Lucci Nail - Thick MILF Needs RAM
Released: December 2, 2022

Lucci is the cool mom on the block because the hot, busty MILF is tatted up, has a partially shaved head, and is into punk rock music. When her computer stops working, she asks the guy next door if he can help her fix it. He tries but doesn’t know enough to get it back online. Being the nice person she is, Lucci decides to still reward the young man with some wet, pink pussy. He chows down on her snatch before standing up so she can throat every inch of his hard rod! Oral and fingering are fun, but they both desperately want to fuck. He chokes her while laying her back on the table and pounding her pussy before moving from the table to the floor where the two slam their bodies together. He might be young, but he knows what he is doing and makes the sexy cougar cum over and over on his cock. Showing her just how much stamina he has, he pulls out, cums on her pussy, then slams his dick back in, and continues to fuck her!

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