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Hot Pearl and Mia Grandy met on their first day of college. The roommates were both very good students and came from sheltered homes. They quickly became friends and realized that they had a lot in common. Beyond their similar upbringing, both girls were very sexual with a kink for getting dressed up in super-slutty clothes that their parents would never approve of. At first, they shared outfits and helped each other perfect their naughty looks. Before long they found themselves drawn to one another. They started having dress-up dates where they would model new outfits for each other and admire the naughty looks...

Their sessions got longer and longer with several outfit changes and oftentimes were followed up by intense masturbation when they were alone. Sex with another girl was new to them both, but the sexy outfits, the forbidden naughty side, and their mutual attraction made hooking up inevitable. Their play dates have become more intense and far more frequent of late. Dressing up and having sex with each other has become the most important thing in their lives. Who needs to date when you have a perfect partner already at home? They are learning so much about each other and themselves. Playing and cumming is a lot more fun than classes. Slutty clothes and masturbation was a lot of fun alone. Together, they get to dress up, turn one another on, and then feel the warm touch of another gorgeous girl. While their studies have suffered, they are enjoying reaching new heights together. Why would they ever want to stop?


Una Fairy is the star swimmer for her college team. She trains hard, gets good grades, and has little time for a social life. With so much time spent around the team at the training facility, she has developed a huge crush on her handsome coach. Taking a break from her rigorous schedule, she asks him to shoot pool with her and does her best to let him know that she is interested in him. She flirts and even flashes him her tits, but he shoots her down. She is a student and he is a coach. They cannot be involved in that way. Not willing to just give up, Una breaks out a special outfit she bought just in case. She has heard that the coach has a thing for very slutty girls he meets in bars. Slipping into fishnets, heels, and a choker, she adds a special touch, a specially designed swimsuit in the school’s colors. Surely the coach can’t resist now. He gets one look at her body in the revealing suit and the sexy fishnets with slutty heels and he no longer sees her the same. Una knows she has him now and his dick is ready to give her what she craves. He stuffs it into her throat and is impressed by how well she sucks. Bending her over, he goes right to her ass. If she wants to dress and act like a slut, he is going to fuck her like one. She has never had such a big cock in her, but her body responds as he takes control and stuffs her holes. His aggressive thrusts match her filthy fantasies perfectly. He tosses her around, fucks her until she can’t cum anymore, and then shoots his load all over her pretty face. She can’t wait for their next private training session.


Alexis Wilson and her three best friends: Liz Ocean, Lya Cutie, and Milancheek hit the stores early for the big holiday sales. They spent hours going through a dozen shops and came home with bags of new outfits. One of the stores they spent time in specializes in sexy lingerie and Alexis suggests they all try on what they bought and model it for each other before wearing it for their boyfriends. Everyone is in a good mood, so they agree to try them on and Alexis is very happy with what she sees. The other girls share her feelings and they all stare awkwardly at each other for a bit. As the sexual tension in the room rises, Alexis makes the first move, grabbing one of her friends and passionately kissing her. The other girls follow suit and soon all four of them are making out and helping each other get out of the sexy new clothes they just tried on. A few of the girls have played around before, but not together and Alexis had no idea her friends would take to lesbian sex so quickly. It is a pleasant surprise, however. She had hoped to maybe get one of her friends to go along, but instead, she was getting her pussy licked by all three. The girls are just as happy as she is, taking turns making out and licking one another to climax. Their boyfriends are in for a great time when they get home with their new hot clothes, but today’s post-shopping sex is all about girl time. And it is a good time to be had by all four of these horny hotties.

onlytarts-23-11-23-hot-pearl-and-mia-grandy-for-onlytarts-xxx-1080p-mp4-wrb_s.jpg onlytarts-23-11-27-una-fairy-anal-angel-xxx-1080p-mp4-wrb_s.jpg onlytarts-23-11-30-lya-cutie-liz-ocean-milancheek-and-alexis-wilson-solo-xxx-108.jpg

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