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Nookies - Savvy Suxx & Nichole Saphir


Savvy Suxx & Nichole Saphir - A Hike, A BJ, And The Tattooed Hitchhiker
Released: February 15, 2024

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Crazy College GFs - Savvy Suxx


Savvy Suxx - Sneaky College Slut Blows MILFs Date
Released: January 30, 2024

As soon as blonde college student Savvy Suxx is introduced to her mom's new boyfriend, she doesn't care about ruining the dinner party, she just wants to devour Mick's cock. She greets the silver fox with a hug and a subtle dick grab, flashing her ass at him as she goes up to her room and knowing Mick will follow. When he walks in on her fucking herself with a dildo he tries to be a gentleman, going to jack off in the bathroom, but Savvy comes in to suck him. They sneak back to her room to fuck, and Savvy rides his big dick on the floor, then he cums on her tits before hiding just in time.

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Family Therapy XXX - Savvy Suxx & Addison Vodka


Savvy Suxx & Addison Vodka - Step Sisters Are Always Right
Released: January 30, 2024

Give us his number. It’s none of your business why we want it.. Maybe we want to play with him. Oh really? You think your step sisters are gross? Just because we have sex with each other? Let’s see what the lie detector says about that...

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Arch Angel Video - Savvy Suxx


Savvy Suxx - True MILF Savvy Suxx
Released: January 26, 2024

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Got Filled - Savvy Suxx


Savvy Suxx - Savvy Suxx has a hungry pussy
Released: December 14, 2023

The problem with a girl as hot and sexy as Savvy is that I don’t know whether I just want to stare at her beautiful body as she strips and teases me or if I just want to dive into her wet pussy dick first and fuck her good and hard. Today, I chose the later and then filled her box up with a big load of cum.

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BJ Raw - Savvy Suxx


Savvy Suxx - Savvy's Picture Perfect Facial
Released: November 2, 2023

It was a Savvy day in the park! It was windy out, and Savvy’s long blonde hair was getting in the way of her taking selfies. I had to step in and play photographer. Back at my place, when she took her panties off, she was dripping wet and, of course, ready to suck dick and get a picture-perfect facial!

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Brazzers Exxtra - Savvy Suxx


Savvy Suxx - Gamer Girl Goes For The Better Dick
Released: September 7, 2023

Sexy Savvy Suxx is gaming while her dweeby boyfriend watches. The boyfriend tries to get Savvy's attention by showing off his dick, but she's focused. Meanwhile, the boyfriend's mom comes home with her own boyfriend (Manuel Ferrara) and Manuel also takes a liking to Savvy. Manuel has a much nicer dick and quickly gets Savvy's attention. They fuck while their respective partners work in the kitchen... but will they get away with it or is someone going to catch the cheaters?

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