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As soon as we hit fully legal adulthood, many of us try to be as adult as we possibly can. For the girls of Score Group site 18Eighteen, that means showing their nubile nude bodies for all to see, then pushing things even further with masturbation and hardcore sex. In HD videos and HQ photos, these teenage marvels prove youth is just too damn precious to waste on the young.

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18 Eighteen - Kama Oxi


Kama Oxi - Oops, she did it again! Bad girl Kama fucks her mom's boyfriend
Released: June 24, 2023

You guys recently saw schoolgirl Kama get in trouble for being a bad girl. She got detention! But being the bad girl that she is, she used the opportunity to strip naked and masturbate while thinking about her hot teacher. This time the precocious teen is in over her head. She's home alone (or so she thought) when she remembers that her mom has a big dildo, and Kama wants to take it for a spin. Once she's in mom's bed, she grabs ahold of that big toy and admires it. It's huge! She wonders how something that big can fit in a tight pussy. The idea intrigues her, but before she can drop her panties, her mom's boyfriend walks in! "That's not yours," he says admonishingly. Luckily, the much-older guy has something else Kama can play with. She grabs at his crotch nervously, but her resolve steels when she unleashes his big cock. She needs that inside her tight, teenage holes ASAP.

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18 Eighteen - Reese


Reese - Shy teen Reese is itsy-bitsy, but she takes a fat rod in her pussy before getting a messy facial
Released: June 10, 2023

"My family moved around a lot," Reese shared with us. "I mean, I went to five different high schools. So, I had a lot of boyfriends."

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18 Eighteen - Jade Kimiko


Jade Kimiko - Teaching Asian schoolgirl Jade how to suck, fuck and take a facial from a thick dick
Released: May 13, 2023

Schoolgirl Jade is studying anatomy. The pictures are getting her horny. Unfortunately, her little boyfriend isn't around. He's never around when she's feeling plucky enough to let him fuck her. She's desperate to find out what it feels like to have her tight teen slit filled to the brim with a real-life cock. Luckily, Jade's dad's best friend is just down the hall. She thinks he's kind of cute in that way dangerous older men sometimes are.

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18 Eighteen - Skylar


Skylar - Teenage schoolgirl seductress Skylar needs her old teacher's fat cock in her too-snug pussy
Released: April 29, 2023

Little Skylar isn't listening to her substitute teacher talk about deviant behavior. She already knows all about being a deviant, having slammed her little pussy a few weeks ago with a dildo in the very classroom she is sitting in right now. No, she has other things on her mind. Namely, losing her virginity. Her much-older teacher is looking like a prime candidate to stretch out her too-tight cunt for the first time. When the bell rings and her classmates shuffle out of the room, Skylar hangs back, rubbing her slit through her white panties, trying to work up enough courage to seduce her teacher.

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18 Eighteen - Lilith Grace


Lilith Grace - Schoolgirl Lilith refuses to study until she gets her mouth and pussy filled with dick.
Released: April 15, 2023

Lilith may look like an innocent schoolgirl, and in many ways she is, but she's also horny as hell and wants to feel her dad's friend's big cock in her tiny slit. The guy offered to help tutor her, but he can't help feeling attracted to Lilith's blonde hair that smells like strawberries, her tartan schoolgirl skirt seemingly designed to raise pricks and her supple breasts just beginning to perk up in her tight, white shirt. It's a match made in heaven as Lilith grips his dick through his pants and starts to giggle. It's so much bigger than anything she's ever felt! She stops giggling as she wraps her young lips around the meaty shaft. Her pussy quivers and begins to overflow with juices. Now, this is a study session!

