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Latina Mylf - Sapphire Astrea & Angie Lynx


Sapphire Astrea & Angie Lynx - Double Teaming The Voyeur Maid
Released: November 13, 2023

Latino stud Xander Corvus is taking a romantic break with his tall, blonde, sexy Finnish girlfriend Angie Lynx. The horny pair can’t keep their hands off each other and as soon as they get to the hotel he starts to finger her pussy and kiss her tits in the hallway. Angie responds by sucking him off not realizing that buxom Latina MILF and hotel maid Sapphire Astrea is watching them. When they start fucking in their room the horny maid joins in for extra fun.

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Latina Mylf - Malena Doll


Malena Doll - Better Real Sex Than Virtual
Released: March 23, 2023

Malena Doll is the juicy Latina MILF in this epic clip and Potro is the big-shlonged man of the moment who shows up to satisfy and be satisfied in the pool. The friendly pair start off enjoying some relaxing virtual video phone sex, jerking and stroking live for each other on camera, but it’s not enough for Potro. The big guy pulls on his pants and announces he is on his way over. Malena heads to the pool to wait and as soon as he arrives the horny pair get wet and wild.

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Latina Mylf - Sofia Lee


Sofia Lee - Bikini Babe Cock Resuscitation
Released: April 21, 2023

Sofia Lee is the Latina MILF other MILFs dream of becoming one day. The thick beauty is sunning herself by the pool when clumsy but well-hung stud Potro slips and falls in at the deep end. The big lug is about to go under when Sofia dives to the rescue. She drags him poolside where he collapses and she has to mount him to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The process leads to a massive erection that Potro uses to thank his sexy savior for saving his life.

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Latina Mylf - Minni Joy


Kristy Black - Big Boobs For The Bad Guest
Released: March 30, 2023

Thick and juicy MILF babe Minni Joy is so buxom that her gorgeous rack keeps popping out of her revealing sweater. Her live-in boyfriend has a hair-trigger reaction to the female form and regularly squirts himself just looking at his big-assed, large-breasted sexy girlfriend. When his asshole college buddy, stud Marco Bull, comes to visit he has to excuse himself when he releases an involuntary cum-load into his pants. While he's away cleaning himself up Marco and Minnie go hard at it behind his back.

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Latina Mylf - Sheila Ortega


Sheila Ortega - My Husband Likes To Watch
Released: May 15, 2023

Sheila's aging boyfriend can't get it up for her no matter how hard the big juicy MILF tries. She is thoroughly fed up when Jesus and buddy Potro spot her in sexy lingerie in the kitchen. Jesus jabs her from behind with his fat cock and the horny babe knows a good thing when she sees it. Soon all three are going hard at it and the two boys eventually manage to satisfy the thirsty mamacita with an epic double cum load at the end.

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Latina Mylf - Alison Miller


Alison Miller - Milf Fucks Daughter'S Boyfriend
Released: May 2, 2023

Delicious latina MILF Alison Miller is hanging out listening to music when her boyfriend Alberto gets horny. She tries to stay focused on her sounds as he fools around with her pussy and gorgeous bubble butt ass. He finishes up fast and heads for the shower, just as she is getting excited. The aroused mamacita follows him and waits on the bed in her sexiest lingerie. As soon as he sees her Alberto gets rock hard again and plows her to full satisfaction this time.

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Latina Mylf - Claudia Bavel


Claudia Bavel - Pussy And Betraya
Released: June 29, 2023

Alberto Blanco is at home jerking off when his hot girlfriend, Latina MILF, Claudia Bavel returns home from work. She's relaxing in panties and happy to catch him in the act. The sex starts off great but Alberto ruins it by sticking his wet fingers into her exquisite butthole. Upset by his impertinence she seeks out roommate Potro. He doesn't need to be asked twice and dives straight into her eating her ass before sending her back upstairs to her boyfriend. Then things begin to get spicy.

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Latina Mylf - Lapaisita


Lapaisita - Milf Needs A Good Drilling
Released: June 5, 2023

Blonde Lapaisita can't escape the cheating bimbo life. Everyday she wakes up praying it will be a normal day, but every day the bimbo life finds her. Lapaisita makes the perfect bimbo, with her big tits, perfect body, and tight ass, she's the spitting image! Tanned MILF wakes up and no matter how she tries to live her life, bimboness keeps finding her. So, when plumber Potro shows up asking if Savannah needs her pipes cleaned, she knows exactly what's about to happen. Bubble butt latina tells Potro to just lay back and enjoy the ride!

