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POV Masters - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Big Tits Blonde MILF Bares Ass For Big Dick Anal POV
Released: May 13, 2024

Sweet Vickie is one smoking hot blonde MILF with a firm body and big juicy tits. We couldn't wait to get her naked and check her out up close. Best of all she loves it in all her holes so she has a lot of fun sucking our cock, then taking it in her pussy and ass.

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My Friend's Hot Mom - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Horny MILF Sweet Vickie gets home and fucks her son's friend
Released: May 7, 2024

After two weeks of being away from home and not getting any dick, Sweet Vickie is so horny that nothing will get in her way of stuffing a cock in her pussy. Still, there was only one problem, her husband left with their son to the baseball game, and the only one home is her son's friend Jimmy who didn't want to go. Looks like Jimmy is in the right place at the right time!

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Cuck Hunter - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Hot Busty Wife Sweet Vickie Gets Cuckold From Technician
Released: April 22, 2024

Ace Bigs is over at Sweet Vickie's house fixing her internet when her mean husband Angel comes in and starts barking insults at everyone. Ace isn't the type of guy that lets another man talk to him like that so he puts Angel in his place. He claims his prize with his hot wife Vickie. He's been eyeing her big tits and fit MILF body the whole time he was over there and now he intends to fuck her while her husband watches like a weak cuck.

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Mom Shoot - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - A Change Of Plans
Released: February 6, 2024

Sweet Vickie has a risque photoshoot with the help of Ike. Vickie knows she wants to play around with Ike as soon as she sees him, but she has to play coy. She pulls her tits out and shows off her ass, knowing it’ll be enough to turn on Ike. After their shoot, she asks Ike to come back to her place to upload the pictures. He’s unsure, as he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out, he’s been hanging out with a super hot milf all day, let alone at her house. But Ike folds and goes home with Vickie anyway. When they arrive, Vickie turns the seduction to a ten, ensuring she entices Ike so he can’t resist her charm. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock, locking him in place for the afternoon and guaranteeing that he’ll stick around to fuck. Ike does precisely that. Now hard and filled with lust, he fucks Vickie hard until he busts his nut right into Vickie’s mouth.

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MILFY - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Officer Sweet Vickie Teaches Her Bad Boy Ex A Lesson
Released: September 20, 2023

A lady cop likes to be in hot pursuit, and when a repeat offender starts a high-speed chase the thrill of it all revs up Sweet Vicki's engine.

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Sexy Modern Bull - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Married Pussies are the Best
Released: July 14, 2023

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Mylf Blows - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - I'm So Horny for You
Released: April 24, 2023

Sweet Vickie feels extra horny and wants to show Ike what’s on her mind. She takes off her dress and gets right to sucking his cock. The blonde bombshell sucks until Ike gives her a hot load right in the mouth.

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Brazzers Exxtra - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Lookalikes Tag Team The MILF
Released: March 3, 2023

Sweet Vickie is just not being satisfied by her boyfriend Jack, who can't help cumming too early. Luckily, Jack's son and his college friend show up (Rico Hernandez and Max Fills), and these two look like they can fuck a woman the right way. Vickie is quick to come onto the guys when Jack isn't looking, flashing her pussy at them. When Jack tells the guys to go fix the washing machine, Vickie follows them into the laundry room and gets herself into a hot threesome!

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The Flourish Amateurs - Sweet Vickie


Sweet Vickie - Texas Super Hot Wife 3some Anal Creampie
Released: August 23, 2022

When Sweet Vickie (sweetvickie) calls you there is no hesitation. She dialed up Dmann and Brick to come over and 'service' her. What they did not know is rather than just a regular threesome, she was in the mood to give up BUTT (anal sex, greek). In her first ever Anal with TheFlourish, sweetvickie in all her splendor, grace and beauty shows the world why she is a top 10 MILF in the USA. It is bigger than her massive audience, it's her massive charisma, vibe and PERFECT ASS and SMILE. The anal creampie by Brick was a delight indeed.

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