The Life Erotic - Sandra & Blue Angel

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Sandra & Blue Angel - The Hand 2
Released: July 28, 2019

Sexy Blue Angel, a pretty, blue-eyed Hungarian blonde, stars in this erotic movie. It also features model and actress-turned-director Sandra Shine – as the mysterious titular Hand. Dressed in a cute peach-pink strappy tank and matching lace thong panties, Blue Angel prepares for bed, then reads for a short while before switching out the lights. Fiction fuels fantasy and, as she sleeps, a hand adorned with bracelets appears from the shadows and begins to stroke her body through the covers. It touches her hand, then her hair and face...

Soon, The Hand peels back the sheets to caress her through her top, before slipping inside. It frees one of her perfect breasts, massaging it and teasing the stiff nipple. The Hand then moves Blue Angel’s own manicured fingers to her tits, encouraging her to play with them as it inches down over her smooth, tan belly to her panties. As it strokes her through them, then slides inside to caress her shaved pussy, the girl remains in a dreamlike state, instinctively aware that The Hand wishes only to give her pleasure. As she continues to rub her own breasts, The Hand pulls her panty-crotch tight into her slit, then moves it aside to finger her moist snatch, grinding gently against her clit. Then it guides one of her hands to take over. Her glossy lips part and she sighs in bliss as The Hand's fingers probe her pussy. Next, The Hand retrieves a pink dildo from her nightstand. The blonde is so wet that the thick shaft slides inside of her in one easy thrust, and she fingers her clit as The Hand pumps it in and out, stirring it slowly and sensually. She writhes on the bed, humping against it, her moans getting louder as she edges closer to orgasm. At last, she cums, and The Hand withdraws the dildo, then strokes her pussy to prolong her climax. When she is spent, it pulls the covers back up over her body, gives her face one final, affectionate caress, then disappears. In the morning, Blue Angel snaps awake. As memories of her erotic interlude with The Hand flood back, she tries to make sense of them – then she relaxes, smiling as she decides she will just enjoy them for what they were...


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