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Latina MYLF - Emiri Momota


Emiri Momota - Caught Her On Cam
Released: August 14, 2023

Tight Asian hottie Emiri Momota and supremely well-hung Latino stud Potro are planning on doing yoga together at home. Emiri is wearing her bikini and all Potro can think about is shoving his cock into her sweet pussy. His big dick is floating around in his exercise pants and it's been on Emiri's mind since she arrived. Before the exercise mats are even unrolled the horny pair go at it and she soon has her lips around his massive shaft. Potro seizes the opportunity to fuck and makes excellent use of his exercise time.

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Latina MYLF - Miss Jackson


REUPLOAD Miss Jackson - Stepmom Visits The Family Pizza Shop
Released: July 10, 2023

Potro and Jimmy Bud are busy making dough in their pizza place when large-breasted blonde Latina babe Miss Jackson walks in and cheekily flashes her massive titties at the two guys. The hungry MILF orders a large pepperoni and Potro doesn't need to be asked twice. She sucks him off behind the counter while horny Jimmy Bud gets in on the action by dangling his fat cock over her shoulder. She doesn't miss a beat and quickly offers up her sweet ass for an epic spit-roast experience.

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Latina Mylf - Josephine Jackson


Josephine Jackson - Tinder Date Gone Right
Released: July 24, 2023

Alberto Blanco can't believe his luck when his hot date, Latina MILF Josephine Jackson, reveals that she is a pornstar. The big guy can barely finish his meal, but far from disapproving, the well-hung horny Romeo is eager for Josephine to show what she is capable of. The sensationally hot mature babe soon takes command of his dick and assures him that his thick manhood would be perfect in any porn scenario. Within minutes the pair go at it fucking in every possible position before they cum together.

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Latina Mylf - Blondie Fesser


Blondie Fesser - Fuck On The Beach With Blondie Fesser
Released: December 30, 2022

Busty Argentinian chick Blondie Fesser flaunts her lovely big natural tits and fat ass in this raunchy pussy and ass fuck with Alberto Blanco on the beach, finished off with a hot facial.

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Latina Mylf - Andreina De Luxe


Andreina De Luxe - Amazing Colombian Girl Enjoys Hard Sex
Released: December 20, 2022

Beautiful Colombian babe Andreina De Luxe shows off her modeling skills and incredibly hot curves on camera. Her gorgeous, big booty gets oiled up and groped then Logan Salamanca jumps right in and gets his cock stroked. They fuck each other like crazy in missionary and doggy style. In the end, Andreina receives a memorable facial shot.

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Latina Mylf - Leela Moon


Leela Moon - Serviced Pussy
Released: December 19, 2022

Leela Moon was driving to work when her car broke, so she called this hot mechanic to help her fix it. She was so hot that the car overheated so Leela asked Logan to service her pussy too. After checking this Mamacita's goodies, he started kissing her big tits, licking & fingering her juicy hole until his cock was hard and ready to get sucked by this busty babe. She wanted to be treated as his slave, so he fucked her hardcore until his cum blasted the door of her mouth and face. Covered in white cream with lusty grace!

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Latina Mylf - Sapphire Astrea


Sapphire Astrea - Is That Her?
Released: March 9, 2023

Sensationally hot Sapphire Astrea shows up in her tight skirt and introduces herself as Potro's new roommate. He can't believe his luck when he sees how stacked his new roomie is. Once she's in her room Sapphire gets to work satisfying her online fans by bringing herself off with a huge dildo live on camera. When Potro catches her in the act, not only is he not angry about her work, he wants in on the act. The horny pair go at it and stream everything live for her astonished fans.

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Latina Mylf - Salome Gil


Salome Gil - Dirty Latina
Released: December 31, 2022

A business meeting ends up back at the sexy client’s apartment and she just can’t keep her hands off his stiff cock. The horny pair soon get naked and fuck in the living room wild Colombian style, but get caught in the act by her macho boyfriend. He’s a highly sexed guy so she distracts him with her boobs, ass, and unstoppable sex drive. After she’s sucked him off and fucked him dry he’s forgotten why he was so angry in the first place.

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