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Brazzers Exxtra - Angie Faith


Angie Faith - Wet Nerd Wants Roomies Dad
Released: September 27, 2023

College girl Angie Faith comes out of the shower to find her roommate's dad (Scott Nails) in her dorm. Scott came to visit his daughter, who doesn't seem to be around. The wet and horny Angie takes advantage, showing off her big tits and seducing the DILF. Scott's only human and can't turn down the chance to put his dick in this college cutie!

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Sneaky Sex - Kira Noir


Kira Noir - Sexy Role Playing
Released: September 24, 2023

Hot nerd Kira Noir is so excited about today's roleplaying game, she puts on a sexy elf costume, but her BF doesn't even take a second look. His lack of interest continues at the gaming table, so Kira turns her attention to game master Jmac. She crawls under the table to retrieve her D20 and touches his cock, and before long she's sneakily sucking him behind the screen. Kira's boyfriend dips out of the game, so she rides the GM's dick. Jmac even passes the skill check to fuck her ass. This role-playing game was a critical success!

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TMW POV - Kate Quinn


Kate Quinn - It's time to sex break
Released: September 16, 2023

Kate Quinn has the final exams coming up, so she asks her boyfriend not to interfere her with preparation for them. But the boyfriend is horny as fuck today. All he wants to do is to pound her tight pussy. Kate is too much of a nerd though and refuses to take a break. Then the boyfriend gets the perfect idea to take his dick out and silently jerk it off while Kate reads her book. Now she is faced with a choice: continue preparing for the exam or give him what he wants so badly. In her case, the choice is obvious – Kate puts the book aside..

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Horny Hostel - Kristy Black


Kristy Black - Mistaken Nerd Gets Fucked
Released: March 30, 2023

Beautiful dark-haired Euro-babe Kristy Black is hanging out enjoying some sex talk when Nerd traveler CjBangz happens by. She blows him off but then can't resist taking a selfie with his massive BBC when he's not paying attention. He wakes up with her lips around his shaft and isn't keen to chase her away. She gets him off and then he repays the favor with a deep dive between her legs and that's when things begin to get really horny.

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Pure XXX - Nova The Nerd


Nova The Nerd - Finnish Beauty Goes Wild
Released: August 17, 2023

Nova the Nerd is a Finnish XXX beauty with lots of curves and massive tits. She has been well trained in the art of seduction and wants to show it off on your big dick. Watch her go wild as she strokes and sucks and gets fucked hard. Helsinki never looked like so much fun to visit!

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Puta Locura - Eme Jota


Eme Jota - Follando Con La Estudiante Traviesa - Fucking The Naughty Student
Released: August 21, 2023

Emejota is back! The young student who makes you all so horny returns in a great scene that promises tremendously kinky moments! When I have the opportunity to run into some of you in a corner of Madrid and you ask me for some detail about her, I ask you: Why do you like this girl so much? And most of the responses agree on her shyness, her face as a good girl, a nerd, an obedient student who leaves class and goes directly home to do her homework! It makes you very horny that a girl like her turns into a fucking machine! And what do you want me to tell you... it makes me very pig too! Especially when she starts to take off her clothes, exposing that pair of natural tits that are so perfect and divine. Not to mention her ass! An authentic work of art that deserves to be fucked on all fours for hours and hours. In short, a new scene from my series "In bed with Torbe" where we have an incredible fuck that ends in the best possible way... How? What are you going to miss?... TREMENDOUS!

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Elegant Angel - Madi Collins


Madi Collins - Dick In Detention
Released: August 2, 2023

Redheaded schoolgirl Madi Collins is stuck in detention with Lucas Frost, and there's no teacher around to supervise them. This little nerd lets her freak flag fly when she spreads her legs and gets a rock-hard D!

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Mom XXX - Suzi Grande


Suzi Grande - Big tits MILF fucks young creep
Released: July 27, 2023

With her huge fake boobs spilling out of her skimpy lingerie, voluptuous MILF Suzi Grande is reading an erotic novel and touching herself. Unbeknownst to Suzi, bespectacled perv Pavlos Hard is secretly spying on her! When Suzi catches him, the blonde babe drags him into the bedroom and spreads her legs, instructing Pavlos to eat out her hungry snatch! Following some sexy foreplay, Suzi straddles the cute nerd and rides his hard cock cowgirl-style before the pair engage in an intense side fuck as Pavlos playfully squeezes Suzi’s big tits. Wearing only her heels, the inked-up cumslut kneels down and gobbles up her lover's manhood in a passionate blowjob before bending over and taking a doggystyle pounding! Finally, after fucking Suzi in missionary position, the muscular stud pulls out in time to cover her pierced lips in a thick load!

