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Penthouse Gold - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Kathryn Mae Makes Her Own Xxx Story
Released: November 22, 2023

After reading some racy Penthouse letters about people's sexual escapades, Kathryn Mae gets excited herself and shares the contents with her man Nathan Bronson who immediately wants to make some XXX stories of their own. Watch the stud titty sucking and pussy licking, working the tattooed blonde into an ecstatic frenzy, after which she hungrily gives him an amazing blowjob in return. Don't miss her juicy booty bouncing as she rides his huge cock and gets a cumload all over her luscious big tits.

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S3xus - New 2023 updates


Laney Grey & Blake Blossom - VOL. 1 - THE RED PILL
Laney Grey - VOL. 2 - FEVERED DREAMS
Lily Starfire - VOL. 3 - DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE
Octavia Red - VOL. 4 - THE IN BETWEEN
Vic Marie - VOL. 5 - HEAD OVER HEELS
Alyx Star - VOL. 6 - ODYSSEY
Kate Dalie - VOL. 7 - MAID TO ORDER
Laney Grey & Suttin - VOL. 8 - MIDNIGHT MÉNAGE
Skylar Storm - VOL. 11 - THE ORACLE
Malina Melendez - VOL. 12 - RENDEZVOUS
Elizabeth Skylar - VOL. 13 - ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT
Kathryn Mae - VOL. 14 - THE GLITCH
Mina Luxx - VOL. 15 - SHE’S LIKE THE WIND
Spencer Scott - VOL. 16 - BOARDERLINE

You are standing at the threshold of the world of S3XUS where the sex feels futuristic, and the girls are beautiful, hot, and wild. Let each scene draw you in where fantasy and imagination collide to bring your dreams to life!

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Mom's Tight - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Stepmoms Yoga Poses Bring Me To My Knees - S2:E6
Released: October 25, 2023

Kathryn Mae loves to stay fit. When she works out at home, it's usually yoga. She doesn’t even mind that her stepson, Juan Loco, watches her. When Kathryn catches Juan watching her yet again, she calls him over to watch her do some poses. She instructs him to watch her and not think of sex.

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Mom Drips - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Please, Don't Leave!
Released: October 15, 2023

Kathryn is in love with Donnie, a successful stud who is about to leave for a long business trip. To make sure he won’t cheat on her and that he comes back, she plans on getting pregnant with his baby. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as Kathryn is ovulating now. Plus, she knows that Donnie won’t be able to pass on the chance to shoot all of his load inside of her…

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The Real Workout - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - The Many Perks of Yoga
Released: September 29, 2023

Kathryn recently read online that by gaining flexibility through daily yoga practice, sex becomes more pleasurable. Determined to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, she enlists Clarke, a hot instructor who is happy to teach her some of his revolutionary techniques. Kathryn quickly picks up on Clarke’s amazing methods, becoming more flexible by the minute, so Clarke moves on to the sexual side of yoga, a technique that Kathryn can hardly resist.

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Elegant Angel - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Hard Work Pays Off
Released: August 30, 2023

When Charles Dera stops by to clean hotwife Kathryn Mae's pool on Labor Day, she knows just how to show her appreciation for all his hard work.

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Cherry Pimps - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Scheming for Schlong
Released: July 4, 2023

Kathryn Mae has her own security guard, and he does everything he can to protect a politician's daughter. The scorching hot blonde makes sure Jax Slayher hears her screams down the hallway. When he hears her yelling his name he comes running. You know, like any good security guard should! She knows she can rely on him for at least one thing…. That big COCK! She draws him near, and he approaches the scorching hot blonde in her bed, taking advantage of the privacy she now gets to enjoy.

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Inserted - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Playmate Date For Kathryn
Released: June 23, 2023

Don’t you just love Kathryn? She is hanging out in her Princess Playroom after getting all ready for you. Her pretty pink pussy is wet, and her mouth can’t wait to taste your cock. Let her ride your hard dick and tell you how to stroke it so you can shoot your load on her face and tits.

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Side Chick - Kathryn Mae


Kathryn Mae - Ride The Bull
Released: June 8, 2023

Oh, to feel something big and strong between your thighs, bucking and thrusting with every hard inch of flesh. Kathryn could not wait to be riding Quinton, her very own studly bull. And Quinton did not disappoint this horny as fuck cowgirl as he moved beneath her like the sexual animal he is. That’s right. It’s time to Giddy up.

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