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Rory Knox - Parkour XXX
Released: February 2, 2024

The daredevil athlete of our fantasies becomes the doting boyfriend of our dreams, in this action-turned-romance featurette. Nathan Bronson plays a devoted (and heart-poundingly athletic!) parkour runner who won’t let anything stand in the way of turning up for his lady love, the winsome Rory Knox. Once he arrives – on time, with flowers, and the perfect amount of sweat on his muscular frame – we find out just why he was so eager to arrive! Rory pulls him onto the bed, where the two kiss and connect, their heat rising. She coyly peels off her layers, showing off the tattoos on her petite frame in a set of baby-pink lingerie. They make out some more, until she releases her small breasts and perfectly pierced nipples. With a reverent “oh my god” Nathan dives in to taste them, licking and sucking, and then nibbling Rory’s ear. Already rock-hard, he encourages her to lay back, and then peels off her lacy panties. She spreads her legs, ready for him to taste her bare vulva, adorned only with a daring “Christina” mons pubis piercing. She relaxes as he begins cunnilingus, using his tongue to gently awaken her clitoris. He flutters his tongue over her clit and her labia, tasting her folds, before adding his hands to the mix. She closes her eyes and starts to moan in encouragement, as he fingers her and eats her out. He makes sure to check in with her, kissing her thighs, meeting her eyes and making her smile in between whimpers...

Making sure she’s ready, he adds another finger, and finger-fucks her more vigorously, getting heightened gasps as a reward. Showing that his strength, agility, and athleticism extend to his hands as well as the rest of his body, Nathan manages to use his hands almost like a rabbit vibrator, fingering her so rapidly while hitting her clit with his thumb that she quivers and comes hard in a wave of an orgasm. A few “oh my gods” later, she admires his cock, rock-hard and waiting at attention. She licks her hand and starts to stroke him, feeling his stiffness and desire. She kneels and takes him in her mouth, sucking on the head of his cock, and gently cradling his manscaped balls, whilst he uses a free hand to play with her ass. Soon, she invites him to lay down for his own oral-sex session, and he eagerly complies. Lavishing his entire manhood with attention, she starts by licking and sucking his taut balls, then licks up his shaft and takes him in her mouth. Using her hand she strokes him, whilst she sucks on his cock head and frenulum, bobbing up and down as she gives him fellatio. Then Nathan interrupts, only to urge her to come closer. She climbs on top of him, and exclaims how wet she is, before they maneuver his cock into her opening. Woman on top, in the classic cowgirl position, she sets the pace at first – but before long he shows that his pneumatic versatility isn’t limited by being on the bottom. Thrusting into her from below, he pistons rapidly, and they both reach connected waves of pleasure together, cresting closer and closer to orgasm. Carried away by his physical prowess, Rory lets herself get taken, crying out as he brings her over the edge in her second shuddering orgasm of the day. Both cry out repeated “Oh My Gods” as they stare into each others’ eyes, and Nathan caringly cradles her back and ass for support. Ready for more, she asks if he wants to go down on her again. An enthusiastic “yeah” becomes a hell-yeah as she presents her ass to him, and he eats out her asshole whilst fingering her pussy, now three fingers deep. Laying on her back, she opens herself to him, and he enters her again. They make love while making out in between her moans and whimpers, and he fucks her firmly. Then they shift again, as he positions himself behind her in a spooning position, allowing him to stroke her clit as he thrusts into her. But they can’t resist intimate eye contact – she turns to face him as he starts to escalate his rhythm, and they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes as he brings her to one last screaming, shuddering climax. With multiple orgasms delivered, his endurance and athleticism of all kinds profoundly appreciated, he takes his own turn to come. He ejaculates in a spring-loaded spurt of built-up energy, across the room and over her face and body. They giggle at the beautiful absurdity of it all. Then it’s back to the day of brunch-and-chilling, perfect-boyfriend mission accomplished. An athlete on the streets, and in the sheets!


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