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Brazzers Exxtra - Anissa Kate


Anissa Kate - Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal
Released: July 24, 2023

Anissa loves to fuck and she is happy to bring home a new suction dildo and plant it right in the middle of the living room for all to see... and fuck it right there. Her roommate arrives home and catches her. Pissed, she reminds Anissa that she is having Apollo, her new bf, over for dinner and Anissa needs to put away her sex toys! When Apollo arrives, Anissa doesn’t hide her suction dildo and when he attempts to tuck her chair in, she shows it off and is happy to be bouncing as dinner is served. Anissa goes for her roomie’s man in front of her face and behind her back! Eventually Apollo falls for her forward advances and they titanic their way to sexual victory.

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CzechHitchhikers Full Siterip
72 Videos | 126.25 GB

Looks like Czech Republic is at it again. This time, the Porn CZ network brings you Czech Hitchhikers, a simple-looking yet fun-packed new site that shows what happens when horny drivers give the no less horny hitchhiking girls a ride. In every possible meaning of the word. It’s your classic Czech roadside sex site, with smoking hot European sluts and crazy sex in crazy locations.

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Brazzers Exxtra - Sera Ryder


Sera Ryder - Swim Nerd Gets Wet
Released: July 11, 2023

Sera Ryder is surprised when she’s invited to a pool party with hotties Hollywood Cash and Mick Blue, but disappointed when she learns it’s only so she can be “unfuckable” and help another woman get laid. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Sera seduces the men by getting dressed in a sheer bathing suit before jerking them off by the pool. Once her frenemy storms off, Sera really lets loose! Cock-hungry and desperate for a good pounding, Sera takes turns sucking them off and having them fuck her tight pussy before letting them cum in her mouth!

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Hot Guys Fuck - Angelica Coralvine


Angelica Coralvine - Abs Ass and Cock! Zack Dickson Hammers it Home with Sexy Russian Babe Angelica Coralvine!
Released: July 10, 2023

While it's not the first video of Zack Dickson we have released, it is the first video Zack Dickson ever made. He's as raw and so green he uses his real name during the interview lol. I only told him to have fun and try to wait for me to say "clear to cum" but what ensued next had me flabbergasted. You see, you never really know how a guy is gonna perform. I've seen super alpha dudes completely flop and nerd assassins that kill the pussy. Basically theres no way to tell but when you have a guy as hot as Zack Dickson on set, you really hope he crushes it. Zack definitely crushed it! He was not afraid to explore the house and ended up fucking Angelica Coralvine in 3 different rooms! Best of all, he went "NO-CUT".

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IKnowThatGirl Full Siterip
518 Videos | 786.28 GB

If you've ever fantasized about the girl next door, your hot coworker or that nerdy video-game-playing cutie, then this site is for you. Watch as these hotties play out your fantasies in awesome hardcore scenes.

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PrettyDirtyTeens Full Siterip
14 Videos | 12.61 GB is a brand-new way of showcasing the glory of young adults who love to have wild sex on camera without the predictable storylines and stereotypes! See what really goes on in college dorm rooms between ravishing nude babes and big dick hunks in torrid orgies. These naughty vixens also gladly service their University Profs after class for extra credit so they can graduate with honors!

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BFFs - Molly Little, Madison Wilde & Addis Fouche


Molly Little, Madison Wilde & Addis Fouche - The Initiation
Released: June 28, 2023

Addis, Madison, and Molly are having a girls’ night, playing with their cell phone cameras and talking about sex. They soon discover that Addis hasn’t had any experiences with guys, so they decide to help her out by teaching her how to kiss and by sucking her pussy so she learns what she likes. Suddenly, they notice that Jimmy, their geeky mate, is spying on them. The timing is just right for Addis to try her first cock with the help of her friends and the nerdy peeping Tom.

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Kasey Warner - Pornstar Collection


Kasey Warner Mega Collection
20 Videos | 25.58 GB

Kasey Warner (formerly known as Kasy Warner and Kasey Tyler) was born and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. She graduated high school and spent one year on college but didn’t like it that much and decided to pursue her career in the porn industry. She used to play tennis and was a hard core theater nerd in middle school and in high school. Kasey also sang in the school chorus from the 4th grade on.When Kasey was sixteen years old she decided to lose her virginity. She did it at a party with a guy she met a week before the party occurred. Before that, she was always interested in human sexuality. She googled and read all possible articles on sex and human’s sexuality and what happens to the body during sex and then simply needed the practical part to experience the theory. During her first time she didn’t give the guy oral sex; she was simply there to lose her virginity and that was that. Afterwards she didn’t become promiscuous at all. During her college time she experimented with a few guys but again, she wasn’t overdoing it. She doesn’t consider herself to be a nymphomaniac, simply finds human sexuality really interesting. Kasey was always responsible about her health and always used protection. Before porn she has slept with nine guys. Her measurements are 34B-25-34.

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