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Melody Marks is pornstar from United States born in 2000. She is 5ft 2in (157cm) tall, weighs aproximately 121lbs (55kg), has natural boobs, blonde hair and tatoos.

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Melody Marks - Pornstar Collection

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Melody Marks was born on February 29, 2000. Melody grew up in a small town in Ohio. This lovely blue-eyed girl has long, blonde hair. One of the sexiest things on her are her lovely lips. She is not tall, but her body’s proportions are perfect. Her natural, round tits have a size of 32D and she is so proud of them. She said that she would be a completely different person without them. The rest of her body, especially her firm ass, is for a museum exhibition. She has ten siblings and half-siblings and they are all very close. Melody is in a relationship with her first boyfriend ever, since she was 14. During the high-school, she was puckish, like a boy. Her plan is to continue education in a college and her interests are in the medical field. Until then, she is saving money and having fun. Her measurements are 32D-26-34.

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Parasited - Melody Marks & Natasha Nice


Melody Marks & Natasha Nice - Midnight Lessons
Released: January 12, 2024

Melody Marks has a brilliant idea to break into the school and steal “her” tablet back, it’s just an in and out thing, nothing wrong can happen. Her teacher Natasha Nice arrives sometime later, to catch the naughty student of hers inside the school and get her expelled but she finds herself meeting an alien parasite first, who infiltrates her and takes over her mind.

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Hentaied - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Summer School
Released: January 27, 2024

Melody Marks is in summer school, and deservedly so, she’s not a good girl by any means even though her looks might make someone think so. Her cute schoolgirl outfit and braces would deceive anyone, but not our Mr. Alien and his tentacles.

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Interracial Pass - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Pale Petite Melody Marks Split Open By A BBC
Released: January 26, 2024

Melody Marks is a cute little thing that's pale as fuck here today to get her pussy split but a big black dick! She takes it like it's nothing, what a tropper, and loves every thick inch of it and a nice load on her face at the end.

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Adult Time - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - A Persuasive Melody
Released: February 22, 2024

Two teens, Melody Marks and Jodie Johnson, are both working late at the office. Melody is tired of the paperwork and is ready to have a bit of fun before the end of the day. That's when she sets her sights on Jodie, who is dutifully working at a nearby computer.

She tries to make small-talk with Jodie but doesn't get much out of him. That is until she stands behind his chair and starts to get flirty. At first, Jodie is a little nervous and worried about giving into temptation and being caught, but Melody assures them that everything will be fine! Of course, with how persuasive Melody can be, it doesn't take much for Jodie's resolve to crumble, leading to some cheeky office fun.

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Cream Filled College Girls # 6


Cast: Allie Addison, Marilyn Johnson, Melody Marks, Samantha Reigns

Horny Coeds Can't Focus On School Until They Get Creampied! Samantha Reigns must have got an A+ in home economics because she can handle a creampie like a pro! Marilyn Johnson's family is in the waste management business, so it's only right that she became one of the best cum dumpsters in the game! Allie Addison is a 20 year old petite slut that needs her pussy pounded hard, but she can't get off without a SWEET CREAMPIE! Melody Marks was feeling naughty when her mom went out of town, so she asked her step dad to stretch out her snatch and cover it with cum!

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Oops Family - Melody Marks & Charlie Forde


Melody Marks & Charlie Forde - St. Valentine’s Family Party
Released: February 13, 2024

This Valentine’s Day is gonna be a big deal for Melody Marks and her stepbro. They’re all hyped to hang out with their new crushes. But there’s always stuff that could mess up the vibe. Luckily, their cool stepparents show up at just the right moment. They’re quick to notice that Melody and her stepbro might be heading for a disaster with their looks. So, they step in and swap out Melody’s wild outfit for something more chill, thanks to stepmom Charlie Forde’s tight dress and stepdad’s slick suit for her stepbro. Now they’re both looking sharp and ready to roll. But looking good is just part of the game. That’s why the stepparents wanna give these two a crash course in art of dancing...

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Shoplyfter - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Case No. 7906283 - School Project Thief
Released: February 9, 2024

Melody is a fairly innocent schoolgirl who just wants to do well and go far in life. When she needs a camera for a school project but is short on cash, she opts to steal one from the store. But given thievery is not Melody’s strong suit, loss prevention officers catch her before she can make her escape. She now sits in the back office, nervous and afraid of how this will affect her permanent records and chances of advancing in life.

