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Naughty America VR - Richelle Ryan


Richelle Ryan - Day dreaming of fucking your favorite pornstar Richelle Ryan? This VR experience is what you need - VR Remastered
Released: November 22, 2023

You’ve always dreamed of fucking a pornstar, and now Richelle Ryan is giving you that experience! As her fan-fucking-tastic contest winner, you’ll get to enjoy Richelle’s assets all to yourself — congrats! You know her for her big tits, big ass, and insane appetite for cock, and now you get to experience it as she pleasures you every which way. And she won’t forget your favorite request — facesitting! Lay back and let that luscious booty descend upon you, and enjoy!

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Madison Rose - Pornstar Collection


Madison Rose Mega Collection
19 Videos | 10.24 GB

Bootylicious Madison Rose is a New York starlet who is thick in all of the right places – mainly in her big behind and in the chesticle department. Seriously though, Madison rocks one of the best asses in porn and some bona fide 36E boobs. Of mixed Italian and Irish background, she’s tall with long black hair and entrancing green eyes. She has a tramp stamp on her lower back, tats on her stomach and leg, and her belly button and tongue are both pierced. She worked as a bartender for a number of years but got fed up with lousy tips and lousy drunks. For her entire life, people went crazy for ‘dat ass, and she loved chilling at home watching porn, so she decided at age 24 to stop just viewing porno and start doing it. It goes without saying that the movies she starred in featured her behind, but she did less anal than you’d expect. Instead, she carved out a niche for herself in the face-sitting genre where she’d sit that amazing ass right down on a lucky guy’s or gal’s face and get herself off.

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Team Skeet Selects - Best Face Sitting Moments


Jane Wilde, Arietta Adams, Adira Allure, Sera Ryder, Maya Woulfe, Tommy King, Krissy Knight, Sandy Love, Sonny Mckinley, Nikki Zee, Chloe Cooper, Malina Melendez, Khloe Kingsley & Laya Rae - Best Face Sitting Moments Compilation
Released: November 8, 2023

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You know we love a Selects update, so let’s jump right in! In this episode, we focus on some of our favorite face-sitting moments. What’s hotter than seeing a wonderfully thick babe climb on top of someone’s face to have their pussy eaten, moaning in absolute delight as some lucky stud tongues their clit? We love capturing these moments, and we think you’ll relish in this new compilation, too. See performances by Laya Rae, Adira Allure, Chloe Cooper, Khloe Kingsley, and more!

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Evolved Fights Lez - Agatha Delicious & Bella Rossi


Agatha Delicious & Bella Rossi - Agatha Delicious Vs Bella Rossi
Released: October 18, 2023

Bella Rossi, once an Elite Wrestler has been ranked 3rd in our tournament. Agatha Delicious is Ranked 4th. Bella and Agatha have met on the mats before but this is the first time they meet on the sex fighting match for Evolved Fights. Agatha has been training and showing impressive improvement. She destroyed her opponents in the 2023 MILF mini tournament and she wants to make a double crown victory by winning the 2023 fall brawl tournament.

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Evolved Fights Lez - Paris Love & Jupiter Jetson


Paris Love & Jupiter Jetson - Paris Love Vs. Jupiter Jetson + Orgasms Challenge
Released: October 11, 2023

Paris Love is back! fans have been putting bets in that Paris is going to take the whole tournament this year. She's strong, skilled and she's determined. Jupiter Jetson should not be taken easy. She's been taking down amazons one by one and today, Paris stands in her way. Both these girls put everything they have into this match, throwing their opponents around with no regard. One wants the W just a little more than the other so it's a clean sweep for the winner on this match. The winner dominates the loser with strap on fucking and face sitting and teases the loser for being out of the tournament.

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Lustery - Katya & Isa


Katya & Isa - A Delicious Experience - E1101
Released: October 16, 2023

We're pleased to present another threesome from Colombian cuties Katya and Paul, this time joined in a tranquil jungle paradise by their friend Isa. The three met during a tantric workshop and decided to travel together to a restorative retreat in nature to put into practice everything they learned. Beginning while the ladies are still asleep in bed, Paul first awakens his beau Katya with some sensual stroking and kissing every inch of her skin. She then decides to do the same with Isa, who returns the favor with some luscious cunnilingus. What follows is one of the sexiest and most sensual threesomes we’ve seen, full of face-sitting, scissoring, and fucking in every permutation possible. By the end, the trio is left completely satisfied “from tip of the toe to the end of the hair.”

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Lustery - New October 2023 Updates # 2


Ren Oxalis - Eat Out Kitchen - E1089
Ariel King - Cuffing Season - E1090
Alexa - Backyard Rodeo - E1091
Anna - Soul Friends - E1092
Ravyn Alexa - Blind Date - E1093

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Mature NL - Kate Enchanted


Kate Enchanted - Teeny Kate Enchanted gets seduced by her Pussy Loving Stepmilf Arwen into Hot Lesbian Sex
Released: September 28, 2023

Mature presents a new exclusive Old and Young Lesbian Porn Scene featuring teeny Kate Enchanted and her naughty Stepmilf Arwen. The short haired Stepmilf Arwen is in her early fifties and has always had a thing for young women. She definitely has a crush on her teen Stepdaughter Kate Enchanted and today mature lady Arwen decides to seduce the young woman. Kate Enchanted is no stranger to Lesbian Sex, but she never had sex with an older lady. This all changes today, because it doesn't take long for both women to get it on...

