Freeze - Anna Claire Clouds


Anna Claire Clouds - Timeless Motel
Released: May 17, 2024

Tommy Pistol and Anna Claire Clouds are co-workers. Secretly, Tommy has some feelings for Anna Claire so when he heard about a conference in a nearby town, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with Anna Claire. He booked a night at a small motel, hoping to finally make a move on her. But as they arrived at the motel, Anna Claire grew suspicious of Tommy’s intentions. She confronted him, ready to leave and put an end to his advances. Yet, before she could leave, something unexpected happens: when Tommy snaps his fingers, Anna Claire gets frozen in time.

With a smile, Tommy realized that finally he has the opportunity to fulfill all of his fantasies with his sexy colleague. He undressed her slowly and then proceeds to fuck her mouth and wet pussy. When Anna Claire finally got unfrozen, her body was already filled with an intense feeling of lust so she gave in to it and had an intense night of hardcore fuckign with Tommy…



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