The Life Erotic - Arina Shy


Arina Shy - Stocking Obsession 2
Released: April 2, 2024

Gorgeous Ukrainian exhibitionist Arina Shy is flaunting her fabulous body in red satin lingerie, a lace miniskirt, and spike-heeled pumps. Her makeup is sultry and her ass-length golden-brown hair is worn loose. She unboxes a pair of sheer black stockings with sexy scarlet seams and soles, then sits on a faux fur-draped ottoman, thighs parted to display her panty-crotch...

She stretches each stocking in turn over her hand and arm to admire it, then rolls it on, smoothing it up her leg from her toes to her thigh. Turned on by the look and feel as she caresses her curves, she kneels on the low seat with her flawless butt in the air. She rubs herself with both hands and saws her thong-crotch along her crack, pulling it tight between her shaved pussy lips.

Slowly and seductively she strips off her skirt and then her strappy underwear, to reveal a neatly trimmed bush on her mound. She loses her bra and kneads her small, natural breasts, shoving them together as a silky tassel collar teases her cleavage. Sighing with pleasure she sits and begins to masturbate, strafing her snatch and clit with spit-wet fingers.

Arina’s moans soon become louder as she balances on her tiptoes and humps against her hand. Sitting upright, she gives her tits and legs more attention, then peels off one of her stockings. She takes it in her mouth to wet it, then works it against her clit before pushing half of it inside of her pussy.

Again, her fingertips circle her clit as the remaining red and black nylon hangs out between her moist butterfly lips. Breathing in gasps, her body tense and twitching, she frigs herself to orgasm, then pulls the cum-drenched stocking out slowly before playing with it, raising it to her face so she can smell and taste her own pleasure...



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