The Life Erotic - Luise


Luise - Book Fetish 2
Released: February 14, 2024

Cute Latvian blonde Luise is reading a book at bedtime. Under the sheets she is dressed down in a loose sleeveless tee and panties, with her long hair in a messy updo. She strokes her body and licks a finger to turn the page – then sets aside her book and cute glasses, switches off the light, and settles down to sleep...

Tonight, however, her reading has made her restless – and horny. She exits the bedroom and reappears in a topless PVC minidress, flaunting her perfect-handful breasts but hiding her nipples with two kinky black tape crosses. Her hair is worn in two sassy bunches and she wields a jeweled riding crop, testing it against her manicured hand and sucking on the chrome tip.

She swats at her tits with the leather keeper, then hikes up her skirt to reveal stockings-and-garters pantyhose – and no panties. Almost immediately, she begins to masturbate her shaved pussy while spanking her thighs. Next, she squats down to balance on her strappy sandals, knees splayed wide, and bucks against her probing fingers as each stroke of her whip connects.

Kneeling doggy-style, head bowed low, Luise reaches back between her legs to plow her snatch, with her ring finger edging close to her asshole. More spanks on her toned cheeks make her body spasm, and she gasps as it floods with pleasure-pain. She sprawls back against the door of a pink-lit room and continues to punish her bare flesh, as she fingerbangs her wet snatch faster and deeper.

Lying on her back, legs kicking in the air, she whips and frigs herself to orgasm – it’s almost too intense to take and she curls up into a ball on the floor as she cums hard. She sits again, a little dazed, then inspects the gem-encrusted crop before biting down on the juice-smeared keeper...



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