The Life Erotic - Ella Bonita


Ella Bonita - Tickling Sensation # 2
Released: July 25, 2023

Gorgeous Belarusian brunette Ella Bonita squats on the floor of a dungeon room, wrists cuffed and bound to a wooden beam with heavy chains, arms raised high. Her long, dark hair is loose and her makeup is subtly sultry. Standing up, she shows off her beautiful body in a thong-back black-lace teddy. She caresses her curves, and wraps the chains around her neck for an added thrill...

She unclips the short links connecting her leather cuffs, allowing her to grab, claw, and spank her firm butt-cheeks. She tugs her thong tight into her crack and between her shaved pussy lips, and unfastens her teddy-crotch before curling two fingers inside. Leaning back against the beam, thighs splayed, she begins to masturbate.

Ella moans as she pounds herself hard and fast, hand slapping wildly against her moist, tender folds. Suddenly impatient, she unbuckles one cuff, then unloops the chain from the beam and sprawls on the floor. In a horny frenzy she continues to plow herself, flexing her bare feet and moaning around the chain as she bites down on it.

She bares her small, natural breasts and cups them as they quiver. Her pussy is puffy and running with juices and she slows things down, frigging her pink with long strokes that penetrate inside of her and ream her clit. Next, on her knees and head bowed low, she spreads her buns and pounds her stretched snatch deep and hard, doggy-style.

On her back, she pulls the chain tighter around her neck, face twisted in kinky pleasure. With one, then both legs raised, she reaches around her thighs, then bites the chain again, close to orgasm. Finally she cums, kicking her legs and yanking on the chains as her entire body spasms in release. She treats her tits and swollen pussy to a couple more caresses, then lies back in a state of pure erotic bliss...



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