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Hog Tied - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Predicament Bondage, Torment, and Suffering Makes for a Happy Gal
Released: December 4, 2023

Gal Ritchie is brand spanking new, and has set so many things in motion to be right in this place, and exactly at this time. She knew she wanted to shoot for, and put her head down and did the work that it took to get her here. Well, she’s here, so what is she going to do now; suffer that’s what. Gal starts in a predicament sitting position and held in place with a web of hemp rope that prevents her from moving at all. She doesn’t know what her ability is yet, since
this is her first time, so The Pope gets to work finding out what makes this slut scream and moan. Nipple clamps are added, and Gal does not even flinch, so meaner clamps are added to her nipples, and then weights...

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My Babysitter's Club - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Into The Wolf's Den
Released: December 2, 2023

Clarke’s wife recently left him, and he hasn’t been taking it very well. He has no better idea than hiring a young and hot babysitter named Gal to try to lure into some hot fun. The sweet girl walks into his trap by going into his room and masturbating on her new boss’ bed thinking nobody is watching, but Clarke has set a camera to spy on her and walks into the room to surprise her. Now, Gal will have to play with her boss to avoid him telling anyone about this.

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Pure Taboo - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Overachiever
Released: November 28, 2023

Mr. Richards (Vince Karter), a high school vice principal, is relaxing in the teacher's lounge when Kimberly (Gal Ritchie), a student, sneaks in to speak with him. Mr. Richards can't help but grin, knowing that Kimberly must be here for a favor of some sort. Indeed, Kimberly explains that she is trying to qualify for a scholarship, but since she's been doing so many extracurriculars, her grades have dropped. She'll lose the scholarship unless Mr. Richards is willing to alter the grade she got on a recent exam.

Mr. Richards is amused- this isn't the first time Kimberly has asked him for such an... unconventional favor. The last time she did, he got something in return: her virginity. So, if he's going to have to step in and save her once more, what could she possibly offer him that he hasn't already gotten from her? Kimberly is stunned, but in a moment of sheer desperation, comes up with an offer Mr. Richards can't refuse. If he helps her, she'll let him not only fuck her again, but she'll let him cum inside her too.

Mr. Richards can't say no to that. He hikes up her skirt and starts fucking there and then in the teacher's lounge, with a shocked yet willing Kimberly going with it. Even when another teacher (Daniel Shar) comes in to grab some coffee, Mr. Richards continues without hesitation, chatting away with the teacher as if nothing was awry. After some free-use sex and a good pounding, Mr. Richards finishes with satisfaction, leaving Kimberly panting and breathless in the lounge.

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DF Xtra Originals - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Gal Ritchie Becomes a Proper American Slut
Released: November 26, 2023

Will Pounder and Gal Ritchie have been married for a month. Gal moved from England to America to live with Will. Gal wanted to be more like American woman, easy and lots of group sex as she sees on American girls social media. Gal asked her husband Will if she could fuck his buddy Jax Slayher to feel more American. Jax happened to come by to hit the gym with Will. Will asked Jax if he could fuck his wife while he watched. Jax was all about it. Gal jumped on Jax and started sucking his dick. As Jax started fucking Gal, Will got hot and bothered and decided to join in. Both guys fucked Gal into one orgasm after another. Then both guys busted on her face and slapped hands and welcomed Gal to America.

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Spank Monster - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - British & Middle Eastern Lovely Beauty Gal Ritchie Is A True Stunner
Released: November 22, 2023

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Shoplyfter - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Case No. 7906271 - That’s Not For School
Released: November 17, 2023

Officer Mancini notices that Gal, a not-so-innocent schoolgirl, is walking around suspiciously in the store, so he brings her to the back office to question her. The security guard thinks she has stolen some clothes and he’s right, as Gal tries to hide stuff from him while he leaves her alone for a couple of minutes to run a background check. Unfortunately, Mike is on to her and quickly finds the missing goods, so he conducts a thorough search to see if she’s concealing any more goods. When he removes her top, the guy can’t help but feel a bit aroused by the situation, offering the sassy schoolgirl a devilish deal to let her go without any consequences.

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Adult Time - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Hey, That's MY Job!
Released: November 15, 2023

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Arch Angel Video - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Stretch Me Out Please
Released: November 10, 2023

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Naughty Bookworms - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Foreign exchange student Gal Ritchie fucks for her good grades
Released: November 9, 2023

Gal Ritchie has been having fun as a foreign exchange student in America. A little too much fun. So much fun that she hasn't had much time to study and it has been affecting her grades. So Gal stops by to visit her professor to see if there is anything she can do to bring her grade up. Her professor gives her a ton of suggestions, but they all require time and time is not something Gal has right now. Instead Gal decides to show her professor how she passed all her classes in England, by taking his pants off and going to town on his cock.

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Club Tug - Gal Ritchie


Released: October 26, 2023

College schoolgirls are so silly! They will do anything for attention, including watching me jerk off in my car. Like this chick. This horny little schoolgirl is just begging for attention. But she turns her attention to me pumping off in my car.

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Got Filled - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Banging A British Gal
Released: November 2, 2023

I don’t know about you, but girls with accents really get me going. Add to that one like Gal that has the best nipples ever, and I am rock hard and ready! She was so ready to get her mouth stuffed with cock and a pussy pounding. She loved her cream filling too!

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Deeper - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Make It Right
Released: October 29, 2023

A delivery driver needs to relieve some of the tension from being on the go. Her customer thinks she needs more discipline. And maybe those needs aren't mutually exclusive...

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Breed Me - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie & Lily Lane - Inseminate To Impregnate
Released: October 27, 2023

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Tonight's Girlfriend - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - British Babe Gal Ritchie wears sexy lingerie to have passionate sex with fan
Released: October 27, 2023

I've been chatting back and forth with the lovely brit Gal Ritchie. She finally agreed to meet me in my hotel room and she looks just as amazing in person. She asks me what I wanted and of course I wanted the girlfriend experience. I want the kissing, the passion, the passionate kissing and love making. Gal agreed and does she deliver! One of the best girlfriend experiences I've ever had. 10/10 would do again.

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Bang! Rammed - Gal Ritchie


Gal Ritchie - Gal Ritchie Gets Her Fat Ass Fucked Hard
Released: October 25, 2023

Gal Ritchie is a full bodied, all natural babe with nice tits and a fat ass. She does a striptease for the camera to get herself going at first, then gets down on her knees to suck her stud's big fat cock. She gets her pink pussy fucked in all positions on the bed before he pins her head down to cum in her mouth.

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Family Strokes - Gal Ritchie


Riley Jean & Gal Ritchie - Hard Training
Released: October 19, 2023

With some very horny arguments, Riley convinces her husband Charles to give their stepdaughter one more chance. The girl loves basketball and has a secret crush on her stepdad, so she desperately wants him to train her. Gal’s game has definitely improved a lot, but Charles has a hard time focusing because of his stepdaughter’s stunning body. As Gal notices her stepdad’s looks, she turns up her game and parades around him with her ass bare naked. Charles can’t simply resist his urges any longer, giving Gal exactly what she wants.

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