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Dadi Iris - Special Guest Star - Part 1
Released: April 1, 2024

Frequent ForPlayFilms collaborators (and award-winning porn performers) Dadi Iris and Dillon Diaz play a cozy couple looking to add some spice to their domestic bliss, in this rom-com inspired feature film with playful 2000s vibes. But in a twist, this happy couple is actually expanding their horizons, and looking for a special guest star to join them. How does one find a considerate, generous Bull to be a dream cuckolding third, in this day and age?

In part one of this two-part film, we find aspiring “Hot Wife” Dadi getting all hot and bothered after scrolling through options, and enjoying the process of teasing her primary partner with her arousal. Directing him to look but keep his distance – like the good cuck he yearns to be – she lifts her shirt off and displays all her tattoos and piercings, giggling knowingly at his desire. Dadi toys with with her breasts, and lets her fingers dip into her wet cunt. Gently rubbing her clit and ordering Dillon not to come, she pulls out a big pink vibrator as Dillon gives in to temptation and pulls out his own hardening cock. He groans as she masturbates, pushing the dildo into her cunt, and rubbing her own clit as she fucks herself gently. The mutual masturbation continues as he jerks himself off and she starts to gasp faster and moan with pre-orgasmic pleasure. Reminding him he can’t come yet, she giggles wickedly and lets him continue to watch as she frigs herself faster and faster. He gazes at her adoringly as she comes hard with a shudder and gasp. Dadi finally surrenders to a kiss, and they start to make out before spooning together and falling into a blissful sleep.

But it’s only the beginning of their cuckolding adventure. Their strong connection and loving domestic life establishes a beautiful foundation for opening up to someone new. But that doesn’t make the search for a perfect Bull easy! Talking about their boundaries and desires, they agree to keep looking, and plan to make their cuckolding fantasy a reality (with consent, consideration, and care). Once again turned on by anticipation, they fall into another loving, connected sex session.

Dillon worships Dadi’s body, kissing her curves over the fabric of her clothes. They make out on the couch, and trace each others’ bodies with her hands. They take their time exploring foreplay as they peel off each others’ layers of clothing, kissing each others’ chests and tonguing each others’ nipples as they continue to undress. Once Dadi is stripped down to her lingerie, Dillon reaches an eager hand into her high-waisted panties, rubbing her cunt to her gasping delight. Then his own pants come off, revealing the shape of his hard cock through his underwear. More foreplay and kisses, nibbles and sucking, all followed by a slow and sensual blow-job, with Dadi lovingly sucking Dillon’s gorgeous vitiligo-patterned dick in fellatio. She smiles as she teases his frenulum with her tongue. He writhes and holds her head as he moans in pleasure. Then he rises to turn the tables.

They giggle as he removes her panties, and kisses her feet, ankles, and beautiful calves. Stroking her skin, he makes sure to arouse every inch of her beautiful body, letting her suck on his fingers before he starts to finger her and use his mouth on her clit. He eats her out with sensual cunnilingus, sucking on her clit as he fingers her hard. She gasps and quivers as he hits her g-spot, and rubs his head affectionately as he continues to go down on her. Lifting her legs over her head, he dives into her ass as well as her pussy, performing anilingus that makes her eyes roll back in her head.

Both of them now ready for penetration, he pushes himself into her, burying himself deep as she groans appreciatively. They fuck slow and steady as he holds her throat as if he’s choking her, but making sure she’s able to breathe. He picks up the pace and makes her cry out “Oh God, yes” as he folds her in half, her legs over her head. She squeals in delight as he keeps going, begging him to continue through gasps, giggles and moans of sheer pleasure. Then, already orgasmic, she climbs on top of her lover, positioning his cock deep inside her as she starts to ride him. He slaps her ass as she fucks him in a seated cowgirl. Then she bends over on her hands and knees and he fucks her doggy style on the couch. She comes hard, but it’s still not enough for these two insatiable lovers.

As Dadi sits on Dillon’s face, the couple indulges in deep 69, both of them groaning with pleasure as they suck each other off. Then they return to extended penetration, with Dillon’s stamina allowing him to fuck her hard and steady until she cums again and again, his thumb thrumming her hungry clit. Finally, fans of watching men masturbate will appreciate his self-love as he jerks off to completion, with Dadi kissing his balls, tweaking his nipples, fingering his taint, and running her tongue over his sensitive frenulum. He finally comes with a spurt over Dadi’s helping hands. Exhausted, they recline on their couch, and fall asleep drinking each other in… and ready for the next adventure.

Want more? Part two, in which Dadi and Dillon search for (and find!) their dream bull is coming soon...


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