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Marin Suzumi - Amateur Casting with Japanese Cutie, Marin Suzumi (Interactive game)
Released: December 20, 2022

Your lazy but very strict director gave you a simple task. He appointed you to shoot a blowjob scene with the amazing Marin Suzumi. But this looks to be more of a challenge than you have ever expected. This lady loves cocks and when you offer a blowjob for her, she wants way more. She wants to be fucked and she tries to seduce you to break the rules and bang her, even if the director’s will be angry. Will you stick to the rules or willing to give in to the temptation? The choice is yours.

Interactive Flash game for Windows and Android - see manual.

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Japan HDV - Marin Suzumi


Marin Suzumi - Marin Suzumi is training a new male model in how to perform in JAV
Released: February 15, 2022

We really try to bring our members something new and exciting as well as new models and new scenarios. We don’t usually have the most famous JAV models come to play as we prefer to have new talent and models that are not so well known. Today we have a very lovely model that is not new to the adult scene but her male counterpart is someone who is brand new to this world and we are going to be filming the whole scene and you can see how Marin Suzumi does as someone training a new model in how to perform for the camera...

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Japan HDV - Marin Suzumi


Marin Suzumi - Cheating Wife
Released: November 1, 2021

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