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Milancheek - A Gift From The X
Chloe Temple - Corrupted Priest
Scarlet Skies - Heartbreak Cure
Tabitha Poison - The Peripheral 2

It’s been a while since Sam and Milancheek has parted ways, but Sam still haven’t given up on her. One day, he decides to pay her a visit and try to win her back. When he realizes that Milancheek doesn’t want to get back with him, Sam resorts to a different strategy...
He pulls out his latest invention, a time-stopping device and puts it to use. As soon as his crush freezes, he takes off her clothes and starts eating her pussy. He briefly unfreezes her, but since her attitude didn’t change, he suspends MIlancheek again… This time he pounds her pussy really hard and when she gets unfrozen she is too horny to reject her old lover...


Sister Chloe (Chloe Temple) wakes up in the middle of the night to a strange noise. Immediately, she jumps out of the bed to see what is it only to find Sister Clara (Clara Trinity) and Sister Scarlet (Scarlet Skies) fucking in one of the rooms! Something feels wrong about them so she sneaks back to her room and calls Father Charlie (Charlie Dean) for help. Father Charlie immediately dresses up and hurries to check on Sister Chloe. When he arrives, suddenly Chloe becomes frozen in time. A demonic voice starts talking to Father Charlie and commanding him to give himself to sinning… Charlie can’t resist the temptation, pulls out his hard cock and starts fucking the sexy nun!


Scarlet Skies and Sam Bourne are having trouble conceiving, and they’ve decided to use a service to complete their dreams of becoming a family. They go to X-Creations where Scarlet gets introduced to a robot who looks just like Sam, but unlike him, is able to make Scarlet pregnant. The moment he is successful, the whole thing will stop. Sam will have to watch from the sidelines while his darling wife is getting drilled by another him, a better him if you will, like a complete cuck. However, he will have a remote in his hands, and will be able to stop the time for Scarlet so she doesn’t feel weirded out by the whole thing. Sure enough, once she starts getting fucked by the robot Sam, she goes in and out of being frozen. The real Sam is watching from the sidelines the whole time and weeping to himself while his wife is getting absolutely drilled. Eventually, Scarlet grows to like it, and begs her husband not to freeze the time so she can reach an orgasm as well, considering she got creampied multiple times and has not conceived yet.


Steve Q is coming from a world far away, a world where contact with other people is a dream, not a reality. He is using a special service that allows him to transfer his consciousness into a human body on Earth. He’s lonely, so understandably, he wants to spend some time with his earthly host, Tabitha Poison. But instead of letting things take their course, he uses a device in his hands and freezes beautiful Tabitha. Steve wants to explore how it feels to embrace a woman, how to kiss her lips, and he rightfully does that, even exploring Tabitha’s pussy, fingering her, eating her out, everything he, not so long ago, could only imagine. Eventually, he fully gives in to his urges. His cock is rock hard, so he positions Tabitha sideways and sticks his cock, though in her super tight anus. He’s inexperienced so it seems like a mistake, but a welcome one at that. However, once he’s finished pounding her, Tabitha is back in her original state, fully clothed, and for some reason, feeling an irresistible urge to pounce at Steve’s cock. Read Less

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