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18 Eighteen - Veronica Church


Veronica Church - Tiny-Tit Teen Veronica Church Gets Her Meaty Pussy
Released: April 1, 2023

Veronica's dad's friend is shamelessly pitching a tent when he walks in on her. And Veronica is equally shameless when she lets him pull down her pants and lick her big, meaty pussy lips on the family couch. There's no trace of concern or modesty here as she sucks his cock with lots of spit and then slides her pussy down his rod. Veronica has a tight body with tiny tits and a puckered butthole. Her starfish bulges out when he fucks her from behind. It's a tight fit in there after all. Her pussy lips splay out like butterfly wings as she rides him reverse cowgirl. It's a surprise this guy lasted as long as he did. But with a girl as hot as Veronica, you don't blow it too early. You wait till she's good and satisfied, and Veronica is plenty satisfied when he finally unloads on her tongue and face.

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18 Eighteen - Alexis Adams


Alexis Adams - Alexis, a precocious blonde teenager, rides a gigantic cock until she gets her face sprayed.
Released: March 25, 2023

Alexis is a little shy for her first on-camera fuck, but that makes her all the hotter. She's fresh meat in the porno world, and as a result is a little nervous in the moments leading up to the hardcore action. But once that cock is in her pussy, she loosens up as much as a tight, little teen can. You'll be in heaven when you see the close-up shots of the cock parting Alexis's pussy lips and thrusting in to the hilt. And when the pounding action reaches its peak, watch Alexis get her first facial.

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18 Eighteen - Athena Fleurs


Athena Fleurs - Babysitter Athena Fleurs Sucks and Fucks Her Employer's Big Cock
Released: March 18, 2023

Any wife should know better than to hire Athena as a babysitter. With her pretty face, luscious tits and affinity for older, forbidden cock, it's no surprise she ends up fucking married men when she's alone with them. And that brings us to this scene, where Athena eagerly swallows this guy's cock and makes his balls tighten with her pouty lips. She then rides him on the couch, completely unconcerned with whether or not his wife will walk through the door. Athena is preoccupied with other things, like creaming his shaft with her pussy and feeling his hot jizz spray all over her body. We can't tell if she's the worst babysitter or the best.

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18 Eighteen - Cali Sparks


Cali Sparks - Teen Schoolgirl Cali Sparks Gets Dicked in Detention - Remastered
Released: March 8, 2023

We love our peein' cuties here at 18eighteen.com, especially when they're schoolgirls in detention like Cali. She couldn't hold it, so she tinkles in the garbage can. She can't seem to contain her lust either, and she jumps the teacher's bone. Cali looks just as happy to be sucking his cock as he is to be getting head. The enthusiasm is still there when she gets her pussy filled, too. You're supposed to be quiet in detention, but she moans and gasps to let Mr. Mendez know that she wants more, harder. We can't speak for what kind of pupil she is, but we know she gets an A for jacking and sucking when she tugs that load out of his cock.

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18 Eighteen - Eva Nyx


Eva Nyx - Teen Eva Nyx Gets a Big Load of Cum on Her Face
Released: March 5, 2023

Little Eva is always horny, so when this guy shows up with a hard-on, she has his cock in her mouth in under two minutes. The fact that he's well hung makes her hornier, even as she struggles to get all of his shaft down her throat. The guy peels off Eva's clothes and sucks on her bald twat. Then she goes back to sucking his cock, spitting all over it and rubbing his head across her lips. Eva starts off the fucking by getting on top in cowgirl. Her ass is big and round and her butthole is tight and cute. She turns around so we can see her perky tits pointing sky high while she bounces up and down on his cock. When Eva gets into doggie-style, we see her pussy lips gripping his shaft as he thrusts in and out. She loves every minute of this deep dicking and every drop of jizz he sprays on her face.

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18 Eighteen - Tara Marie


Tara Marie - Petite brunette Tara rides a dick and tells us about her favorite cock size.
Released: February 25, 2023

Tara, what kind of guys do you like? "I don't have a type. I'm very open when it comes to guys. The only thing I would like is for the guy to be taller than me, since I'm pretty short. I don't mind if he's very tall and I have to stand on my tip-toes to kiss him. Honestly, I kind of like that." Do you care about how big a guy's cock is? "Well, it's always nice to see a big one, but I don't want them too big. And small ones are okay, as long as they're not too small.

