Hot MILFs Fuck - Annie King & Melanie Marie


Annie King & Melanie Marie - Threesome Of All Threesomes
Released: January 28, 2024

Boob lovers rejoice. It’s Annie and Melanie who both have some of the biggest All-American, All- Natural breasts and milking jugs we’ve ever seen. All I can say about today’s shenanigans is “Thank you God!” You all will thank me, and God after your pocket rockets blast off because both Annie and Melaine just flat out love sex, and vagina, and hard cocks. It’s a genitalia lover’s paradise and smorgasbord. Tyler Nixon’s one hell of a lucky guy because these girls are naughty in all the ways that make filling orifices fun and they licked, sucked and fucked each other’s genitalia as if their lives depended on it. It’s the threesome of all threesomes that your porn daddy Steve says would make an old woman blush and young girl squeal. Love it, so hold onto your hats, strap in, keep all hands and feet inside the moving car at all times because this is one hell of a rollercoaster ride that is sure to please. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update, cheers!

Today’s Outstanding Quotes:
Melanie – “Everybody loves boobs “ (4:27)
Annie – “My first 3some was with my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend “ (5:11)
Tyler – “That’s kind of a ballsy ask of a boyfriend “ (5:27)
Annie – “Sharing is caring. I’m not a jealous person “ (5:35)
Annie – “Eating pussy turns me on a lot “ (7:54)
Tyler – “So who wants to lick who’s pussy first? “ (12:21)
Annie – “You’re so tight, I can’t even get my fingers inside there “ (16:06)
Tyler – “Do you want to lick her pussy “ (19:46) “Yes please”
Tyler – “Melanie, sit on her face “ (23:50)
Tyler – “Come here and taste her off me “ (31:22)
Annie – “That was intense “ (32:03)
Tyler – “That face is to cute not to sit on “ (35:49)
Melanie – “Oh I’m cuming, yes, yes, yes “ (37:43)
Melanie – “ Oh fuck that’s so deep “ (39:24)
Tyler – “You girls like sharing my dick? “ (1:02:13)
Tyler – “The two of you girls are special “ (1:05:51)
Annie – “I could have ate your pussy all day “ (1:36:47)
Annie – “Get naked, hop in shower, lather up “ (1:47:33)
Tyler – “What do you think? Are those C’s? “ (1:48:42)

Orgasm Count Totals:
Annie Blue - 3 (30:54, 1:24:36, 1:27:50)
Melanie Pink – 3 (33:00, 37:44, 1:28:08)


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