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Freeze - New 2024 Updates


Milancheek - A Gift From The X
Chloe Temple - Corrupted Priest
Scarlet Skies - Heartbreak Cure
Tabitha Poison - The Peripheral 2

It’s been a while since Sam and Milancheek has parted ways, but Sam still haven’t given up on her. One day, he decides to pay her a visit and try to win her back. When he realizes that Milancheek doesn’t want to get back with him, Sam resorts to a different strategy...
He pulls out his latest invention, a time-stopping device and puts it to use. As soon as his crush freezes, he takes off her clothes and starts eating her pussy. He briefly unfreezes her, but since her attitude didn’t change, he suspends MIlancheek again… This time he pounds her pussy really hard and when she gets unfrozen she is too horny to reject her old lover...

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Freeze - New November & December 2023 Updates


Lia Lin - Tempted Tutor
Lovita Fate - Talk To Me
Clemence Audiard - Taxi Driver
Ashby Winter - Botique Hotel Live
Sia Siberia - Diablo Face Off

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Freeze - New Autumn 2023 Updates


Catherine Knight - Freeze Coin
Kazumi - Clockwork Vendetta
Emiri Momota - The Fall Of Emiri
Sirena Milano - The Escape

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Freeze - Kazumi Squirts


Kazumi Squirts - Clockwork Vendetta
Released: October 6, 2023

Kazumi has crossed some dangerous guys and now she has to pay the price. She finds herself in the forest. As she is wondering what’s going on, suddenly she freezes. Three guys step out from the bushes, holding a gadget that froze her. They rip off her clothes, rub her pussy and then hide again. When they unfreeze Kazumi, she is shaking and asking for forgiveness. But she won’t get any today… They freeze her again and this time they go all-in on her! She gets her mouth and sweet pussy filled with dicks. All three guys fuck her hard and after the hardcore gangbang she is left on the ground dirty, covered in cum… Read Less

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Freeze - New August & September 2023 Updates!


EXCLUSIVE Tiffany Tatum - LinkedIn profile
Veronica Leal - Paparazzi
Jadillica - Spoiled Student
Jia Lissa - The Bully gets Bulled
Merida Sat - Therapy
Barbie Brill - The Lab Rat

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