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18 Eighteen - Cecelia Taylor


Cecelia Taylor - Flat Cecilia Taylor Sucks Cock and Gets Her Meaty Pussy Fucked
Released: February 4, 2023

Cecilia says she's been hooked on sex ever since her first time. And whether it's a relationship or a situationship, there's always someone she's fucking. In this scene, she fucks a big-dicked stud, and the situation is hot and horny. The guy walks on-camera already hard, and his dick springs out of his pants as Cecilia unzips him. "I'd say this is the perfect size," she says about his cock. It fits just right in her mouth and pussy. She takes his piping on her back, from the side, on top, in reverse cowgirl and more. With a pussy as tight as Cecilia's, you want to feel it from every position. And with a cock as perfectly sized as this guy's, Cecilia wants to taste every drop of his cum, which she does as he unloads in her hungry, open mouth.

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18 Eighteen - Luccia Cardona


Luccia Cardona - Flat Latina Teen Luccia Cardona Gets Picked Up for Sucking and Fucking
Released: January 20, 2023

Luccia isn't shy when it comes to getting what she wants. If she needs a ride, she won't hesitate to flag down the first car that passes her and ask for one. If she wants dick, she's going to grab your tool and rub it till it's nice and hard for her pussy. Here, Luccia was in need of both a lift and a dick. She sticks out her ass to get the ride and sticks out her little tits to let this guy know that she wants to fuck. Impressed by her forwardness, he gives Luccia a present by licking her pussy. She returns the favor in a horny 69, and then she spreads her legs for his meat. Once again, Luccia gets what Luccia wants.

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18 Eighteen - Daisy Bean


Daisy Bean - Tiny, Flat Teen Daisy Bean Swallows and Rides a Big Dick and Gets a Facial
Released: January 7, 2023

Daisy's lost her voice, but she doesn't need it for what she wants to do. Her brother's friend is around, and she uses her body language to let him know she's down for sex. Daisy sucks his cock and even gags a little. The guy pulls off her shirt to reveal her tiny, perky tits. Daisy is an extra-petite teen who looks like she could get knocked over by a gust of wind. She hops on top of his cock, keeping quiet so she can focus all her attention on her pussy. Aside from her heavy breathing, all we can hear is the sound of this guy's balls slapping against her ass as he pounds her. Once her voice recovers, we're sure her moans will fill her bedroom. But for now, she's happy to let this guy do the dirty talking and spray her face with jizz.

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18 Eighteen - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Curious Teen Kitten
Released: December 11, 2022

Juliette's a curious kitten, and she won't stop till her curiosity is satisfied. Today, she wants to know how big her brother's friend's cock is, so she pulls it right out of his underwear and starts jerking it. Clearly she approves of his length and girth as she sucks his dick with a smile. Juliette is a cute blonde with tiny tits and a plump ass. At first her brother's friend is hesitant to hook up with her, but he can't resist the tiny teen, especially when she's gagging on his cock and sucking on his balls. She rides him, and good thing they're home alone because Juliette gets loud when she fucks. She also gets pounded in doggie, spooning and on her back. Then she gets a nice, big, spraying facial. Juliette's curiosity is satisfied for now, but we have a feeling she'll be craving more.

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18 Eighteen - Hazel Moore


Hazel Moore - The Right Tool for the Job
Released: November 26, 2022

The guy in this video is cat sitting for his friend when Hazel comes knocking on the door. Hazel's dad sent her over to pick up a tool from the homeowner, not realizing the only tool his daughter would find would be a big hard cock in her mouth and slit. Hazel is forward when it comes to making a move, and she reaches for this guy's cock with no hesitation. She moans, spits and chokes on his rod. Then she rides his cock on the couch, and the camera zooms in on her tight butthole and meat-filled twat as she alternates between a slow and fast rhythm.

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