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Bang Bus - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Country Girl Takes City Dick
Released: April 19, 2023

Today we find Juliette out in the wild she says she's going out for lunch with friends but Peter has a different lunch in mind for Ms Mint a mouthful of dick and cum as precursor to he meal for the day, to which she obliges and empties his balls for sure.

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BBC Surprise - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Sent Back To College BBC Used
Released: November 12, 2022

Today we have returning hopeless romantic Juliette, who left her Romeo back at the college dorm room so she can suck and fuck a few stranger's cocks and earn a little extra spending money and this college coed’s ready to get her pussy used and abused by who she thinks is the “Director” of today’s scene, Rocky. Now on this little Summer get away to Arizona this first timer did the cock rounds and kicked things off for her anal audition debuting over on the world famous BackroomCastingCouch leather sofa. Go check it out if you haven’t because it’s a good one and now she thinks she’s here to shoot her ExCoGi scene and this couldn’t have been planned any better because our BBC black stallion Isiah Maxwell is hiding in the bathroom for her massive surprise and it’s this girl's first black cock ever...

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Mofos - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - BBQ BJ
Released: April 8, 2023

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Bang! YNGR - Juliette Mint


EARLY LEAK Juliette Mint - Teen Juliette Mint Takes A Fat Cock Up Her Snatch
Released: February 24, 2023

Juliette Mint is a young blonde hottie ready for anything. She wanted to do some fun stuff with us at the pool, so we gave her a water gun. After missing a bunch of her targets though, she stripped naked and got down with the dick. Taking it like a pro, the only shot she nailed was the one on her face!

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Naughty Mag - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Blonde teen Juliette sucks, fucks and gets her booty sprayed with cum.
Released: January 21, 2023

Job: Babysitter; Age: 19; Birthday: March 17; Height: 5'5"; Weight: 125 pounds; Bra Size: 32A; Panties: Whatever; Anal: Nope; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: At night; Lives: Louisville, Kentucky. Juliette is a shy and proper girl who played volleyball and ran cross country in high school. She's also horny as hell and has a cunt that leaks like a faucet when she's around a big dick. Check out how crazy she goes when our porn stud whips out his unit for her to play with.

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Freeuse MILF - Lolly Dames & Juliette Mint


Lolly Dames & Juliette Mint - Letting The Elf In
Released: December 25, 2022

Santa Claus gave elf Nicky the address of his biologícal father’s house. When he arrives, he meets gorgeous Lolly and Juliette, his stepmom and stepsis! While his actual stepdad is away, Juliette and Lolly invite him to stay for the holidays. To make him feel at home during Christmas, the blonde and beautiful gals go through the typical holiday traditions, from decorating to singing. The lucky elf is in for a very special Christmas celebration as he gets to fuck his new stepmom and stepsis. This family reunion will definitely put them on Santa’s naughty list this year!

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Debt Sex - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Blonde Riding Cock Out Of Debt
Released: December 18, 2022

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Backroom Casting Couch - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Juliette Left Romeo At Home
Released: August 29, 2022

Welcome back friends! We have another doozy for ya this week. 19 year old Nurse's Aide Juliette stopped by and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone named Juliette before. The only time I’ve heard that name is from that historical play. Juliette is bubbly, fun, and has one hell of a southern draw. She’s a pretty adorable little package with personality to spare. Once Rick gets her in the office and on the couch we get to know her a bit better. She works in a nursing home taking care of the old folks and is looking for a change.

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18 Eighteen - Juliette Mint


Juliette Mint - Curious Teen Kitten
Released: December 11, 2022

Juliette's a curious kitten, and she won't stop till her curiosity is satisfied. Today, she wants to know how big her brother's friend's cock is, so she pulls it right out of his underwear and starts jerking it. Clearly she approves of his length and girth as she sucks his dick with a smile. Juliette is a cute blonde with tiny tits and a plump ass. At first her brother's friend is hesitant to hook up with her, but he can't resist the tiny teen, especially when she's gagging on his cock and sucking on his balls. She rides him, and good thing they're home alone because Juliette gets loud when she fucks. She also gets pounded in doggie, spooning and on her back. Then she gets a nice, big, spraying facial. Juliette's curiosity is satisfied for now, but we have a feeling she'll be craving more.

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Girls Gone Wild - Brookie Blair & Sissy Moore


Brookie Blair & Sissy Moore - The Kissing Game - ggw18958
Released: November 26, 2022

The Wild Girls had a new game. One girl would get blindfolded. One of the other girls would kiss her. And she had to guess who it was. How well can you tell which lips kissed you? Brookie and Sissy got turned on by the game. They sneaked out to another bedroom and started to kiss. Then they undressed each other. They licked each other pussies until both girls game to an amazing climax.

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Girls Gone Wild - Sissy Moore


Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint & Sissy Moore - Sissy Plays with Herself - ggw18957
Released: November 19, 2022

The Strip Version of Acting out words was lots of fun. In no time all 4 girls were bare naked. The cutest one of them, sneaked away to the bathroom and started to play with herself. She had those amazing pointy breasts and a perfect ass. Her fingers were playing with her pussy until she came to a fulfilling orgasm.

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Girls Gone Wild - Ameena Green


Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint & Sissy Moore - Wild Girls Play Wild Games - ggw18956
Released: November 12, 2022

Wild Girls Play Wild Games. Most of the games required some girls to get blindfolded. Which is sexy enough. But if they kept playing most of the girls ended up naked. Just like Ameena who sneaked away to another room and started play with her beautiful pussy. She stuck some fingers in it and it felt so good. She spread her pussy lips. She played with the clit until she screamed.

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Girls Gone Wild - Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint & Sissy Moore


Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint & Sissy Moore - The Big Scissoring Finale - ggw18955
Released: November 5, 2022

The wild girls were playing lots of wild games. But it was the simple games that had the best results. They played a simple rock, paper, scissors and the winner would get her ass eaten. Well that is not exactly how it went down. Instead of just eating one girls ass, all 4 girls got naked and things got wild. They were eating asses, pussies, doing double 69s, quadruple masturbation and for the finale double scissoring. All girls came multiple times. Girls Gone Wild!!!

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Girls Gone Wild - Ameena Green & Juliette Mint


Ameena Green & Juliette Mint - Rock Paper Scissoring - ggw18954
Released: October 29, 2022

Those wild girls can even make rock, paper, scissors look sexy. They played that. Then they played the blindfolded dildo finding game. And then Juliette and Ameena sneaked away for some massage and some oil. Then they kissed played with each other’s nipples. And then they realized the true meaning of Rock, Paper, Scissor. It’s Rock, Paper, Scissoring. Both girls had amazing orgasms.

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Girls Gone Wild - Brookie Blair


Brookie Blair - Kissing and Climaxing / ggw18953
Released: October 22, 2022

Wild girls, wild parties! The girls were spinning the bottle. One girl would get blindfolded and then have to guess who kissed her. Next they had to act out words and whoever would make the worst guess would lose some clothing. Soon all girls were naked. The way we like them. Brookie sneaked out and started to play with herself. Her fingers went down to her pussy lips. They spread them and she rubbed her clit. She moaned louder, squeezed her breasts and climaxed.

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