Piper Fawn - Pornstar Collection

Piper Fawn - Pornstar Collection

Piper Fawn Mega Collection
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Piper Fawn doesn’t need to try very hard to distinguish herself from your average Slavic slut from the Czech Republic. There’s so much that’s unique, special, and erectile-facilitating about this skinny redhead with great natural tits and piercing emerald eyes. She’s an erotically charged glamour model who can give the cameras a boner just as fast as the camera operators get hard when shooting her. Piper goes by many names, including Ariel, the redheaded mermaid. This Ariel, however, prefers life under the sheets, instead of under the sea, and she also prefers to be with a steamy hot vagina, instead of some lame land prince. Piper is a diehard pussy-lover, and when she’s going down on another beauty, it’s like she’s making mouth-love to those hot, pink vertical lips and that winking little anus button. Every one of Piper’s scenes are first-class contenders for the hottest erotica online – so much so that she’ll steam up your windows with bandwidth smut waves. Piper started in pornography at the age of 20. She quickly carved out a niche for herself doing solo scenes where she could flick her bean, prod her hole, and suck her slime off her fingers like it was laced with ambrosia – nectar of the gods. Now, she’s a top girl-on-girl performer, though she loves being a bottom just as much. If you want your dick or twat sauce to careen out of your body in a swan-like dive of devotion, then Piper Fawn is the girl to induce it and receive it.

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