Audrey – Exploited College Girls
Released: April 25, 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proud woman of color featured on ECG, and Audrey is a great girl to go back to the dark side with: she’s tall, slim and has an amazing body. The shoot starts hot and heavy, before I even interview her, I have her drop to her knees and show off her blowjob skills. Turns out it’s true: the darker the berry the better the blowjob (I think that’s how that expression goes?) She’s got great technique, tons of mouth action, great suction and a ton of eye contact, which is really hot. So, for starters, no this is not my long lost audition tape for White Dicks, Black Chicks. This is a genuine Exploited College Girls recruit, and I’ve really gone back to my roots by finding this frisky freshman at my favorite college to exploit: ASU. There’s just something about ASU girls. Is it their perfect, tanned bodies? Their sexual openness? Nah, I think it’s their inability to live within a budget and willingness to get naked for my camera to shore up their checking accounts. Geez, if ASU ever makes a personal finance course mandatory for freshmen I’ll probably have to shut the site down. I digress, Audrey is the star today and after she finishes giving me some mouth love I have her get settled and answer a few questions about her love life, likes and dislikes, etc. Turns out this discussion gets incredibly short when Audrey confesses that she’s never had an orgasm in her life, not from a guy, not from a toy, not even from the washer on spin cycle. I almost actually feel bad for the girl! She tells me that she tries but can’t get there and ends up faking it for guys. As usual, I am convinced that I can get one out of her so I get her naked and do my best to get her there. I start off with some fingering and then grab the trusty Rabbit and get to work. But no amount of mechanical stimulation seems to make a difference, she just sits there smiling. Giving Audrey an orgasm may be a lost cause, but she doesn’t need to cum to suck my cock, does she? Of course not, and for a girl who gets no reward from sex other than a hearty thank-you she really knows how to suck a dick. Eventually she gets me so hard that I have to fuck her. While she responds a whole lot more than she did to the vibrator, and even though I try every position I can think of, she still doesn’t manage to cum for me. Too bad, but I can still cum for her and what better way to show off the ebony and ivory of this update than with one of my trademark half gallon facials. So downside, Audrey couldn’t cum on camera. Upside? I did!