Exploited College Girls - Crystal


Crystal - Rad. Like Totally For Sure
Released: November 2, 2023

If I ever wanted to imagine Paris Hilton getting fucked then today’s exploit Crystal would kind of, sort of, maybe be what I would think it would look like. “I hate interviews and I hate blowjobs,” is what she explained during a few parts of this scene and something tells me this is not the industry for you girl. But you’re perfect for what we have in store because you’re 20 and you like to go out with your friends and meet new people.

Well meet Tyler Nixon and his stiff cock, which you sucked very well I might add for not liking it, and girl you are hot with a smoking body. Now I’ll admit the interview was a bit all over the place because she confessed that having to answer questions was not her favorite thing, but there were some tasty morsels she divulged about herself so listen away because it sets the tone and provides some back-story for what happens later. So we fast-forward to Crystal getting naked and she reveals what a tight and sexy body she has and girl your vagina and butt hole are beautiful. So beautiful in fact that Tyler wanted to stick his tongue up them and Crystal receptively obliged and assumed the Face Down – Ass Up position and with her pink panties pulled down over her thighs, Tyler dug deep. You have a fantastic arch also Crystal and I can see why you like getting fucked doggy style, or is it that every guy just likes fucking you doggy style? Well whatever the reason Tyler’s excited to exploit your orifices and as Crystal begins to stroke his stiffy, pre-cum begins to ooze out of the tip at (19:45) and begins to shellac her leg as he thrusts the double headed pink dildo in and out of her tight slit while using the Magic Wand on herself. Hotness, and next for a girl that doesn’t like to suck cock you do it very well as Tyler face fucks your mouth until you gag for air at (24:20). If this is how you do something you don’t like, just wait until there’s a cock up your slit because girl you excel at taking dick and being a good little submissive slut. She also likes it a bit rough, and you would know this if you listened to the interview, as Tyler landed a few open handed slaps to her passion-enthralled face at (28:09) during missionary. And like Paris Hilton would say, “that’s hot.” But not as hot as the next position doggy and you all just have to witness this girl's arch once more as she assumes the position at (40:05) as Tyler lubes up her ass with practically half the bottle, and for some unknown reason I really want to go ski jumping right now. Anyways and back on the ramp, Tyler just goes to town pounding Crystal’s pussy hole as he chokes her from behind and pushes her face into the bed, and like a good girl she knows to keep that perfect ass high in the air for maximum depth and penetration. 10 out of 10 I give this Performance and good times had by all, and after more thorough pounding in a few more positions it’s time for a piss break and of course we filmed it. You know just because and now it’s time for the finale and Tyler plastered her face with his man seed and again of course we made her answer a few post load questions with it all plastered on her face which she seemed ok with until later in the shower when somehow Tyler’s cum had a bad reaction and made her face all red. Well shit happens I suppose when two complete stranger decide to swap and exchange bodily fluids, but I think she’ll be alright. So everyone please, please, please be safe out there. Your porn daddy Steve


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