The Life Erotic - Demy G


Demy G - The Mask 2
Released: March 25, 2024

In a large and stylish apartment, kinky tattooed Demy G is posing on a staircase. Following the briefest, teasing glimpse of her shaved pussy – shot from below and behind – we’re treated to a lingering view of her toned legs and shiny red high-heeled platforms. Slowly, she descends the stairs – her perfect breasts are bare, and her arms are bound behind her back by wrist-cuffs attached to a black fetish mask that hides her face.

She caresses her naked curves as far as her restraints will allow, squeezing and stroking her tits and ass. Her snatch gets similar attention, as she slides one manicured hand between her thighs. She plows herself from the rear before switching back, moaning through the zippered mouth of her mask as her pleasure builds.

Arching and gyrating her sexy body, Demy strums her clit, humps against her fingers, then displays her ass, feet wide apart as she bangs herself standing doggy once more. Now frustrated by the restriction, she rips the cuff off of one wrist and caresses herself freely.

She perches on top of the leather couch, then falls backward to sprawl on the seat, legs up and head hanging over the edge. Her body bucks as the sensation in her clit intensifies, and slipping one finger deep inside of her pussy kicks things up another notch. Her moans become louder – more raw and rhythmic.

Finally, as she hits the brink, she yanks off the mask to reveal her pretty, expressive face and blonde hair. Lost in ecstasy she grips the collar around her neck, breath coming in ragged gasps as her fingers whip her twitching, puffy pussy to orgasm. She keeps on teasing until she is totally spent, then lies face down, gently petting her ass and satisfied snatch.



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