for a prospective job as a live-in caretaker. Amy hasn't exactly had it easy of late, having struggled to find employment and even provide a decent place to live for her and her offspring. But today, she's certain that everything is about to change. She's closer than she's ever been to landing a decent job, and she won't let this one slip through her fingers...

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Life Selector - Jazmin Luv


Jazmin Luv - Up Close & Personal with Sexy Newbie, Jazmin Luv (Interactive game)
Released: May 10, 2023

In your career, you've met countless newbies who try to break into the adult industry with their good looks but Jazmin has something more than her looks. She has that special something, that unique sex drive that elevates her over the rest of the crowd. She is no stranger to intimate encounters, and she is here to prove you her very special skills. Are you ready to give her a chance?

Interactive Flash game for Windows and Android - see manual.

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