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The Life Erotic - Erika E


Erika E - Cute Tail 2
Released: December 5, 2022

Green-eyed Ukrainian blonde Erika E is the cutest cat-girl. We find her at home in her cozy, pink-lit bedroom, dressed in pure and innocent-looking white lingerie, topped off with fuzzy white pussycat ears. Crouched on all fours, she strokes peachy ass-cheeks, bared by her simple, snowy-white thong. Then she takes a pastel-pink and white fake tail, and licks the metal butt-plug it’s attached to.

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Viv Thomas - Erika E & Elina De Lion


Erika E & Elina De Lion - Hookah In Nature
Released: November 8, 2022

Cute girlfriends Elina De Lion and Erika E are walking in the countryside. As Adel Morel’s erotic lesbian movie "Hookah In Nature" begins, they find a secluded spot to pitch their tent, then sit down to relax and enjoy their hookah pipe. Clouds of fragrant smoke surround them as they start to kiss and touch each other sensuously; Erika peels off Elina’s top and sucks her pierced nipples before moving between her spread thighs to lick her shaved pussy. Elina rocks her hips up to meet her lover’s probing tongue, gasping with pleasure. Stripping Erika naked, Elina sucks her diamond-hard nipples, then moves into scissors so they can grind their bare pussies together. Both of them are breathless with arousal as Elina goes down to eat her sweetheart’s pussy, then crawls into the tent so Erika can straddle her face. She masturbates, climaxing just as Erika is overwhelmed by an intense orgasm too. Glowing with pleasure, the two beauties don’t bother getting dressed as they resume sharing their hookah.

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