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Atlanta Moreno - Atlanta Moreno For Onlytarts
Released: November 2, 2023

Atlanta Moreno caught her man cheating and was quite distraught. At first, she moped around wondering what she did to deserve his infidelity. She quickly turned things around though, realizing that he is an idiot and would regret ever doing that to her. Breaking up with him wasn’t enough though. She had to find some way to make him pay in a way he would never forget. Pretending to be ready for a fun sex game, she convinces him to let her tie him up with sex tape.

When he can’t move she covers his mouth with the tape and starts to dance for him. He loves the show and can feel his cock starting to get hard. Atlanta turns up the heat, grinding against him and asking if he wants to see more. She pulls out her tits and pinches her hard nipples, teasing him until his hard-on is impossible to miss. Sitting in his lap, she grinds against his hard dick, rubbing her bare skin on his. He wants out, wants to be able to touch her, to taste her, to fuck her wet holes. She knows this and that is exactly what she wants. When he is practically begging her to set him free, she starts rubbing her clit. As she gets more and more turned on, she tells him that she knows he has been cheating. She caught him. She does not forgive him and she is dumping his ass. Unable to do anything or even object, he just moans and struggles against the tape while she continues to masturbate. She is giving him one last look at what he will never have again and to make matters worse, she is cumming thinking of all the new guys she is going to fuck. Read less



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