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The Flourish XXX - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Meta-XXX-Verse VR Ep 5 Melody Marks in Couples VR Therapy
Released: November 19, 2023

Meta-XXX-Verse: VR Episode 5 featuring Melody Marks and Jamie Knoxx with guest appearance of Krissy Knight and MrFlourish as the shrink (also Directed) for couples therapy. Melody and Krissy are in a lesbian relationship that is on it's last leg. So they turned to a head doctor that uses a unique modern VR programmable wearable to help FIX couples (so what they thought). Once they complain about each other enough the mind doctor gives them the VR headset and when they put them on they are teleported into the Matrix (or sorts). This episodes then pics up where Melody goes as she encounters a very strong muscular BBC with a super girthy cock in Jamie Knoxx (he is in an upcoming episode as a husband actually). Melody and Jamie have the MOST INTENSE SEX (includes rope play, constraining, slapping, hardcore and even Femdom) where she turns into a super aggressive sexual powerhouse like nobody has ever seen Melody transform into. One of our most intense passionate scene. The ending was simply hilarious as she did not know the doctor SAW EVERYTHING IN THE VR UNIVERSE !

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Dog House Digital - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Creampie Cuties # 11 - Scene 3 - Load Her Up
Released: February 7, 2024

Melody Marks is feeling extra nasty! She is craving a deep fucking! Watch her get her pussy pounded! Loading her up with cum has never been this good!

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Benefit Monkey - New March 2023 Updates


Blake Blossom - Blake Blossom vs Hungrylla
Katrina Moreno - Katrina Moreno: The Latina Experience
Amirah Adara & Melody Marks - Improvised Threesome

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My Pervy Family - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Bored Stepsis + Big Stepbro Home on College Break = Experimental Sex
Released: February 1, 2024

Having younger step siblings can be pretty annoying. They are always buzzing around and trying to tag along for events and parties. So of course Melody Marks begs her older stepbrother Tyler to go to the party with him that night. The next one, Tyler promises! But when Tyler Ford gets back later in the evening, Melody is awake and curious how it went. She wants to know if he had sex at the party. Tyler doesn't want to talk about it, so she starts unzipping his pants. Tyler is weirded out but Melody is hot and says she just wants to have fun. Melody tells him nobody ever has to find out and then she starts sucking her older stepbrother's dick. Melody gets really horny from blowing Tyler and takes her panties off and climbs on his cock. She twerks her teenage ass all over her stepbro's big boner. Tyler bangs his younger stepsister hard, making her cum all over his dick repeatedly. He finishes Melody in missionary and nuts all over his curious bratty stepsister!

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Family Therapy XXX - Melody Marks & Theodora Day


Melody Marks & Theodora Day - Party Girls Vs Step Dad
Released: January 15, 2024

You’re not allowed to see those boys again. You were out all night partying. This is the last day of vacation. Let’s just hang out here and have a nice quiet family relaxation day….

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Amateur Allure - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - Melody Marks, Petite Brunette Loves to Give Head, Have Sex and Swallow Cum
Released: December 1, 2023

Amateur Allure welcomes Melody Marks, a petite restaurant host from Ohio standing 5'-3" tall. Melody has amazing blue eyes, a mouth full of braces and is a people pleaser. She drops down and immediately takes Codey's cock into her eager mouth getting nice and hard. Then Codey slides deep inside her tight pussy giving her a good fucking from multiple positions. When he can't take it anymore Codey blasts a hot load all over Melody's tongue and down her throat.

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Banana Fever - Melody Marks


Melody Marks - New Guy Had His Breakthrough Porn Experience Working with Melody Marks – 1/2
Melody Marks - New Guy Had His Breakthrough Porn Experience Working with Melody Marks – 2/2

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Oops Family - Melody Marks & Penny Barber


Melody Marks & Penny Barber - Family Boxing Day
Released: December 29, 2023

Melody Marks did not expect to spend this Christmas alone with her stepbrother. Their stepparents went on a trip, and now they have to entertain themselves. Maybe gifts set by the fireplace will somehow fix this awkward evening? And Melody couldn't imagine that her stepbrother's present is trendy lace lingerie. Only someone special could choose such a gift. Melody looked at stepbro with new eyes. Such attention is what attracts her in men.

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Family Strokes - Melody Marks


Melody Marks & Lindsey Lakes - Pre-Party Fun
Released: December 28, 2023

Lindsey is planning a big party and needs help around the house. Her husband, Donnie, brings home his stepdaughter, Melody. They both think Lindsey is boring and bossy, and neither thinks helping set up the party will be fun. So Donnie and Melody come up with some fun of their own. They blow up balloons on the couch, but underneath the blanket on Melody’s lap, her stepdad rubs her clit. She can feel herself getting wet and knows they could get caught, but Melody is finally starting to have some fun. Donnie takes a considerable risk and gets down on his hands and knees to eat her pussy beneath the blanket. Lindsey, consumed by her party planning, is oblivious to their little rendezvous. Later in the kitchen, Lindsey needs their help counting cutlery. Donnie and Melody want to keep the fun going, so Melody sucks her stepdad’s cock behind the island counter, just out of sight of her bossy stepmom. Things really get fun in the bedroom when Donnie and Melody finally get to fuck. Melody has been thinking about his cock all day and can’t wait to get filled up by her stepdad.

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