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Angie A - Do you think I’m sexy?
Released: May 12, 2022

When Angie decides to go out, she chooses the sexiest outfit in her wardrobe. Sure, she spends much time, but the result is always perfect and hot. She comes up to her boyfriend and asks if she looks sexy or not. She even teases him by lifting her top and asking if he likes her tits. She tells him she didn’t put on panties to make every man she meets look at her and admire her ass. This is something the dude can’t tolerate. So, he undresses Angie and gives her a good fuck so she forgets about teasing anybody else.

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Angie - Bad ballerina is a good sucker
Released: December 26, 2021

Petite Angie dreams to become a ballerina and be flitting around on the stage amazing the audience. Unfortunately, ballet means a lot of hard workouts, and Angie is not prepared for that. The teacher makes her repeat the same movement again and again but she feels tired and begs for a break. Those requests make the ballet teacher crazy but Angie manages to convince him she needs to relax. She promises to be a bad girl and to show her amazing cock sucking talents.

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