The Life Erotic - Lola Ash

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Lola Ash - Emo # 2
Released: August 26, 2018

We meet sultry honey Lola Ash as she walks down a debris-strewn corridor in a derelict building and chugs from a dusty bottle of wine. She has an alternative goth-emo look – hair in a shoulder-length black bob, tattoos, collar, a labret lip piercing, smoky makeup, black-manicured nails and silver jewelry. Her outfit is a short black frock coat over a sheer lace camisole, stockings and heavy army boots. She enters a room and walks over the rotted wood floor to a large, glassless window...

After taking another drink, she begins to caress her perfect breasts, popping one out of her cami top – she cups it with one hand and teases the nipple with the thumb and fingers of the other. She braces herself against the wall, hikes up her hem to reveal she is wearing no panties, and begins to masturbate her shaved pussy, beneath a trimmed mound. As her fingers get working in her slit, she grinds her hips. Turning around to flaunt a peachy bubble butt, she reaches back to frig herself even more intensely, sliding her fingers into her snatch and reaming her clit. Next, she raises one foot up on the window ledge for a different angle, lunging as her hand plows her slit, bracelets rattling. Moaning, she perches on the window ledge, then walks to the center of the floor and squats down, knees splayed wide apart. Gasping and sobbing in ecstasy, she takes herself to orgasm, and as she cums, with fingers pulling on her clit, streams of pee pulse and squirt out to soak the dusty floorboards. When she is done cumming, she lies back, totally spent, and drinks more wine before getting up and walking back down the corridor – the large, wet stain on the floor is the only evidence that she was ever there.


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