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Mom XXX - Vanessa Alessia & Sofi Vega


Vanessa Alessia & Sofi Vega - Long legs facesitting with Stepmom
Released: September 5, 2023

Hot brunette Vanessa Alessia is looking gorgeous as she tries on sexy lingerie and admires her reflection in the mirror. Her ever-horny stepmom, Sofi Vega, approaches Vanessa and removes her bra, exposing the pretty Czech’s small, natural tits. The stunning lesbians gently explore each other’s beautiful curves and worship their boobs before dark-haired Sofi kneels down and eats out her stepdaughter’s tight pussy. After Vanessa has orgasmed multiple times, she returns the favour by pleasuring the stocking-clad Colombian, who moans loudly as Vanessa tongues her lips and clit. Following an intense fingering, the sli babe sits on Sofi’s face for a tongue fucking, and then it’s Sofi’s turn to sit on her stepdaughter’s face until she also cums hard! The attractive ladies finally end their secret liaison with a soft, lingering kiss.

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Evolved Fights Lez - Vanessa Vega & Sheena Rose


Vanessa Vega & Sheena Rose - Vanessa Vega Vs Sheena Rose
Released: August 30, 2023

Sheena The queen of Mean Rose is back after taking mommy time. She comes back with hug milky jugs and an insatiable thrust for orgasms. Vanessa Vega has been on fire in her recent matches. She knows how to score for the judges with sexual domination and today she is not pulling any punches with Sheena. These two horney lesbians are on a mission to make each other cum in every single round. Sheena is an aggressive wrestler and able to get face sit pins on Vanessa a lot but Vanessa quickly puts her mouth to use and starts going to town on Sheena.

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Jesse Loads Monster Facials - Molly Cooper


Molly Cooper - Jesse Loads Monster Facials
Released: August 28, 2023

Molly is back with her playful personality and her beautiful face and this time she means business. She snaps her clothes off and gives her pink pussy a quick rub before diving down on a hard cock. She hops up for a brief face sitting before getting fucked repeatedly until her smile is sprayed with cum.

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Dom The Nation - Lily Thot


Lily Thot - Facesat In The Forest
Released: August 24, 2023

After our beautiful bug adventure, Lily and I returned to the forest one more. This time it was for some short and sweet face-sitting fun. Make no mistake, though: I was sitting close to full weight on her little face and this got pretty intense at moments. Then she ate my cum, and we went for an offroad drive.

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Mom's Family Secrets - Crystal Clark & Demi Diveena


Crystal Clark & Demi Diveena - Nice Guys Get To Finish - S3:E2
Released: August 23, 2023

Crystal Clark and Demi Diveena are enjoying some girl time as Crystal's stepson, Jay Romero plays video games. Jay listens to them chat for a bit before announcing that he wants to fuck them both. Demi and Crystal step away for a huddle, where they decide that they should teach Jay a lesson. They're going to tease him and wind him right up before saying that only nice boys get pussy.

The lesson begins as they pop Jay's cock out and begin stroking it. When the girls draw back and Jay protests, though, Demi realizes that she wants him anyway. After all, she likes bad boys! Crystal pouts as she watches Demi suck Jay off until she decides that fuck it, she's going to join in for a double BJ...

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Adult Time - Pristine Edge


Pristine Edge - Housewife's Backdoor Delivery
Released: August 20, 2023

Jayden Marcos, a delivery boy, brings a package to the front door of a home and rings the doorbell. When the door opens, however, he's stunned to see Pristine Edge, barely clothed and sizing him up sultrily. She goes to sign the delivery form but stops, saying that she recognizes his name from the form. It turns out that Pristine is the parent of one of Jayden's old schoolmates. It's been so long since she's seen Jayden- she hardly recognized him now that he's all grown up. What a surprise!

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Evolved Fights Lez - Andre Shakti & Paris Love


Andre Shakti & Paris Love - Andre Shakti Vs. Paris Love
Released: August 2, 2023

It's not Fall yet but this match up so good enough to be part of the tournament even tho it's not. Today we have two of our most promising rookies on the mat facing each other. Andre Shakti is taking on Paris Love in one of the most intense sex fights to date. The control is back and forth, just when you think one of these sexual gladiators has the upper hand, The opponent gets back on top and gets sexually aggressive. The power play is intense, and it gets these girls close to cumming in every round. The O challenge next week is sure to be fire between these two. The winner strap on fucks the loser, tribs her to orgasm and then face sits the loser to clean up the mess.

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Lustery - Ceci


Ceci - Living It Up - E1035
Released: August 8, 2023

We've already seen cute couple Ceci and Hans fucking on beds in their home and a hotel, and now we can add a third mattress, set up in their beautiful living room where they’ve been camping out while their bedroom is getting painted. Sleeping in such a large room, Ceci was getting a bit cold so Hans happily starts to warm her up by massaging her bare legs… which invariably leads to touching and kissing her more sensitive bits. The beautiful Belgian is happy to return the favor, setting off a rowdy rec room romp full of fucking, face sitting, and even a prostate massage–who cares if any neighbors happen to walk by!

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