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Cast: Nozomi, Isski Sae, Nami Watanabe, Kyoko Sagawa, Isski Sae

Bang! Japan brings you exclusive, original and uncensored footage of the hottest sex that Japan has to offer! In the series Kareshi to Kanojo no Manko Ate, gorgeous J-girls submit themselves to a series of fertility tests done by a perverted doctor. Nozomi, Isski Sae, Nami Watanabe and Kyoko Sagawa are prepared for a "clinical" evaluation of their genitalia. They are undressed, and given a drape which only reveals their hairy pussies to the doctor, and the husbands in attendance. Their pussies are then licked and fingered until they produce an abundant amount of juices, which the doctor then tastes to detect pheromones. Or so he says...

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